Wait, We Will Get An iPhone 15 Soon?!

Apple seems to be on a roll as it may release a new iPhone model next year. Long-time Apple Insider Mark Gurman mentioned it in his iPhone 14 review article: 

“If you have an iPhone 13, I’d wait another 12 months for the iPhone 15. That’s when we’ll see bigger changes, including a potential rebranding of the Pro Max as the Ultra.”

Online rumors spread about its features weeks after the 14’s release. Surprisingly, they foresee significant changes coming for next year’s Apple smartphone.

Rumored features of the iPhone 15

Photo Credit: www.macrumors.com

Well-known insider LeaksApplePro revealed details about the iPhone 15 in its subscription newsletter. It discusses design changes, performance boosts, and the “iPhone 15 Ultra.”

The most high-end version of the latest model has been using the “Pro Max” name. It started with the iPhone 11, and the naming convention continued until the iPhone 14.

However, the Pro Max name may sound like a trivial upgrade compared to the Pro tag. In response, it may use the name “Ultra” instead, as it did with the Apple Watch Ultra.

LeaksApplePro also said there would be design and performance upgrades. First, the iPhone 15 will feature the 14’s pill cutout design and Dynamic Island notifications indicator.

Second, the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will be the only models with the A17 processor. The iPhone Pro and Pro Max contain the A16 Bionic Chip.

Third, the iPhone 15 will use USB-C instead of the Lightning port. Yet, the former would provide a significant speed boost for the Pro models.

Apple may have also changed the ports due to a recent European Union Law requiring new smartphones released after 2024 to use USB-C. Nevertheless, it could help Apple users save money on new cables. 

Other Apple updates

Photo Credit: www.macrumors.com

There are other notable changes from Apple besides the iPhone 15 leaks. For example, the recent iOS 16 upgrade provided security upgrades and new features for current iPhone models. 

Apple fans have been expecting an upgrade called Apple Pay Later. It is a buy now, pay later feature for Apple Pay, allowing users to split transactions into four installments over six weeks.

The upgrade did not come with the iOS 16 upgrade, though. Fortunately, Inquirer Tech can update you with the latest digital trends worldwide. Follow for more fantastic articles like this one!