Sotto website defaced


01:35 AM January 8th, 2013


MANILA, Philippines—Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III’s website ( was defaced Monday night by cyber activist “Anonymous Philippines.”

“It’s been a long time, Tito Sen! Deny us our freedom of speech and of expression through R.A. 10175 and we will deny you your cyberspace,” the hacker posted on Sotto’s website.

“You cannot shut us up, you cannot shut us down. And you shall not see us rest until R.A. 10175 is revised,” the hacker said.

RA 10175 —the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012—became controversial because it criminalizes online libel, among other things, angering journalists who have been campaigning for the decriminalization of libel.

It was Sotto who proposed the libel provision in the controversial law.

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  • Marife Cudal

    @IshaCrandang yes indeed, kelangan mag-isip na ng mabuti ang mga senador natin. They should not let it continue to happen.

    • Manuel

       correct!!di na dapat palagpasin ang mga ganyang ugali!!! parusahan na ang gumawa nian!

      • Greg

        Kaya dapat meron talagang cybercrime law.

    • Henny

      yeah,.they must solve this problem as soon as possible para wala ng maperwisyong tao and para magkaroon na ulit tayo ng privacy.

  • Marife Cudal

    Actually this is not a karma for him, they only prove that cyber crime law is a must. hindi naman yung taong ayaw nila yung maapektuhan eh kundi yung services para sa taong-bayan. What a shame act Anonymous Philippines!

    • vinzerx

      Pray tell, what services for the masses have you received from Sen. Sotto’s website?

      • Marife Cudal

        why can’t you check it for youself? okay lang kung di ka nakikinabang, taon-bayan naman sabi ko hindi “asong-bayan” =)

      • Benito

        wahaha asong bayan! si vinzerx? mukha nmn ee… 

    • Henny

      yeah..isang katibayan lang ito na kelangan na kelangan na ang cybercrime law…Anonymous Philippines thank you for letting people know na kelangan na ng Pilipinas ng batas para sa katulad nyong mga hackers.

  • Andre Mitchell

    ahahaha… paraan nya lang yan para tumaas ang hits ng website nya!

    • Benito

      FYI mataas na talaga ang hits ng website ni Sen. Sotto… :)

  • feargo

    anonymous philippines’ attack has just provided an argument for the cyber crime law.

    • vinzerx

      How is there libel in what Anonymous did? Please explain.

      • Benito

        kaw explain mo! haha

  • Andre Mitchell

    May website siya??
    Siguro puro repost laman non….
    Gawa nanaman ng mga abogado de chipipay nya?

    Who would bother to read a plagiarist’s website?

    • Benito

      Kaya pala madami ang visitor ng mabuting Senator :) ikaw din no? bumibisita ka din kunyare ka pa!

    • Berna

      Plagiarist? nanaman? move on! halatang naninira ka lang kasi out of the issue yang mga pinagsasabi mo! mag isip isip din naman kahit minsan lang!

  • joey

    This is a ploy from the Sotto camp to further justify R.A. 10175! 

  • Isha Carandang

    What  these hackers did is scary. Now you don’t have to be a politician or influential person for you to be a victim of cybercrime. It’s an intrusion of one’s privacy.

    • vinzerx

      Please learn what the internet is before you blather on about privacy.
      Anything you post online that is accessible by a public IP/domain is
      already exposed to the public, including your mug on Facebook and this comment of yours.

      • Benito

        HOY ASONG BAYAN! dami mong satsat! aa

    • Berna

      That why we really need the cybercrime law and must approved at the senate immediately to prevent irresponsible social media users to do this acts of anonymous Phil!

  • Joe

    Does Sen. Sotto Copy ever read the comments here and everywhere?  At least somebody must be informing him if he does not understand.  With all the incessant ridicule and insult he receives daily, one wonders what kind of impenetrable material his facial skin is made of. 

  • divictes

    What face?

  • bobong_urHonor_at_DonDee

    Sotto should have just apologized for COPYING his homework.

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