AI Images Of Pasig River Depict A Brighter Future For Manila

Manila is a concrete jungle that may feel restrictive with its imposing skyscrapers. Wouldn’t it be better if it offered a better view of the water and sky?

Graphic designer Jowee Alviar took that challenge and made AI-generated photos of the famous Pasig River.

It is a gallery of 76 photos showing Manila with more open spaces, trees, and waterside views. As a result, it becomes more pleasant for outdoor activities.

How did Jowee Alviar create the Pasig River AI images?

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Alviar used the text-to-image AI tool named Midjourney. As the name suggests, it can create any image you want from a short description.

For example, typing “dog flying through space” will generate unique images of furry companions floating around stars.

Producing the exact images you want may take some trial and error. Alviar said during an interview with ANCX that’s what he did.

“I start with basic prompts like Pasig River and Metro Manila background,” the graphic designer said.

“Then, [I] started adding time of day and other activities I imagine being done by the river,” Alviar added.

As a result, he had 76 Pasig River AI images depicting Manila with more greenery.

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Moreover, the AI album shows people enjoying the urban landscape. The photos show people playing sports, playing music with friends, having a picnic, and working out.

As a result, the images feel romantic and nostalgic, and online viewers had the same reaction. 

One person posted, “This looks like Singapore! Hope this happens in our lifetime.” Another joked, “The design is very Singapore.”

Unfortunately, people could not help but mention the upcoming Pasig River Expressway (PAREX) project that would likely ruin the Manila skyline.

A commenter wrote, “The government wants to put up PAREX, not esplanades, so this will not happen.”

Another chimed in, “Agreed. Let’s be realistic. As much as we want this to be environment-friendly, money talks.”

Still, the Team Manila co-founder remains optimistic. Alviar hopes the images “make us value what we have and start demanding a better city and public spaces.”


Jowee Alviar posted Pasig River AI images that show what Manila would look like if it had more open spaces and public parks. 

If technology can show us a brighter future, it can help us create it. Fortunately, recent digital reforms are bringing us closer to a better Philippines.

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