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How To Get A Verification Check For Gmail

11:49 AM May 04, 2023

Did you know you can get a verification check for your Gmail account? Google recently launched this new feature to help businesses promote brand trust. This checkmark shows customers that you are using your official corporate email address. As a result, you promote your company’s online presence and credibility.

The Gmail check also has a more important feature: protection against identity theft. It prevents hackers and malicious individuals from impersonating or spoofing your brand online. Nowadays, that security level is a must as more businesses digitalize. Fortunately, Google made it easy to acquire this blue verified icon.

This article will discuss getting the Gmail check for your company email address. I will also cover the other security updates from Google. Later, I will cover other ways to keep your online identity safe.


How to get Gmail verified

This shows the Gmail check icon.

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Google released the verification checkmark as an upgrade to the BIMI feature. That means you must register for it before you can get the checkmark. Register using these instructions:

  1. Get your domain host sign-in credentials, and set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC for your domain. They mean “Sender Policy Framework,” “DomainKeys Identified Mail,” and “Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance,” respectively.
  2. Then, create and upload your brand logo as an SVG file.
  3. Upload it to your public web server.
  4. Next, register your logo as a trademark and apply for a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).
  5. Create a BIMI record and add your TXT record to your domain provider.

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Google offers more details on how to perform each step. You may send messages for further details. Also, discuss these steps with your IT staff to set up the feature properly.


What are the benefits of the Gmail check icon?

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The most apparent advantage of having a checkmark is convenient verification. It lets people know they receive messages from your company instead of impersonators.

You need Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI to have the mark. Consequently, you also get its perks. For example, it lets you include a brand logo for authenticated messages from your domain.

It also offers online brand recognition. Seeing your logo lets people know that you have a legitimate business. As a result, you gain customer confidence and trust, ensuring they continue paying for your products and services.

Other ways to keep your Gmail account secure

Google rolled out additional security features for its email app. Specifically, the company enabled passkey access via facial recognition, fingerprint scan, or phone PIN code.

You may log into your account instead of using a password. Google says it prevents us from using the same passwords and keeps away hackers.

You may try it by opening and following the on-screen instructions. Also, use these other tips to maintain your online safety for Gmail and other apps:

Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

This represents the Gmail check.

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Change your password if you have been using the same one for years. Ensure it uses small and capital letters, numbers, and symbols, using eight or more characters.

That way, you can protect your Gmail account with a strong password. Also, consider using two-factor authentication for logins. As the name suggests, it adds a security measure besides your password.

You may receive a verification code on your mobile phone. On the other hand, link your Gmail to the Google Authenticator app, which periodically creates security codes.

Be careful when sharing and downloading information.

You may receive suspicious emails, such as offers for dubious products and services. If you have, do not click any button, link, image, or other part of the email.

Check its contents by searching for the recipient online. Also, check the email address for spelling errors. Some misspell their addresses to resemble official ones.

If the message is sketchy, mark it as junk or spam on your email program. Moreover, only share your email address with trustworthy individuals and websites.

Secure your internet connection.

Hackers can access your computer if you have an unsecured internet connection. Then, they could take your files, documents, and online messages.

Use a strong password for your Wi-Fi or broadband connection. Also, you should avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as libraries, restaurants, and airports.

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Some people spoof Wi-Fi networks to gain access to user devices without permission. If you need public Wi-Fi, ensure you use the official one.

Ask a representative for the area’s network name to connect to a legitimate network. For example, ask airport staff if you need the internet while waiting for a flight.


You can get a Gmail check icon to identify official corporate messages. As a result, you protect your brand’s identity and foster customer trust.

Google provides detailed instructions on how to sign up for the new feature. However, you should discuss it with your IT staff to use it properly.

You may have missed out on security features for your other apps and devices. Follow Inquirer Tech for the latest tips and trends in cybersecurity and more.

Frequently asked questions about the Gmail check icon

What is the Gmail check icon?

The Gmail verification icon is a blue checkmark beside a sender’s name in the email client. It shows the recipient that their message is from a legitimate source. As a result, a person or company can avoid being impersonated by malicious individuals. Also, it promotes customer trust and credibility by bearing that icon.

Is there a fee for getting a verification checkmark in Gmail?

You do not need to pay money to get a verification check in Gmail. However, you must sign up for Brand Indicators for Message Identification, which may incur costs. For example, it requires a brand logo, so you must pay a designer to create it. Moreover, registering it as a trademark usually costs money.

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Are there other ways to keep my Gmail safe?

Do not click links on emails from unknown or dubious sources. Also, ensure a strong password and two-factor authentication protects your email address. Alternatively, use the new passkey feature to access your Gmail account via fingerprint, facial recognition, or PIN code. You may also link it to the Google Authenticator app.

Initially published on May 4, 2023. Updated on June 29, 2023.
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