DITO Telecommunity launches breakthrough features, DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advanced Pay

DITO Telecommunity launches breakthrough features, DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advanced Pay

DITO Telecommunity Overcomes the Odds—Achieves Breakthrough in its First Year
/ 09:58 AM March 28, 2022

DITO Telecommunity

Competition is a vital force in the world of business. It provides impetus for change and stimulates a healthy environment for progress and productivity. Competition can propel the creation of better and more highly advanced products, services, and processes that are more efficient in upping the ante when it comes to consumer experience. 

This principle is what spurred the inception of DITO Telecommunity Corporation, the newest telecommunications provider in the Philippines, to launch its revolutionary tech services called DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay!  These innovations are cutting-edge features which aim to enhance the mobile subscriber experience. Available only through the all-new DITO Level-Up Packs, this product lineup consists of five simple, hassle-free and best value offers with generous data, calls and text.

DITO Auto Pay DITO Advance Pay DITO Telecommunity

Driven by a desire to offer practical competition, innovation, and better service while being value driven  the country’s newest telco has fearlessly grappled with powerful rivals, the country’s telecommunications giants that have dominated the landscape for decades, and has proven its well-deserved spot, after only a year. Celebrating its first anniversary this month, DITO Telecommunity has grown by leaps and bounds—from being merely an industry underdog to being a force to be reckoned with, accomplishing all these victories during the COVID-19 global crisis.

Marking a milestone

In a press conference held recently at the Grand Hyatt-BGC, in Taguig to mark the telecommunity’s  first anniversary, the company proved how it bucked the odds steadily, solidly, and continually expanding, even amidst the global health scare. Since its inception, DITO has grown its presence from 15 cities in March 2021 to over 500 cities with more than six million active subscribers (fondly called “DITOzens”) at the start of 2022.  Fuelled by its vision to be the industry leader in connecting and empowering Filipino communities, the telco has built 4,100+ towers and laid out 22,000+km of fiber optic cables. Over the past year, it has also launched 83,000 touchpoints and opened 16 DITO experience stores for a more enhanced customer satisfaction, along with its DITO LevelUp Packs and DITO 5G Home Wi-Fi for next-level connectivity. 

“DITO truly has come a long, long way since July of 2019 and since our commercial launch last year.  The rate of our roll out has been outstanding, faster than any other local telco, even with the pandemic,” Retired Major General Rodolfo Santiago, DITO’s Chief Technology Officer, pointed out. Santiago credited this speed of expansion to a spirit of collaboration: “DITO has always been big on collaboration.  We work with the government, with various institutions, local executives; we do whatever it takes to ensure that wherever we are, a win-win situation exists, all for the betterment of our service to the Filipino people,”  he added.

As enumerated by Santiago, DITO has hit the following benchmarks over the last year:

  • From the initial plan of erecting  one tower and the original dream of rolling out  the network, right now DITO needs fewer than 300 towers to meet 70% national coverage by July 8, 2022 
  • Outstanding roll-out rate, faster than any other local telco even with the pandemic, including the creation of a strong 4G and stand-alone 5G network unsaddled by legacy systems.
  • DITO’s data center solution has been cited for an international award for innovation against other countries in Asia; by May 2022, ten data centers will be completed
  • Despite Typhoon Odette, DITO’s towers withstood the onslaught of a natural disaster, making it the first telco to have restored limited services in the affected areas where DITO was commercially available
  • DITO has surpassed two government audits in 2021 and is more than prepared for the July 2022 audit
  • DITO systems were ready for mobile number portability, as well as for the SIMCARD Registration Act; the company considered both scenarios while designing their systems

Breakthrough features

DITO Telecommunity’s Auto Pay and Advance Pay are the most ingenious features representing DITO’s alternative response to the omnipresent need of Filipinos for basic, convenient, straightforward, and stress-free offers that give them the best value for money and elevate their subscriber’s experience.

“We’re leveling up the customer experience by introducing new breakthrough features such as DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay—a first in the Philippines’ mobile industry; and we’re excited to showcase all these to our DITOzens as we start our second year of operations in the country,” said Evelyn Jimenez, an industry veteran who spent most of her career in telecommunications companies overseas and now holds the title of DITO’s Chief Commercial Officer.

The DITO Advance Pay feature enables subscribers to have full control of their promo spending and usage when they pay for their promo package 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months in advance. This could translate to as much as 40% or Php 4,795 savings from their total package cost. You also get as much as 1,560GB of data for only Php 4.61 per GB, which is one of the lowest data rates in the market today.

“With DITO Advance Pay, subscribers can already be connected for one year with almost 100GB of data as low as a 700-Peso investment. Even postpaid customers out there can try our best value deal, imagine the savings you will get vs your current plan,” Jimenez added.

One of the latest features DITO Auto Pay could allow subscribers to automatically renew and pay for their chosen package every month, worry-free!  Subscribers who are about to reach their data cap or when their subscription is about to expire will routinely receive a notification that their data package is being renewed. This will give DITOzens an opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted web surfing, video streaming, and social media interaction without having to worry about going overboard with their data limit.  Subscribers could also get as much as 10gb of bonus data every month when they avail of DITO Auto Pay.

Interested about the full mechanics of DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay and how you could use them to score many discounts and bonus data?  Check this out https://dito.ph/level-up-promos 

Building the nation through innovation

All these revolutionary breakthroughs are just a sneak peek into DITO’s greater breakthroughs, as it aims to further expand across the nation.

“More than ever, Filipinos are relying on online connections as an essential part of their lives, especially in these extraordinary times. DITO is aware of this need and is committed to making our products simple, hassle-free, and offer the best value for everyone, anytime.” Jimenez added. 

Indeed, as Jimenez stated, DITO has been a force of nation-building for over a year now. It has emerged to change how the telecommunications game is played as it innovates further to serve the Filipino better.  DITO is committed to providing simple, transparent, and value-driven products as it continues to serve the Filipino people by leveling-up their experience with new service innovations like Advance Pay and Auto Pay.

Moreover, every breakthrough and victory are aimed at building this legacy: a rock-solid, stable, strong DITO Telecommunity to provide Filipinos with the best kind of telecommunication service that they can afford and which they deserve.  

As the company puts it, #ONENaTayoDITO! “We have made tremendous achievements; not just as an industry newcomer but also as a major telco provider in the country. It’s time to celebrate our first year by commemorating all our milestones – big and small – as we continuously connect the whole nation!” Jimenez concluded.

Discover DITO, today; better yet, become a certified #DITOzen by visiting their website and signing up for their various services and plans.

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