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This e-learning platform is offering online classrooms with interactive tools for free until Dec 31, 2020

It’s beginner-friendly too.
/ 11:41 AM August 31, 2020

Shifting to formal learning from the traditional face-to-face classroom setting to digital isn’t exactly an easy transition to make, especially when it’s abrupt and not part of the original plan at all. But given the global health crisis we’re currently facing, educational institutions are left with no choice but to adopt distance learning—particularly online teaching—to connect to their students during these uncertain times.

The task at hand is certainly overwhelming. But with the right solutions, it is doable.

One of the most important concerns schools must address from their end is first and foremost the e-learning platform they’ll be using to conduct their classes.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing a platform that’s both competitive and highly interactive in terms of features, but also very easy to use even for beginners. It’s also free for all schools to adopt until December 31, 2020.

ClassIn Online Classroom is the world’s first ever online classroom.

At present, it has over 60,000 partner schools and institutions; 20 million monthly active users from 150+ countries; successfully delivered 200,000,000+ class hours. And some of its global partners include the Sony Global Education, the British Council, the Pearson Education, and the Oxford University Press, among others.

ClassIn Online Classroom

With ClassIn, teachers can quickly create courses and organize classes. The platform, which advocates online learning without boundaries, is pretty jam packed because apart from offering an integrated learning management system (LMS), it also comes with programs that work for a wide range of subject matters including:

  • K-12 Basic Education Curriculum
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) Education
  • Children’s English
  • Foreign Languages
  • Vocational Training
  • Educational Public Welfare

Maths class on ClassIn

And the platform also supports various teaching models such as:

  • 1V1 Teaching
  • 1V6 Group Teaching
  • 1V30 Small Class
  • 1V300 Class
  • Live Broadcast to tens of thousands of people

Most of all, it’s equipped with advanced online classroom tools that enable teachers and learners to:

  • Prepare, review, and teach lessons on one platform
  • Conduct quizzes with interactive tools like an answer sheet, a selector, a buzzer, a timer, and even a dice
  • Conduct recitation with incentives like trophies for kids
  • Share an interactive e-blackboard which multiple users can write on
  • Take class notes
  • Submit tasks
  • Accomplish presentations powered by multidirectional screen sharing
  • Collaboratively edit documents
  • Communicate via Instant Messaging

Not to mention that it has around 44 learning behavior data readily available on the platform for teachers and students to work with as they educate and study remotely.

Tested and proven

In the U.S., e-learning organization Udacity faced great challenges—such as a low completion rate of courses—when it first launched its products in China. The complexity of their offered courses proved difficult for young professionals to finish. But in 2018, the completion rate of the same courses almost tripled when Udacity launched coaching and tutorial services powered by ClassIn online classrooms. The model that worked for the organization involved 1 teacher vs. 20-30 students in one class.

In Hong Kong, the Yeh Wah International School (YWIS) uses ClassIn to deliver its courses to all the 30+ schools it administers. The level of these courses range from Kindergarten courses to Year 12, and even to University. And the subjects taught include art, literature, and physical education, among others. YWIS teachers and students commend ClassIn for its advanced and interactive online classroom tools.

YWIS Vice Principal Anthony Uiterwijk, who also teaches in primary school, shared that while teacher training and getting up to speed with all the various interactive tools of ClassIn were at first challenging, they were able to successfully cope because the platform provided a lot of technical support for the YWIS staff, including IT people attending exclusively to YWIS.

In China, Peking University (PKU), which is a major research university in the capital city of the country, implements 82% of its classes online through ClassIn. Close to 3,000 PKU teachers are now teaching online through the platform, and the university has offered a total of 3,202 courses online since it shifted to digital during the first quarter of the year. The detailed learning data offered by ClassIn, which are analyses of the students’ performance and behavior during classes, appeal most to the staff of PKU.

Education without boundaries

Given its proven track record in the field of online learning, schools may want to bookmark ClassIn as a platform that makes good on its promise to deliver education without boundaries across the globe.

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