Enrile story goes viral: ‘The audacity,’ that’s our money!


03:40 AM January 10th, 2013


Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile’s Christmas cash gift of almost P30 million to his fellow senators rubbed Filipino netizens the wrong way, with some critics describing it as “suspicious” and “unethical.”

The report on Enrile’s cash gift, which the Philippine Daily Inquirer broke Wednesday, immediately made the rounds of social networking sites as flustered readers shared it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The story easily became the most read article on INQUIRER.net, the broadsheet’s official website, with hundreds of users swarming to the comments section.

On Facebook, the article had been recommended by users over 6,000 times by Wednesday evening.

“Enrile has no power whatsoever to disburse public money indiscriminately!!! Regardless of the type of funds these are allocated to, these still belong to the government of the Filipinos and therefore cannot be spent arbitrarily,” user Bansot commented on the Inquirer website.

“While the rest of the Filipinos are working hard, these senators are living luxurious lives,” user Jeff Castillo commented on the story.

“What a way to end his political career, being true to form as a self-serving and corrupt politician,” user kulittwit chimed in.

The Inquirer reported that Enrile gave 18 senators P1.6 million each, while four senators got P250,000 each—Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Alan Peter and sister Pia Cayetano who were known to have differences with Enrile.

The cash gift, billed as “additional MOOE” or maintenance and other operating expenses, allegedly came from the funds allotted for the Senate post vacated by President Aquino when he won the presidential election in 2010.

A senator described the gift as “unconscionable and unconstitutional” and that it could be interpreted as a bribe to prevent his ouster as Senate President, an observation shared by many in cyberspace.

In response to these allegations, Enrile took to his official Twitter account, @SPJPE, and tweeted, “Those Senators who think that I am bribing anyone with additional budgets in order to keep my post as Senate President must have a very low opinion about their own colleagues.”

“I was elected as Senate President twice and I can look at anyone straight in the eye in saying that I did not buy this position. Not one single centavo of the people’s money was spent just to enable me to cling to this office,” he continued. He issued the same statement to Senate reporters.

Still, not many were pleased with Enrile’s distribution of the Senate funds as Christmas gift to his colleagues.

“I find Enrile’s generosity suspicious and unethical,” tweeted user @i Jakebustos.

‘The audacity’

“This is a matter that @noynoyaquino should really look into … it stinks of unethical practices using public funds,” said user @kazekhan.

“The audacity! Can only come from someone who thinks he’s above the law,” user @retromaldita tweeted.

“Imagine if you actually gave that back to the people,” tweeted user @rdacalos.

“Those senators had the conscience to accept those gifts amid the catastrophe in Mindanao?” tweeted user @beareyno.

“What would folks from Davao feel? Common practice, but was it ethical?” asked user @LiberatingJepoy.

This is where taxes go

“Kaya lang galante mga trapong yan kasi d nila pera tinatapon nila (They are generous because it’s not their money),” user @IvesNisceII tweeted.

“KAPAL! This is where our taxes go!,” said user @jed_pv.

“Write to the senators. Tweet them. Ask them if they returned the Enrile bonus. DEMAND ANSWERS. MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE. PERA NATIN YUN!” exhorted user @yogon.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRWIMKZ7CA2W265TLWITDMM2YM The Mindanao HOPE

    Enrile pa. Magaling yan sa lahat

  • mangtom

    amapangarapCollapseiboboto kitang senador pag ikaw tumakbo.lolzSagut: ang user ID mo ay “amapangarap”. Tamang tama. Meron ka sigurong pangarap na maging senador. Yun. Magfile ka na ng candidacy sa COMELEC.Like

  • victorjustin

    That’s the true color of Enrile. So what will you expect from his son who’s also running for the same seat? The three, Enrile, Erap and Binay came to Cebu to support the morale of Cebu Gov. Gwen Garcia of her suspension because of corruption charges. So what do you think? 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      I think LAHAT sila sa senado ay KAWATAN….

  • mangtom

    amapangarapCollapseiboboto kitang senador pag ikaw tumakbo.lolzSagut: Thanks, but no thanks. I am not corrupt enough to be a senator of the Philippines. Sorry, sir. Ikaw na lang, ok? Beside, I do not need all that shamefully acquired wealth of the senators. I can live with meager income for tinapa for breakfast, kangkong sa tanghalian at hapunan. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O5YFVMYR2EO4FW7OUVBIC4IJFI Father Aloy

    enrile is now off my list

  • amapangarap

    remember who not to vote:


    • Guest13th

      Include those senators who accepted those bribes whole heartedly without even thingking of returning it back.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

        Correct. Why single out Enrile…..ang mga senatong na busog na busog sa “gift”, di kasali?

  • mangtom

    Well, folks, we have been negative about this gift issue of Lolong Enrile to the senators. Let us look at the issue from their point of view. Old dog Enrile is really justified for acting as Santa Claus to his followers. Here are the reasons:

    1. The senators’ wives have been traveling to Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, London o New York for shopping and good time just maybe two or three times in the past year. They deserve to travel, at least, five or ten times a year being wives of “honorable” senators.

    2. They have only 200 or 500 pairs of luxury brand shoes. Should have at least a thousand or two.

    3. They have only a dozen or two Gucci bags. Should have at least fifty.

    4. Two or three gold Rolex watches. Must have a dozen.

    5. Wardrobe: kailangan nila ang limang docena para sa mga parties ng Philippine elite.

    6. What about other pieces of jewelry like ear rings, diamond or cultured pearl necklaces? Kulang yong isang malaking kahon. Sigure dalawa o tatlo medio okay na.

    7. Siyempre kailangan din nila yong mga art collection galing sa Italy o kung saan yong patok. Sa laki ng mga mansions nila, kulang ang sampung art work. Maybe two dozen to start with.

    8. Yong sports car noong mga anak nila ay luma na-siguro dalawang taon na kaya siyempre kailangan ang bago. 

    9. Siyempre sa high end restaurants kumakain mga baboy na yan. Hindi basta basta ang bayad. Ang tip lang sa mga waiters at waitresses ay libo libo. Alanganing naman na pakainin mo yan sa McDonald o Jollibee o Chow King. Low class yan sa kanila

    10. Siyempre isang docena na credit card ang laging dala. Hindi pwedeng maubusan ang mga yan ng pamblili ng kahit anong bagay na pumasok sa utak nila.

    On the other side of the coin:

    1. Itong mga victims ng Pablo na nawalan ng damit, tirahan, pagkain, tubig, gamut, most especially HOPE  sa buhay.

    2. Itong mga squatters na nakira sa ilalim ng tulay, na taking the risk of being washed away when flash floods come.

    3. Mga batang nagpapalimos instead of going to school.

    4. Yong mga senior citizens na may sakit pero hind makapagpagamut dahil walang pambayad ng doctor at gamut.

    Hindi inisip ni Enrile ang mga taong ito kasi second class citizens sila. Wala silang karapatan na maganda at masagana ang buhay. Ang pamumuhay ng mga senador na yan ay sobra ang taas at hindi nila nakikilala ang kahirapan ng mga ibang tao. Inuman, sayawan, kainan, travel-yan po ang lifestyle nila kaya binigyan ni Enrile sila ng katakotakot na Christmas gift. Basta happy sila, to hel$ with the masses. 

    Sa linggo simba kayo ulit, senators, okay? 

    Now I understand where this unggoy na Enrile is coming from. Ang balita ay bastardo daw siya-kiung tutuo yan, he is literally and figuratively.

    Mabuhay ang mga Filipino Senators. 

    • amapangarap

      iboboto kitang senador pag ikaw tumakbo.lolz

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.victoria.18 Don Victoria

    Nothing we can do about that Christmas gifts now. Just remember their names next time you vote.

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