Apple CEO: China will be biggest market


Apple CEO Tim Cook. AP Photo

BEIJING—Apple expects China to overtake the United States as its biggest market, CEO Tim Cook told a Chinese government news agency.

“China is currently our second largest market. I believe it will become our first. I believe strongly that it will,” the Xinhua News Agency quoted Cook as saying in an interview.

The report gave no details of when Cook thought China might pass the United States. Apple Inc. spokespeople in China did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Apple has said sales in China more than doubled in 2010 and 2011 though growth has slowed in the past year.

Apple’s iPhones, iPads and other gadgets are popular with China’s highest-earning consumers but its fast-growing smartphone market is dominated by handsets that use rival Google Inc.’s Android system.

Cook was in Beijing to meet with Chinese regulators and managers of state-owned China Unicom Ltd., the first Chinese carrier to support Apple’s iPhone.

Xinhua said Cook did not respond to rumors Apple might be developing a lower-cost iPhone for developing markets such as China.

Also in Beijing, Cook met the chairman of China Mobile Ltd., the world’s biggest phone carrier, with more than 700 million subscribers. China Mobile has no agreement to support the iPhone, and adding it as a partner would help Apple increase its appeal in China.

China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua and Cook discussed “bilateral cooperation,” the phone company said in a statement. It said release of other details was barred by a confidentiality agreement between the companies.

China Mobile says its network already is used by several million customers who brought in unlocked iPhones from abroad.

Apple opened a multistory flagship store on a prominent corner in Beijing’s busy Wangfujing shopping district in October, raising its number of mainland retail outlets to 11. Independent stores also resell Apple products.

According to Xinhua, Cook responded to complaints about wages and other work issues at Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles Apple’s products in vast factories in China, by saying his company enforces strict codes of conduct for its suppliers.

“We care very deeply about every worker that touches an Apple product, whether they are making it, selling it, serving it or marketing it. We hold ourselves to a very high standard there,” he was quoted as saying.

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  • riza888

    Well, duh….

    USA has about 320 million people. China has over 1.3 Billion people. 

    I would say China would have a bigger market for Apple.

  • Kaizensigma

    The fabled China Market is finally upon us. Through the centuries, nations and traders have awaited for this market. The next 10 year economic development phase will pivot towards internal consumption and development including the expansion of the middle class. There remains enormous challenges to overcome, such as, shift towards innovation and high quality value manufacturing base, intellectual property governance, expansion of infrastructure development to the interior from the coastal regions, control of corruption, robust energy exploration and development, just to name a few. But with sheer determination and national collective focus China will in another generation, as all indications from foreign and domestic economic forecast, emerge as the largest economy in the world surpassing even the USA.  It has already in one generation transform itself from a largely agrarian economy to the manufacturing base for the world and in the process become the 2nd largest world economy. Yet, there are many skeptics from nations who are envious of China’s rise and those who sought to contain the awaken dragon, but the march towards the realization of China’s manifest destiny is moving forward, this energy is in many ways similar to the USA drive during 19th-20th century to attain its own manifest destiny.

  • DakuAkongUtin

    Palabras ito sa mga puti para mabola nila ang mga Chinese. The reason why they cannot bully the Chinese bec money is more powerful. Chinese have the means to buy  . US pivot to Asia Pacific and  in the bid to contain  CHina by proxy through Japo and Kayumanggi Nations  will not stand.
    China has more clout to sway the market forces.

    • ThudOthwacker

      LOL China is export base economy. If the west stop buying Chinese cheap inferior products.  The property bubble waiting to burst any moment. 30 to 50 % of China GDP are debts. US withdraw China’s Most favored nation tag. What will you think will happen to China?

      Obviously your blinded by your infatuation to China and your ignorance and doesn’t have iota  of the basic capitalist theory of “using other people’s money”.

      “China has more clout to sway the market forces.” ~DakuAkongUtin

      What Apple means, China is a big market to dump their products. No local Chinese companies competition.

      • DakuAkongUtin

        You are so naive. American corporations and many others are based in China bec of cheap labor and laxed labor laws. THey reap huge profits from manufacturing in China and selling to their American consumers. Why disturb the set up when money is flowing like milk and honey. American businesses are addicted to MAMMON the one true denominator in this world.  And who loves MAMMON like God Jehovah the one true God? Its no other but American Jewry who controls the businesses and politics in America.

        The stupid white and negro trashs of America (the masses or 99 percent) are only  following whatever the rich American corporations want them to  buy . The rich American Jews love China for thats the source of their riches on this earth.  Didnt you not know this ? Dios kO Santa Maria de Purgatoryo!!

        Add to it Chinese workers work hard twenty four hrs a day , seven days a week and 365 days a year with little complaint. China is closer to America and has massive ships to transport these good s to America.

      • ThudOthwacker

        LOL You’re ludicrous. Majority of the major exporting companies are western, Japanese and Taiwanese owned. The cheapy, imitation and fakes ones are Chinese owned state companies. 

        All together enjoying the most favor tag. China will transport back to Mao era. When the tag revoke and foreign companies withdraw from China.

        America is the largest market for Chinese melanin laced products. The trade imbalance are in favor of China. Americans are demanding to bring back the manufacturing in the US soil. Once that happen. Will China still sustain their arrogant manner?

        The Chinese owes their purchasing powers through foreign manufacturing and markets.

      • Kaizensigma

        @ThudOthwacker – Already, China has surpassed the USA as the largest automobile market. GM alone sells more car in China than in all other markets including the US market. GM is the number 1 automobile market share holder in China today. GM survives because of its profitable China market. As China focus on internal consumption and expansion of its middle class, the market for large and high ticket consumer products (including automobile) will exponentially increase. Export was the economic driver of China’s first 10 year economic plan which ended last year. Going forward, the next 10 year plan will shift focus to internal development. There will be many challenges including taming inflation, control and eradicate corruption, etc, but China is not immune to overcoming challenges and obstacles, in fact,  the Chinese word for “crisis” 危机 are two characters (dubbed: crisis-tunity)  composed of represent “danger” and “opportunity.”  For the Chinese culture, where there is crisis there are opportunities.

      • ThudOthwacker

        Like Apple, GM is dumping their products in China. Majority of high tech manufacturing are foreign technologies. China can’t afford to cease exports. Otherwise it will be a fiscal disaster. 30 to 50 percent of their GDP are internal debts.

  • boyfarmer

    free Tibet, free Uighurs, give democracy to the Chinese people, , , deliver mainland china leadership to the Koumintang, abolish the china communist party

    • DakuAkongUtin

      Leave the Moros to rule Mindanao. Socalled Christians in Mindanao must move back to Luzon . Stop meddling in Mindanao.

      • The Overlord

        Stop Islamisation of Mindanao! Muslims are threat to humanity. Mindanao was never a Muslim territory. Katiting lang ng Mindanao ang dominated by these bigots!

      • BarnabasSoosai

        My brother, please stop hurling verbal abuses and insults. Your view of Islam and Muslims is very untrue. You have been blinded by what is portrayed in the news that Muslims are so-and-so people. Don’t say things you know little about. As one of my favorite books says, “Animals have long tongues, yet they cannot speak. Man has a relatively short tongue, yet he cannot keep silent.” Peace be upon you. 

      • The Overlord

        So the news about Muslims beheading people isn’t true then? Or Muslims plotting against America and other countries by kidnapping people not true too? If that isn’t true, then where are the heads of the people who were beheaded? Heads, by nature, are not detachable so I don’t think the owner just placed it somewhere on his own. 

        How about Islam advocating for the purging of “infidels” as stated so in the Quran? Or Islam advocating for multiple wives or pedophilia? Those are all widely documented and I am hardly not blinded by your so-called “sensationalized” news. Muslims have even advocated for the Islamisation of the UK, wherein they are originally just migrants but now even have the gall to demand. Islam was never a religion of peace.

      • BarnabasSoosai

        Yes, you are right. You’ve heard them from the news “Muslims beheading people or innocent civilians and kidnapping of tourists in the South”. But these acts are the responsibilities of the perpetrators, not Islam. Islam means submission to the will of God. A person who submits himself/herself to God is a Muslim. You will not kill if you submit yourself to God because God condemns killings even hurting oneself. When Judgement Day comes, they will be accountable for their deeds. And if they are founding wanting, they will be punished in Hell forever. Don’t tell me only  those so-called “Muslims” you are referring to are capable of doing these inhuman acts. History is replete of mass murder perpetrated by your Christian colonizers in the name of Jesus (peace be upon him).  These too are well documented. Even in your Bible, the act of murder is rampant, read Deutoronomy 17:12 and many more. In the Philippines, the news is full of accounts of killings – the recent “shootout” or “is it rub out?” in Atimonan,

        Quezon, the killing spree of a mad man in Kawit, Cavite, and many more. These are acts of non-Muslims. When the 
        Spaniards came to the Philippines, the ruling people they met  were Muslims – Datu Lakandula, Raja Sulayman, etc. in the Visayas and in Manila. It is true Islam allowed multiple wives but only up to four. But if you cannot give justice to your would-be wives, the Qur’an says it is better to marry only one. If Muslims commits pedophilia, it’s their actions. But don’t single them out, there are much more scandals involving people wearing the robes in your church committing pedophilia. The 9/11 massacre in America was plotted not by “Muslims”, just make some research and you will know. It is America and other westerners that is encroaching the sovereignty of other countries, not the other way around. The recourse of these trespassed countries is to defend themselves from these intruders. To say that Islam is not a religion of peace is an outright lie and ignorance of the true message. Believe it or not, we pray to God for guidance of non-believers. We are all brothers and sisters, Muslims or not. May peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.    

      • PerfectPoster

        @BarnabasSoosai — I salute you, sir. Before anyone else reacts here, I am a Christian devotee. But having studied both religions in school, I can say that Muslim or Islam are religions that promotes love and prosperity among all. Al-Qaeda, Abbu Sayyaf and other leftist (Muslim) groups are not the reflection of an entire religion.

        Do not generalize an entire population because of one’s sin. No one has the right to do that.

        As he clearly pointed out, history tells us that such behavior is repetitive among all US human beings. Not by religion, race, or whatever. Being Islam does not mean being incapable of love and peace, it’s actually the other way around.

        Individual such as “The Overlord” is a clear reflection of what is really wrong out there.

        It’s not about religion, race, or sexuality. Its about one’s self and one’s understanding of life. We can co-exist. We just have to know where and what to look for. Do not be misguided.

      • BarnabasSoosai

        @PerfectPoster – Thank you very much. I was raised a Catholic by my parents. I studied in catholic schools in the province and in Manila. You may not agree with me but I embraced Islam because I have found peace and truth in Islam. It’s just that I cannot just sit here while my religion is being attacked.I felt violated and insulted. I do this in behalf of Muslims all over the world. Nevertheless, our God is most Gracious, most Merciful. May peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.

      • DakuAkongUtin

        Pinas was dominated by muslim religion before the arrival of Dirty Espanioles. Once they taken Pinas in 1565  and ventured to control the whole archipelago, they were surprised to find many people were practicing muslims. In a bid to eradicate islam they killed many. In fact they carried out their own version of Spanish Inquisition. If you arent a Romani Katolik, then you were labelled as heretic. Espanioles did a  lot of killiings of Moros in the name of Romani Katolik Church.  Their hands were not clean and not much of these were said in Spanish archives. The espanioles were thieves and killers of men. Infact, they employed Malayo tribes in PInas at the time who were willing to follow them . In return these Malayo tribes were given favor by espanioles as their lackies. Thus the Pinos were called. Actually, Pinas was a mixed bag of inhabitants then lumped into one called Pinos.

        The Chinese were here in large numbers and refused to believe in R Catholic. So they too were massacred by virtue of SPanish Inquisition. Nothing escaped the spanish espadas. 

  • junsepara

    this is the reason why chinks are a bully, greedy american companies trying to earn a big buck to underpaid, kowtowed, cheap workforce of commies with no freedom or voice and producing inferior products!, boycott inferior chinks products!!!

    • Harry Johnson

      You must feel so superior using those words don’t you?

      • junsepara

        better than saying nothing!!! he,he,he,he, down with the chinks!! boycott apple computers!!!

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