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How to delete your Reddit account

01:59 PM June 14, 2023

Are you wondering when the Reddit blackouts will end? Some people worry the platform may soon shut down as subreddits continue their protest against recent pricing changes. Consequently, more people like you are thinking about deleting their Reddit accounts.

Online platforms eventually have major problems and close, so you should know when to remove your accounts. However, you should be thorough, eliminating connections with a defunct platform. Otherwise, you may put your online privacy and safety at risk.

This article will discuss how to delete Reddit accounts. Then, I will explain how you can retrieve important information and remove the rest. Later, I will elaborate on whether you should remove your Reddit account.


How to get rid of your Reddit account

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It is surprisingly easy to delete Reddit accounts. It only takes a few steps, whether you’re using its browser or mobile app. Here’s how it works for the following devices:



  1. Open your Account Settings.
  2. Then, scroll to the Delete Account section.
  3. Click the Delete Account button.


  1. Head to the delete tab under the preferences section.
  2. Next, type your username and password.
  3. Click the Delete Account button to confirm your decision.

On the mobile app:

  1. Tap on your Avatar.
  2. Afterward, select Settings.
  3. Tap the Delete account option under the Support tab.

These tips came from the Reddit support page. Also, it shares reminders about deleting your account. Read them to decide whether you want to proceed with your decision properly:

You must enter your Reddit password to remove your account. If you receive an error while trying to delete your account, ensure you entered your password correctly.

  • Check the troubleshooting tips if you still get errors.
  • Deleting your account doesn’t delete your posts or comments.
  • Also, deletion does not cancel your Reddit Premium subscription.
  • Reddit admins can’t delete your account for you.

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You must consider what will happen to your data if you delete your account. Thankfully, the platform explains what happens when you delete Reddit accounts:

  • You cannot log in to Reddit with your old username and password.
  • All your information will disappear from the platform. Consequently, nobody can search your profile, comments, and other related data.
  • Opening a direct link to your profile shows a message that your account has been deleted.
  • Other people can still see your posts, messages, and chats but cannot confirm their origin.

What to do before deleting your Reddit account

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You must remove your Reddit Premium subscription before deleting your account. The steps to canceling your Premium membership will depend on your payment method:

  • Apple ID subscribers can remove their subscription on their device’s Account Settings. Alternatively, go to the Manage Subscriptions section of the Apple App Store, select Reddit Premium, and cancel it.
  • Credit card or PayPal subscribers may go to the Subscriptions section of their User Settings on
  • Google Play subscribers should check the Subscriptions section of Google Play, select Reddit Premium, and cancel it.

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As mentioned, deleting your account leaves your posts and comments. Fortunately, you may delete them by opening the Profile section of your account.

Then, click either the Posts or Comments section. Open their “…” icon, then click their Delete buttons. On the other hand, you may request a copy of your Reddit data beforehand:

  1. Go to on your PC web browser.
  2. Next, log in to your Reddit account.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps and click the Submit button.


If you’re worried the Reddit blackout may lead to a shutdown, you may delete your account. However, you must understand the consequences of removing it.

Read the reminders again before confirming your decision. Once you delete your Reddit profile, you may replace it with other online platforms.

Nowadays, you can choose many social media platforms aside from Reddit. However, you should head to Inquirer Tech for the latest digital tips and trends.

Frequently asked questions about Reddit

Why is Reddit down?

The largest subreddits suspended their services to protest the new pricing policy. Reddit wants to charge users for using its API, an essential program for third-party apps. Many moderators say they could not afford to continue their groups once the new rule passes. Many of Reddit’s largest groups are still inactive at the time of writing.

Does removing my Reddit account delete posts and comments?

Deleting your Reddit profile does not mean removing your posts and comments. They will still be on the platform unless you delete them first. You can remove them by visiting your account’s Profile section and opening the Posts or Comments section. Then, click the “…” icons of the content you want to remove and click their Delete buttons.

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Should I remove my Reddit account?

You must consider many things before deleting your Reddit account. First, decide whether it is worth rescinding access to one of the largest online communities worldwide. Second, you should see whether you will leave your posts and comments. If not, you may delete them from your account settings.

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