Agusan Sur gov’t website latest to be hacked by cybercrime law ‘hacktivists’


05:19 PM September 30th, 2012

By: Doris C. Dumlao, September 30th, 2012

MANILA, Philippines—The official website of the Agusan del Sur provincial government ( was hacked on Sunday by an anonymous hacker condemning the passage of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

The hacker with the nickname “Ang31s0n” did not mention any affiliation with “Anonymous Philippines,” which defaced a string of government and non-government institutional websites last Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Instead of the official homepage, the website contained a statement with the music from British rock band Queens “I Want to Break Free” and a link to website, where an online petition letter against the anti-cybercrime law was posted.  The same statement was posted on the hacked provincial government website.

“The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 poses serious threats to Internet freedom, the right to privacy and other essential civil liberties including the freedom of speech, expression and the press,” the statement said.

“With the government taking Internet freedom away, the Filipino people will not just stand and watch. Internet freedom is a human right, and we will defend it both in the virtual and the real world,” it said.

This is the full content of the petition letter:

“Petition Letter


“We, the youth, journalists, activists, bloggers, and netizens of the Philippines express our outright condemnation to the passage of Republic Act No. 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, which poses serious threats to Internet freedom, the right to privacy and other essential civil liberties including the freedom of speech, expression, and the press.

“While the Cybercrime Law was supposedly enacted to ward off hacking, identity theft, data manipulation, cybersex and other nefarious activities in the Internet, the insertion of provisions regarding online libel and vague sections on data collection and sanctions have transformed the legislation into an online censorship law.

“We express our highest condemnation to the Bicameral Conference, especially to Sen. Vicente Sotto III, for inserting the online libel provisions, which are not present even in the 2001 Budapest Convention on Cybercrime penned by the Council of Europe, which was the basis for RA 10175.

“The decriminalization of libel has been a longstanding legal battle in the Philippines, and the inclusion of online libel is a grave backward step. For years, various individuals have abused libel, a criminal offense in the country, to harass journalists, whistleblowers, and ordinary citizens. With the inclusion of online libel, we fear that all information we exchange in the Internet, even own personal communications, might be sanctioned and become grounds for criminal offenses.

“We also fear the enactment of Section 19 of RA 10175, which effectively makes the Department of Justice an all-encompassing ‘Internet superpower.’ Section 19 of RA 10175 states, ‘When a computer data is prima facie found to be in violation of the provisions of this Act, the DOJ shall issue an order to restrict or block access to such computer data.’ Under such provision, the DOJ can take down websites that it suspects – upon initial observation – to be violating RA 10175.

“The Cybercrime Prevention Law is, in fact, far worse than the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ and the ‘Protect IP Act,’ that were pushed in the US Congress earlier this year but failed to prosper. RA 10175 will have a ‘chilling impact’ to bloggers, online journalists, advocacy groups and normal netizens, as any website can be shut down with accusations of infringement without due process.

“It is also alarming that the new law was seemingly drafted with the mindset that crimes committed online is graver than those committed in the real world. Due to the vague provisions in RA 10175, even commenters and those that retweet libellous materials can also be incriminated.

“As several provisions in this law are clearly unconstitutional, we strongly urge the government to junk this legislation and prevent the enactment of e-Martial Law. The passage of this law seemingly reflects the Aquino administration’s policy of neglect. This must be stopped, by
all means.

“With the government taking Internet freedom away, the Filipino people will not just stand and watch. Internet freedom is a human right, and we will defend it both in the virtual and the real world.

“For Internet freedom,

“[Your name].”

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  • Vertical Pharmacy

    What the Hack is this :)

  • Vikka Velo

    Kung ako ang gobyerno . . ..  hire them, that is the only way.  And most of these kids are the dropout types but very high IQ.

  • Vikka Velo

    They will have a hard time catching these hackers.  Only a hacker can catch a hacker.   And there are millions of them in the world wide net.

  • Willie Banlaoi

    I believe hacking is one of the punishable crimes in the Anti Cybercrime Law.  The hackers are in open defiance and issuing a very clear challenge for the authorities to catch them!

    • Meg

      And they have more guts than you will ever have. 

    • Jaimie Lim

      remember those “hackers are the very same individual” who counter attacked china when they defaced UP Diliman – the last count was 1PH site to 20Chinese website being defaced. 

      question is, does this cyber crime law really for hackers? does the government people have such skill set? how can they catch the hacker if the defenders themselves cant protect the government website. Or is it just an elaborate gag order so people can’t voice out their freedom of speech against the government personalities over the internet? 

      And on top of that the author, reviewers and supporters ( who signed ) this bill to a law are in direct violation of a law.

      1987 Constitution Article 3. Section 4.
      No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

    • Kevin Miravite

      Walang kapasidad ang gobyerno ng pilipinas para mahanap ang mga hackers. Hindi nga nila maaresto ang mga hackers sa china nag nagdeface ng websites nila

  • Albert Einstien

    this is our youth speaking yet this government is in NOYNOYING mode again.. repeal the law immediately before it gets worse…… our youth deserve a TRANSPARENT, PATRIOTIC  & VISIONARY  government… LISTEN to our youth….

  • dprotector

    Defacing government websites or any website is wrong but this protest actions attracts media attention which is not possible in ordinary forum.

  • Cowboy Santos

    YES. time to revolt! 

  • Cola

    For the coming elections, let us NOT vote for the Congressmen and Senators who voted for the Cybercrime Law.  Escudero is no. 1 on the list.

    • divine e

       my nunber 1 is COPPY SOTTO

  • Simon Ward

    Only a couple of inconsequential grammar mistakes. This was certainly written, or at least edited, by a native English speaker. Heh, not me :)

    • rd

      Please do not underestimate the intellectual capacity of our filipino youth. In fact, your regular 15 yr old filipino hacker has more brain cells than the whole senate combine.

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