OpenAI Plugins Will Let ChatGPT Access The Internet

OpenAI is testing plugins to enable ChatGPT to connect to the internet. As a result, it could remove one of its biggest limitations and expand its real-life applications.

The current version of ChatGPT relies on a large language model containing information from 2021 and before. As a result, it is difficult to use for tasks requiring newer data.

Its competitors have already linked to the internet, but OpenAI chose a more careful approach. It wants to polish the online ChatGPT plugin before release to prevent negative consequences.

How is OpenAI testing the online ChatGPT plugins?

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ChatGPT amazed the world by generating text, like jokes, essays, and academic papers that rival manmade content. 

Its newest LLM, called GPT-4, allows it to understand images so that it can analyze, summarize or answer related questions. 

Still, it has one glaring flaw: the AI chatbot can only look through data from 2021 and before. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft Bing and Google Bard were late to the AI race but adopted online connectivity sooner than ChatGPT.

OpenAI explains giving web access to a chatbot is risky. In 2021, it tried that feature with an experimental system called WebGPT. 

It cited unreliable sources and chose data from websites that would convince users, despite other sources with more relevant information.

Google and Microsoft use different security mechanisms to reduce the possibility of pushing unreliable content to the top of search results.

According to TechCrunch, Google search results favor websites with modern web technologies, such as encryption, schema markup, and mobile support.

Consequently, it buries otherwise quality content under numerous search result pages. Moreover, Google favors Google services over others.

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OpenAI is developing ChatGPT plugins so that users can connect the AI tool to third-party software or the World Wide Web.

However, it only opened alpha testing to select users and developers on the waitlist. Later, OpenAI would expand access to more devs and premium Plus members.


OpenAI announced it is developing ChatGPT plugins so that the AI chatbot could connect to the internet. As a result, it would eliminate one of its major flaws.

That would allow people to use it for more purposes. Soon, the use of artificial intelligence would grow further and change the world in new and exciting ways.

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