Globe Telecom, Americatel introduce ZeroUnlimited Philippines


07:55 PM November 18th, 2011


ROCKVILLE, Maryland–Americatel Corporation in partnership with the Philippines’ Globe Telecom, rolled out the ZeroUnlimited Philippines wireless plan. The new plan of Americatel’s ZERO11 wireless™ service is designed to place unlimited calls within the US or to the Philippines, to up to 5 Globe & TM cellular or landline numbers. The plan includes unlimited domestic and unlimited incoming international texting. The wireless service is provided on the nation’s largest and most reliable GSM network.

ZERO11 wireless™ is a contract-free prepaid wireless service provided by Americatel. ZeroUnlimited Philippines is the newest wireless plan by ZERO11 wireless™. The ZeroUnlimited Philippines is the first ever wireless plan with unlimited domestic and international calling to the Philippines at one low flat monthly fee. The service works with most unlocked GSM phones in the US (incl. Hawaii). There is no need to purchase a new phone, equipment or pay setup fees. One low monthly fee at only $79.99 includes unlimited domestic and international calling to the Philippines (Globe and TM), plus unlimited domestic and unlimited incoming international texting. Data plans are available at $10 a month for 250MB and $20 a month for 2GB of data.Customers can dial any other number in the Philippines or

worldwide at an additional charge as low as 2 cents per minute.

ZERO11 wireless provides a reliable, affordable and easy to use service with exceptional call quality to the Philippines supported by its partnership with Philippines’ Globe Telecom and a direct transpacific fiber interconnection.

In order to receive the benefits of ZeroUnlimited Philippines, wireless plan customers must purchase the plan with a free ZERO11 wireless™ SIMcard and insert the activated SIM card into their unlocked GSM phones. The service can be purchased at authorized dealers throughout the US, by calling toll free number 1-877-724-8325 or online at Customers must preregister up to 5 Globe & TM numbers (cellular or landline) for unlimited calling to the Philippines. The service activation is instant and free.

Sarah Geronimo, one of the most popular Filipina singer and actress and Americatel’s spokesperson will be featured in the new ZERO11 wireless™ advertising campaign.

Americatel Corporation has been the leading provider of telecommunication services to ethnic consumers in the United States. The company also works with international telecommunications carriers and internet service providers conducting business with the world’s emerging economies.

Americatel Corporation services consumers in North America through its Americatel® brand, ZERO11 wireless™ brand and its wholly owned subsidiary, Startec Global Communications which since 1989 has been serving Filipino communities with affordable, premium quality long distance products.Americatel holds spokesperson/endorser rights on the popular Filipina singer and actress Sarah Geronimo to market its telecommunications services in North America.

Globe Telecom is the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe provides a wide range of telecommunications solutions for a diverse set of consumer markets, industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. Globe Telecom has an established history in telecommunications for both consumers and businesses. A pioneer in mobile telecommunications in the Philippines, Globe Telecom seeks to create and deliver products and services that bring customers closer to their aspirations, and connect them with the people and events that matter to them the most. Through its wholly owned subsidiary GTI Telecom, Globe administers its partnership with Americatel Corporation to provide affordable, contract-free prepaid wireless and other long distance services to the Filipino communities in the US.

By introducing the ZERO11 wireless™ZeroUnlimited Philippines plan, Americatel and Globe have extended their leadership in the telecommunications segment of the United States. For more information please contact Elizabeth Leverson, Director of Product Management, Americatel, at 240-314-4118 or via email

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  • duane paul anacion

    Any news when globe will improve their internet services both for DSL and Mobile? Especially mobile, I hate to be carrying two phones and I don’t want to get dual sim phones because I want to stick to one provider. I use my globe number for calls and text only, and my new smart prepaid number for my android phone. Smart has excellent 3g speeds besides being able to provide call and text services of course. I’m giving globe a year.. sorry make that a few more months, for globe to improve their mobile internet services (my globe DSL at home is unreliable also). Otherwise, my globe mobile number which I had for more than 5 years will go bye bye.. Rest In Peace (0917XXXXXXX).

  • Anonymous

    the service reliability and efficiency depends on the the kind of network your phone is attached. in rural areas, SMART is quite good but when it comes to urbanized areas, Globe can prevail. however, if your phone cannot support the 3G services, better dont wait for any efficient services, just wait for text and call….

  • Anonymous

    I have both Smart and Globe. I observe that Globe is more reliable in terms of call connection (except inter-network calls) and services such as balance inquiry (I need to request 3 – 4 times from my Smart phone before I get load balance).

  • Anonymous

    Kahit ano pa tawag ninyo sa product ninyo Broadband/DSL/High-speed Internet, unless you back up your claim that you are “most reliable GSM network”, wala pa rin.

  • J C

    Yey!!!! Good job Globe!!! Im sure this will be a success. That’s going to make a lot of Filams happy.

  • Alan Pineda

    quite right! try calling customer service @*888 (that’s smart… you’ll end up with nothing). globe is still number no. 1.

  • Herbert


  • ryan andres

    ” The wireless service is provided on the nation’s largest and most reliable GSM network.”

    …most reliable? Talaga lang ha.

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