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Potential Features Of The iPhone 14

/ 11:08 PM June 17, 2022

Innovation keeps moving forward towards another Apple iPhone model. The iPhone 13 came and went, and now Apple fans are waiting for the 14th iteration of Tim Cook’s smartphone. What should we expect from the iPhone 14, and should you buy one?

The internet provides a lot of leaks and potential updates about the mobile tool. You might have been looking at them too, but all that information can be overwhelming. Fortunately, this article will summarize all the allegedly leaked details about the iPhone 14!


We will elaborate on the upcoming features, specifically the always-on display and the new front camera. Note that all these details may not appear on the finished product. Supply chain issues and other problems may also change the expected price and release date.

Here are the potential features of the Apple iPhone 14: 

  1. The iPhone 14 might not have a notch.
  2. A camera bump similar to the iPhone 13 
  3. The iPhone 14 might have a 48MP camera.
  4. The iPhone 14 might not have Touch ID and Face ID upgrades.
  5. The next iPhone may come in four sizes with no ports.
  6. The iPhone 14 might still use the A15 Bionic chip. 

1. The iPhone 14 screen might not have a notch.

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: www.phonearena.com

If you already have the iPhone 13, you might be familiar with the black portion of your screen. You may love its powerful front camera, but some folks do not share the same sentiment.


Some people avoided the 13 because of the notch blocking the screen. However, it housed the front camera and other essential components for Face ID, such as: 

  • Infrared camera
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Flood illuminator
  • Dot projector
  • Speaker
  • Microphone

If this also bothered you, the upcoming iPhone may get rid of it soon. Apple analyst Ross Young said the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Pro models would not have notches.

This development means that the latest iPhone’s base model and the Max will still have notches. As a result, the upcoming Apple phone will have four models: 

  • The base model
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Max
  • And the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple plans to use the pill-shaped cutout instead. In other words, the latest Apple phone will have a punch-hole camera beside an oblong-shaped speaker. 

You can find this design in most Huawei Android phones, but it will be unique among standard iPhone models. More importantly, it would provide more space for the parts mentioned earlier.

2. A rear bump similar to the iPhone 13 

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: www.notebookcheck.net

Leaked designed details excited more people about the iPhone 14. They all imply that it will have a selfie camera similar to the iPhone 13.

The diagrams suggest that the 14 will have thicker frames around the camera lenses. Besides this feature, the iPhone 14 design looks no different from the previous version. 


Another Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also said that Apple may call the upcoming standard iPhone the “iPhone 14 Max.” Like the iPhone 13, it will have a 6.7-inch screen.

The iPhone 14 Max will share many features with the smaller version. It will have the notch, rear camera bump, and display capabilities of the iPhone 14.

Only the Pro models will have larger batteries due to their wider space. Moreover, 3D-printed models of the iPhone 13 showed a few sizing differences from the upcoming standard iPhone. 

Apple tipster Jon Prosser showed a few renders allegedly based on iPhone 14 leaks. According to these samples, the new iPhones will be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Ming-Chi Kuo also said that the next Apple smartphone might have a larger camera module. He said it needs a larger module to house the improved camera tech.

The iPhone 14 Pro may also have rounder edges than previous models, so it can closely match the curvature of the latest module. However, the Pro Max will not have these changes.

3. The iPhone 14 might have a 48MP camera.

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: www.forbes.com

We have discussed the camera bump, so let us elaborate on the camera itself. The iPhone 14 rumors suggest that it will have a 48MP camera that can capture videos in 8K resolution. 

This development could mean it would have a periscope lens, allowing the iPhone 14 to zoom up to 50x. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said we might not see this feature until the iPhone 15 arrives.

At the time of writing, there are no details about the front-facing camera’s resolution. It would be great if it could deliver 48MP selfies too! The upcoming Apple device might have a 48 MP sensor but provide a 12MP resolution. 

If this is the case, Apple could at least provide 12 MP images with less noise and more detail. At the time of writing, there are no details regarding the cameras of the iPhone 14 or its Pro models.

4. The iPhone 14 might not have Touch ID and Face ID upgrades.

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: www.macrumors.com

Apple fans have been waiting for the return of the Touch ID. Face ID is not that accurate at recognizing people’s faces yet. Also, COVID mask mandates in other countries complicate this issue.

If the iPhone 14 has the Touch ID feature, people will not have to remove their face masks to open their devices. However, Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple has no official plan to incorporate Touch ID into the iPhone 14.

The current iPad Air and iPad mini enable users to activate Touch ID via the power button. Unfortunately, Kuo stated that the tech firm faced “lower than expected development progress” to include Touch ID in the iPhone 14.

Apple intended to place Touch ID under the iPhone 14’s display. Due to the delays, the tech firm has no choice but to push back this feature to 2023. We might not see Touch ID for the iPhone 14 and its Pro models. 

5. The iPhone 14 may come in four sizes with no ports.

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: www.macrumors.com

We have mentioned earlier that the iPhone 14 will have four variants. Leaks showed their sizes side-by-side, but you will not notice a significant difference among them.

The iPhone 14 and the Pro have 6.1-inch screens,  while the iPhone 14 Max and the Pro Max have 6.7-inch screens. As mentioned earlier, they will also be 0.2 mm thicker than the iPhone 13.

However, the iPhone 14 and its Pro models set themselves apart from previous iterations. The iPhone 14 may soon be the first iPhone 14 with no ports! 

In other words, you will not need a USB-C or Lightning port to charge or connect to your other devices. The iPhone 14 will only support wireless charging and Apple’s MagSafe technology. 

However, the Pro models would likely have portless versions before the lower-end iPhones. Current iPhones only possess wireless charging capabilities.

Also, they can link to other Apple products like the Apple Watch. However, the iPhone 14 models may allow data transfers that were only possible with the Lightning port and USB-C cables.

More importantly, the iPhone 14 may likely have an always-on display. The Apple Watch already has the feature, but the upcoming Apple device will implement it differently.

Unlike the Apple Watch, the iPhone will have a Springboard that manages its Lock Screen. Apple may incorporate the always-on display into the Springboard.

6. The iPhone 14 might still use the A15 Bionic chip. 

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: medium.com

You can find many articles that expect to see the A16 processor for the iPhone 14. Unfortunately, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that we would only see this upgrade for the Pro models.

The iPhone 14 and the Max version will have the A15 chip found in the iPhone 13. The A15 has 6GB of RAM, but the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has 4GB RAM.

Apple might have made this decision due to the recent global chip shortage. At the time of writing, no statements attribute the chip choice to the current supply issue.

We have no leaks regarding the next iPhone’s battery life. As a result, we cannot be sure how long the 14 could operate using the A15 and A16 chips.

The battery can also affect how the processors perform. Without more details about the energy capacity, we cannot be sure how smoothly the iPhone 14 would run.

Other potential features of the upcoming Apple iPhone

This is the latest Apple phone.

Photo Credit: 9to5mac.com

You should know that the next Apple iPhone may not have the name “iPhone 14.” The most recent version is the iPhone 13, but the fruity firm may choose a different name.

It may return the “S” branding reminiscent of the iPhone 4. What’s more, Tim Cook’s tech company may replace the number branding by referring to succeeding models by their size.

For example, Apple may call its next mobile device the “iPhone mini.” Apple keeps its marketing names under wraps until the last minute. As a result, you will have to wait until the upcoming release date to see the final name.

It may come in four colors: graphite, silver, gold, and purple. Also, the upcoming iPhone and its Pro models have a high-end titanium alloy body. The material may provide better resistance against scratches and corrosion.

The COVID pandemic is subsiding in most parts of the world, but its effects still linger. It has triggered a global supply chain disruption that continues until today.

China plays a major role in iPhone production but is still going through lockdowns. In response, Apple may charge more for the iPhone 14. As a result, we may expect the following prices:

  • iPhone 14: $799
  • Pro: $1,099
  • Max: $1,099
  • Pro Max: $1,199

The expected release date of the iPhone 14 is September 2022. Note that Apple news may have changed as you read this article, so you might not see the new iPhone by that month.

The iPhone 13 vs. the iPhone 14

This shows the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14.

Photo Credit: www.phonearena.com

We have gone through the potential features of the next iPhone. Now, you might be wondering if you should buy one. Looking at the latest model may help you decide. Here are the features of the iPhone 13:

  • Display – It uses a Super Retina XDR OLED display that shows deeper blacks than previous models. Also, the iPhone 13’s screen is 28% brighter than previous models. The ceramic shield design provides IP68 water resistance. 
  • Internal storage – 128GB with 4GB RAM, 256GB with 4GB RAM, and 512GB with 4GB RAM..
  • Connectivity – The iPhone 13 allows 5G with 200 carriers across 60 countries. Additionally, it has a Smart Data mode that lets you switch from 5G to LTE.
  • Privacy – You may toggle the settings to prevent online trackers. Moreover, you could control the types of data that your iPhone 13 sends for each app.
  • Accessories – The iPhone 13 comes with a Lightning cable but no power adaptor. However, you could also charge it via MagSafe. 
  • Charging time – The advertised charging duration is 50% in 30 minutes via fast charging. However, this may change depending on the charger you use. 
  • Price – The iPhone 13 costs $799, while the mini model is worth $699. Note that this may change depending on your payment plan and telecom provider. 
  • Colors – Blue, midnight (black), starlight (a mix of gold and silver), Green, Blue, Pink, and (PRODUCT) RED.

You may also look at the potential features that we mentioned earlier. The following list shows the iPhone 14 features for the qualities discussed above:

  • Display – The 14 might be as big as the iPhone 13. The base model and the Max will have notches like the 13, but the pro models might not. At the time of writing, there are no details about its display quality.
  • Internal storage – Current leaks do not provide clues about the next iPhone’s storage capacity. Based on regular iPhone releases, we may assume that the upcoming iteration will have larger internal storage than the iPhone 13.
  • Connectivity – The 14 would probably have the same connectivity features as the iPhone 13. 
  • Privacy – The upcoming iPhone would likely allow security features similar to the iPhone 13.
  • Accessories – The 14th iPhone might launch without ports, so it probably will not come with a Lightning or USB-C cable. 
  • Charging time – The recent leaks do not provide information about the upcoming iPhone’s battery. 
  • Price – iPhone 14 ($799), Pro ($1,099), Max ($1,099), and Pro Max ($1,199)
  • Colors – The next iPhone might come in graphite, purple, gold, and silver. 

Should you wait for the iPhone 14?

Remember that all the features we talked about may change. They are leaks from trusted analysts, but we cannot verify if we will see these features in action.

If Apple sticks with these features, it may implement them differently. The tech firm always innovates, so the iPhone 14 may become better than we anticipated.

At the time of writing, some parts of the world are still dealing with COVID lockdowns, specifically China. Meanwhile, we still have the subsequent effects of the pandemic.

We have discussed the most significant ones, such as the chip shortage and the supply chain disruptions. Then, you have the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict that further interferes with global trade. 

Any of these factors could increase the cost of the iPhone 14. Also, they could push its release date further. Meanwhile, other future brands and Android rivals continue to improve. 

If you cannot wait for the iPhone 14, perhaps you should look at other brands like Samsung. You might be pleasantly surprised to see features you never found on iPhones.


We went through the possible features of the iPhone 14. It may come out as early as September 2022, but current events may delay the release. 

If you are an avid Apple fan, you may insist on waiting. In that case, you should follow the leading digital publisher to get the latest technology updates.

Fortunately, Inquirer is the place to be for the latest digital trends. It provides the best tech tutorials for the most recent devices and applications. 

Frequently asked questions

What is Apple’s next big device?

Apple fans are waiting for the iPhone 14 as the next big thing. It would probably be as small as the iPhone 14, but it would have a better screen and camera.

What’s different about the iPhone 14?

The next iPhone sets itself apart from previous models because it might be the first to have no ports. Instead, it will rely on wireless connectivity for data transfers and battery charges.

What are the differences between iPhone 13 and 14?

The iPhone 14 might be the first Apple smartphone without cable ports. Also, the iPhone 14 might get a 48MP camera. The iPhone 13 only has a 12MP resolution for the front and rear cameras.

What will Apple release in 2022?

Apple might release the new iPhone in September 2022. However, we cannot guarantee that the 14 will come out on that date. Various factors like ongoing supply chain issues may cause delays.

What is Apple working on for the future?

The tech firm might release the iPhone 14 in September 2022. Moreover, Apple may release new versions of the iPad Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and the AirPods Pro later this year.

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