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Wheelless bike amazes the internet

09:28 AM June 28, 2023

Sergii Gordieiev of The Q YouTube channel creates another wacky two-wheeled wonder: the wheelless bike! Instead of rubber rollers, it moves using a pair of elongated treads with tips pointed at the ground. Believe it or not, it works, showing the world a new design of this two-wheeled vehicle.

Gordielev has been inventing new bicycle designs for years, compelling the world to rethink everyday items. You can make mundane objects work differently with enough skill and determination. Also, examining his inventions allows us to understand why the original design works best.

This article will discuss The Q’s wheelless bike. I will cover how he created the device and explain whether it worked on roads. Later, I will elaborate on the new design’s flaws.


How did The Q create the wheelless bike?

The Q starts his unique bicycle creations with a regular bike frame. Then, he replaces the two wheels with interesting parts. The wheelless bike uses treads.


You often see treads on construction equipment or military tanks. They have a metal strip rotated by multiple gears, allowing these heavy vehicles to traverse uneven terrain.

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The Q often hides behind the camera, obscured while he tinkers with machine parts. However, various sources like Startup Selfie identify him as Sergii Gordieiev. He constructed this unique vehicle with these steps:

  1. Gordielev brought a bike frame without wheels.
  2. Then, he cut a hollow metal bar into two to fit the frames.
  3. He clipped a small portion of a metal sheet and rolled it into a tube.
  4. Next, he attached screws, bolts, and gears to these tubes.
  5. The Q attached them to both ends of the bars.
  6. Afterward, he welded multiple bike chains together to create treads.
  7. Gordielev covered the bars with the treads so the former’s gears could spin them.
  8. Next, he attached them to the front and rear. They stood on the ground diagonally as if “tiptoeing.”

Is the wheelless bicycle practical?

This is The Q's wheelless bike.

Photo Credit: techeblog.com

The Q showed he could ride the wheelless vehicle on a flat road. However, he only did it a few seconds after the construction demo. Can you truly use this bike daily?

Look closely at the clip, and you will notice problems. First, it seems Gordielev couldn’t steer the bike. The short demo shows the bicycle moving in a straight line.

If he could turn the bike, it might be difficult. The treads seem wider than ordinary bike wheels, so they have more surface area and resistance to the ground.


As a result, you may need to exert more effort to rotate the bike’s handlebar. Second, weight focuses on the two ends of the treads. Look at the wheelless vehicle; two “sticks” seem to support it.

Focusing your weight on those two points can also make driving and steering the bicycle harder. Third, the makeshift treads are likely heavier than regular wheels.

These parts consist of metal bars, sheets, and chains, which add weight and reduce maneuverability. More importantly, these treads are unlikely to work on uneven surfaces.

Did you notice that The Q only rode his bike on the pavement? It has treads but uses them differently from tanks and construction equipment.

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They don’t put their longest sides on the ground. Instead, the bicycle supports itself on these “stilts.” Ironically, this strange design makes it impractical on rugged terrain.

Riding it over rocks or gravel would be difficult because it would likely struggle to gain traction. Also, the bicycle would likely sink into mud and sand.

The wheelless bike is also dangerous on pothole-filed roles. If you’re not careful, the treads may slip into potholes, putting you and the vehicle off-balance.


The Q created a wheelless bike and showed it works. However, closely watching his YouTube video reveals numerous flaws that could make it impractical for daily use.

Why create such a strange device, then? Creating the wheelless bicycle is about the destination, not the journey. Looking at the construction reveals why regular wheels work.

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Its simple design makes it easy to use. Meanwhile, using over-engineered treads make the bike nearly useless. Learn more digital tips and trends by following Inquirer Tech.

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