Rubbing alcohol brand recalled

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the recall and destruction of an ethyl alcohol solution by Roz Laboratories because it was found to contain methanol, a chemical highly toxic to humans.

In an advisory, the FDA ordered hospitals, pharmacies and stores to immediately remove Ethyl Alcohol 70-percent Solution by Roz Laboratories from its shelves, saying methanol poisoning through ingestion, skin and eye contact could lead to coma and seizure, collapse of muscle coordination and blindness.

The regulatory body said the recall was prompted by results of a laboratory analysis on samples manufactured in October 2015 that revealed the product contained 68.6 percent methyl alcohol (methanol) instead of the active ingredient ethanol indicated on the label, said the FDA.

The test was conducted by Common Services Laboratory-Cebu Testing and Quality Assurance Laboratory.

“All lots of the product are to be recalled,” said the agency, referring to the products manufactured in October 2015 with registration number DRHR-631.