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There’s a new gaming accessory brand in the market and we’re here for it

/ 06:35 PM March 10, 2021

The pandemic has opened many doors for us. Whether this may be a discovery of a new hobby, pursuing a life-long passion, or just kill some extra time while being stuck indoors. There is no denying that a ton of Millennials and Gen-Z has entered the world of gaming, may it be console, gaming or PC gaming. 

This has led to an influx of individuals building PC setups to be able to catch up on the trends. PC gaming is a fun way to de-stress after a long day, because not only would you get to connect with friends online, you are also immersed in a fast-paced interactive art form. But to get the most out of the experience, you’ll need to pick up a few of the best gaming accessories. These little problems and dilemmas require a big solution. And that’s where VERTUX comes in.

VERTUX is a Gaming peripheral designed in Dubai and it is now finally introduced in the Philippines to target gamers and gamer enthusiasts alike from across the country. What’s awesome about this brand is how affordable it is compared to the normal Gaming accessory brands. Despite its price point, VERTUX can compete if not be comparable to the majority of the high-end brands. 

To give you an idea of our verdict, we’ve tried and tested 6 of VERTUX’s best-sellers and put them to the test:


RaidKey is easily one of the keyboards you have to get your hands on. For starters, it is a mechanical keyboard with blue switches making the keys give that clicking sound without it going overboard. The RaidKey keyboard features backlit keys with colors in a rainbow pattern. And while you can’t customize key colors, you can cycle the lights through different modes. A simple press of a button switches between on, cycle lights and off. Playing games with the RaidKey keyboard was smooth, the response time was active and there wasn’t any lag.


Looking for a mouse that can give you an edge in gaming without breaking the bank? The Dominator Gaming Mouse bridges the gap between affordability and good performing mouse. The Dominator Gaming Mouse maxes out at a DPI of 3,200. What’s also great is the Dominator Gaming Mouse boasts up to, 1000Hz which decreases lag between the movements of the mouse at a wide range of hertz.

It is undeniably the best option to have when you want a mouse the performs well but is also affordable. It serves as a good option for an entry-level gaming mouse, or any budget build. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes both in terms of design and RGB lighting. 


Complete your RGB lighting setup with the Fluxpad Mousepad. It’s a light-up mouse pad with a slim profile and 6-profile lighting options. Compared to other mousepads, the Fluxpad offers a hard surface which gives great accuracy for quicker aim, swipes, and precise smaller movements. All you have to do is plug it into your PC and you’re ready to play. 


The Havana Immersive Gaming Headset offers excellent gaming performance at an incredibly affordable price. This is the ideal gaming headset for PC gamers on a budget.

Not only does the Havana gaming headset work for the PC. It can be used for the XBOX, PS4/PS5, and mobile too. You also get a pretty great 50mm speaker driver, which enables you to hear everything going on in your game.  The overall sound quality, price point, and comfort it gives masks the lack of customization options with this RGB gaming headset. 


The Streamer-2 provides a decent-sounding microphone sound for streamers on a budget. Its small and flexible stature is perfect for anyone looking for a microphone that doesn’t take up much too much space on your desk. Even though the Streamer-2 is just a USB-connected microphone, the sound of my voice still came out better than expected.


If you like the whole RGB lighting setup, the Extent headset stand is the perfect one for you. This stand is unique from all other headset stands currently on the market. That’s because it has a built-in mouse bungee, giving you wireless-like freedom. Extent is a space-saving stand that has 3 different LED color modes, 3 built-in USB ports, and a base that’s strong enough to position your audio peripherals.

Its sleek universal design and built-in RGB lighting, give your whole setup an overall aesthetic. Just plug in your accessories using the 3-port USB hub, and jump into the game with flying colors.

Overall, we could personally say that VERTUX is a brand that has the potential to take the market by storm. With its wide variety of gaming accessories, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for when you’re starting to build your setup or you’re looking to upgrade what you have. The biggest star here is its price points because it allows anyone to be able to purchase without having to think about breaking their bank. VERTUX is worth investing in because you’ll surely get your money’s worth. 


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