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How to Make Discord Bot With and Without Coding

/ 10:32 AM December 10, 2021

Servers feel “next-level” if they have Discord bots because they separate them from regular chat rooms. While others let you pass instant messages back and forth, Discord bots respond to your needs. It’s super easy to make one! The server becomes more useful for the community using it.

You won’t have to learn any coding skills to make one because it’s part of Discord’s settings. You could go the extra mile if you code the Discord bot yourself, though. It lets you set how it will react to certain actions within the chat. This will allow the bot to do so much more such as showing info from other websites or displaying certain messages depending on certain words.

We’ll discuss more details about Discord bots. We’ll show you the easiest way to create one yourself. Then, show how to get more advanced bots easily from other websites. Also, we will show you how to make one yourself if you have coding skills.


Do I need a Discord bot?

Do I need a Discord bot?

You can easily create a Discord server for you and your friends. That’s enough for most people, but what if you need to accommodate more people on your server?

Let’s say you made a server for a specific game. If it has a lot of players, expect to see numerous people on your server. You probably won’t be able to reply to them all the time.

Most of the messages will likely be similar as well. You will spend a lot of time just sending the same replies. Worse, you’ll have a hard time keeping track of all the concerns.

This is where Discord bots come in handy. It enables your server to become more responsive to your community, so it becomes more useful for all users.

The bot could make the server more lively too. Wouldn’t it be great if your server greets users when they enter? It could also remind users about the server rules.

Discord bots could also help you apply coding skills. More people are learning it because everything is undergoing a digital transformation nowadays.


If you’re interested in learning how to code, you may apply what you’ve learned on your Discord server. Of course, the following steps can show you how to make one without coding!

Steps to Making a Discord bot

Steps to Making a Discord bot

  1. Login to the Discord website.
  2. Head to the application page.
  3. Click on the New Application button.
  4. Type a name for the application and click the Create button.
  5. Create a Bot User by going to the Bot tab and then selecting Add Bot.
  6. When prompted, click “Yes, do it!”
  7. Tick the Public Bot if you want others to invite it. Then, make sure that the Require OAuth2 Code Grant is unchecked. Leave it marked if you’re developing a service that requires the feature.
  8. Click the Copy button to get the Discord bot token.
  9. Now you have a bot account and the token that allows login access.

It works like a password to your bot, so make sure to keep away from others. If someone gets your token, they will be able to perform nasty things like banning all your members.

If this happens, click the Regenerate button as soon as possible to get a new token. This will make the old one useless so that the other person won’t be able to use it anymore.

How to invite your Discord bot

The previous steps help you create a bot, but it’s not on your server yet. You will have to create an invite URL to add the bot.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log on to the Discord website.
  2. Go to the application page.
  3. Click on your Discord bot’s page.
  4. Head to the “OAuth2” tab.
  5. You’ll see a list of options that have checkboxes next to them. Look for your bot, and then click on its box to place a check.
  6. Head to the Bot Permission list. Click on the options that your Discord bot will need to function.
  7. After that, the website should generate a URL that will allow you to add that bot to Discord servers. Copy and paste that code into your browser, and hit Enter.
  8. Select a server where you want to include the Discord bot, and then click Authorize.

Other ways of making Discord bots

You don’t have to make a bot yourself, though. Thanks to the wonderful Discord community, you can find so many free bots on the internet. Browse the selections, then add the ones you want.

You can be sure that many of these are high-quality bots. You’ll see that numerous options have millions of satisfied users. If you have a specific purpose, there’s likely a Discord bot for that

Take Discord Bot List as an example. Here are just some of the types of bots you could get from just this one website:

  • Gaming bots that let people on your server play mini-games
  • Global economy bots that enable global currency systems for specific purposes
  • Meme bots, as the name suggests, helps with image generation, meme creation, etc.
  • Moderator bots that assist server heads in managing their servers
  • Music bots that let you connect to Spotify and other music streaming apps
  • Utility bots that provide a variety of features, such as assigning reaction roles without opening the server settings

On the other hand, you could create a Discord bot yourself, but you will need to know a programming language such as Python.

That’s because making a bot means writing long lines of code, so that you will need the relevant skills. For example, you must know command prefixes and functions like “async def.”

Aside from learning how to code, you will need to know how to use Discord APIs. Head to the Discord Developer Portal to learn more about how to make Discord bots yourself.

Final thoughts

Bots could improve your Discord server in many ways. They could respond instantly to certain member actions, facilitate meme creation, and greet people when they enter the server.

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