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Is Someone Watching You? How to Spot Hidden Cameras with a Detector

09:00 AM April 03, 2023

Does it seem like someone is watching you? You’re not alone. Nowadays, hidden cameras are everywhere, so ensure you have a detector.

Some are only in people’s pockets, while others are cleverly disguised as other objects. The latter allows others to use your photos and videos for malicious purposes. For example, someone could use these files for blackmail or sell them for profit.

Fortunately, you can buy a hidden camera detector online and ensure you have the best one. Even better, this article will explain using that device and other methods to ensure privacy.


These include using hidden camera detector apps and flashlights to find recording devices in an area. Use all these tools to ensure your privacy whenever and wherever.


What is a hidden camera detector?

As the name suggests, a hidden camera detector lets you spot covert photo and video recording devices. There are two types of these gadgets: infrared detectors and radio frequency detectors.

The former takes advantage of the infrared filter most hidden cameras have. Shine a strong infrared or LED light on them, and they will often glow, revealing their location.

That is why an infrared detector has strong LED and infrared lights. Some flash to facilitate locating a hidden camera.

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On the other hand, a radio frequency (RF) detector identifies radio waves from wireless cameras.

This hidden camera detector can also sense other surveillance gadgets, like audio listening devices, SIM card bugs, and GPS trackers.


However, you must put it near a suspicious area to check for radio waves. The hidden camera detector will make a sound, vibrate, or flash if there is a radio frequency.

The best part about these devices is that they have numerous options to suit your budget. For example, you could purchase the Anti Spy Finder on Amazon for $38.96.

A hidden camera can prevent someone from secretly taking photos or videos of you. These are especially helpful in securing rental spaces like hotel rooms or Airbnbs.

How to detect hidden cameras with an infrared detector

This is a hidden camera detector.

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Once you purchase your first hidden camera detector, you must know how to use it. Let us discuss using an infrared detector first since it’s the easiest.

  1. Look for suspicious spots in your area, such as spots with suspicious wires that don’t lead to any device.
  2. Then, switch on your infrared detector to emit a strong LED or infrared light.
  3. Next, check if specific spots glow while the hidden camera detector is active.
  4. Verify if a specific object has a camera by opening it.

How to detect hidden cameras with an RF detector

This is a hidden camera detector.

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Using an RF detector requires more time and attention than an infrared detector. Follow these steps to use a radio frequency detector effectively:

  1. Focus on areas that may hide cameras, like a vase or a mirror.
  2. Then, head to that spot, switch on your RF detector and put it near the object.
  3. Depending on your RF detector, the hidden camera detector would vibrate, ring, or glow. Others have a screen that indicates radio wave levels.
  4. Check the spot to confirm whether there’s a hidden camera or not.

How to choose the best hidden camera detector?

The general rule of thumb is to choose products with positive reviews and high ratings online. However, you must confirm other factors to get the best device:

  1. Make sure your hidden camera detector doesn’t look obvious. Otherwise, a potential Peeping Tom may discover and make detecting cameras harder.
  2. Choose one that suits your price range. Most people do not need top-grade models worth hundreds of dollars.
  3. Pick a hidden camera detector that charges with your phone cable or uses regular batteries, making it easy to use.
  4. If possible, get an infrared and radio frequency scanning detector for the best results.

Top ways to avoid being spied on

These are people who discovered a hidden camera.

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Avoiding suspicious places is the best way to keep people spying on you. For example, check online reviews before booking a hotel or Airbnb.

You may find people warning others not to go to these areas. Also, do the same for the city or neighborhood that covers that specific location. Then, follow these other tips:

  1. Look for suspicious objects, like clocks, smoke detectors, and wires that lead to no particular device.
  2. Next, check the mirrors by placing your finger on them. If your finger touches its reflection, a hidden camera could be behind it.
  3. Also, knock on a mirror to check if it makes a hollow sound. If it does, there could be a camera underneath.
  4. Turn off the lights in the room and see if something emits a faint glow. That may indicate a hidden camera.
  5. Meanwhile, you could shine a flashlight or your phone’s backlight in that pitch-dark room to locate recording devices.
  6. Moreover, you may install a hidden camera detector app on your phone to confirm your room is private.


Hidden camera detectors are important to ensure everyone’s privacy in distant areas. You never know whether your Airbnb spies on guests.

Someone could use your photos or videos as blackmail. Moreover, they could sell them to shady individuals and companies.

Want to learn more digital tips and tricks? Read more articles at Inquirer Tech for the latest trends in gadgets and apps.

Frequently asked questions about hidden camera detectors

Is there an app that can detect hidden cameras?

You can download hidden camera apps on Android and iOS. However, they are not 100% foolproof, and hidden camera detectors offer better results.

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Can hidden cameras record in the dark?

Modern hidden cameras can record video and audio in total darkness. Moreover, they can be as small as an AirPod, making them easy to hide.

What do you do after finding a hidden camera?

When you confirm your rental space has secret recording devices, report it to the authorities. Moreover, notify the hotel or Airbnb management about the hidden cameras.

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