Adobe Premiere Pro AI takes video editing to the next level

It’s only been months since OpenAI teased its video generation program, Sora, but it set the internet ablaze. It prompted many people to speculate on the effects of AI-generated clips.

However, we must prepare faster as AI companies race to improve these technologies. Adobe showed a recent example with its AI upgrades for Premiere Pro.

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The Adobe Premiere Pro AI lets users add and remove objects across frames. Also, it allows them to extend shots and add AI-generated scenes. 

What are the Adobe Premiere Pro AI upgrades?

On April 15, 2024, Adobe announced artificial intelligence improvements to Premiere Pro, its popular video editing software. 

Adobe also demonstrated these features with the YouTube video above. The first ones it shows are Object Addition and Object Removal. 

Object Addition, as the name suggests, lets you add objects to your video across frames. The video shows the editor selecting diamonds inside a briefcase. 

Previously, you had to scrub through each frame of that scene to ensure the jewels were on camera. Also, you must adjust parameters like lighting and textures so that the added object looks natural.

The AI upgrade lets you put those diamonds in the case once and will automatically tweak visual effects. As a result, the video editor saves time.

Object Removal does the opposite by deleting things from the scene. The video above shows the feature removing a wall-mounted machine from the wall. 

Generative B-Roll creates video clips from simple text prompts. The demo reel shows Adobe Premiere Pro AI creating a cityscape scene using either Runway or Sora.

This feature could elevate amateur films by generating scenes too fantastical or expensive to recreate. 

Generative Extend removes awkward pauses between scenes by generating new frames that blend seamlessly with the original. 

Select the feature, drag the end of a clip, and watch it sustain a shot beyond its original runtime with generative AI. The official Adobe page says Premiere Pro costs ₱1,146 monthly.