WATCH: ‘The Last Jedi’ finale rendered in 16-bit graphics

Image: YouTube/Mr Sunday Movies

[Editor’s note: This article contains spoilers on the film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.]

The climactic scene at the end of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has been recreated to look like a cutscene from an old 16-bit video game and it looks good.

The video clip comes complete with AT-M6 walkers, rebels cowering in a cave, Luke Skywalker and an angry Kylo Ren force pushing General Hux. It contains cool elements from the movie, but set in retro sidescrolling 16-bit graphics reserved for consoles like the classic Nintendo Super Famicom.

The video has been uploaded by the YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies. Animator John Stratman created it.

Netizen reactions are mostly positive.

Image: YouTube/Mr Sunday Movies

One man said he’d surely play if “The Last Jedi” had a 16-bit retro game. JB

Image: YouTube/Mr Sunday Movies


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