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Twitter (now X) CEO Linda Yaccarino claims all-time high usage

01:18 PM July 25, 2023

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino announced the company formerly known as Twitter, X, reached all-time high usage. She shared the news to employees via an internal memo obtained by CNN. However, the social media head did not specify metrics to define the recent uptick accurately.

The news came after Elon Musk suddenly changed Twitter’s name to X. Checking this trend will let everyone know if the rebrand encouraged more people to use the app. More importantly, it could help you understand part of how a social media company works. It is also a must-read subject if you use Twitter frequently.

This article will discuss what Linda Yacarrino said about Twitter’s allegedly record-breaking online traffic. Later, I will cover the other issues X inherits from Twitter.


What did the Twitter CEO say about its usage?

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CEO Linda Yaccarino announced the good news to her company via an internal memo. Here is her message, according to the copy obtained by CNBC:


Hi team,

What a momentous weekend. As I said yesterday, it’s extremely rare, whether it’s in life or business, that you have the opportunity to make another big impression. That’s what we’re experiencing together, in real-time. Take a moment to put it all into perspective.


17 years ago, Twitter made a lasting imprint on the world. The platform changed the speed at which people accessed information. It created a new dynamic for how people communicated, debated, and responded to things happening worldwide.

Twitter introduced a new way for people, public figures, and brands to build long-lasting relationships. In one way or another, everyone here is a driving force in that change.

But equally, all our users and partners constantly challenged us to dream bigger, innovate faster, and fulfill our great potential. With X, we will go even further to transform the global town square — and impress the world all over again.

Our company uniquely has the drive to make this possible. Many companies say they want to move fast — but we enjoy moving at the speed of light, and when we do, that’s X. At our core, we have an inventor mindset — constantly learning, testing out new approaches, changing to get it right, and ultimately succeeding.

With X, we serve our entire community of users and customers by working tirelessly to preserve free expression and choice, create limitless interactivity, and create a marketplace that enables the economic success of all its participants.

The best news is we’re well underway. Everyone should be proud of the pace of innovation over the last nine months — from long-form content to creator monetization and tremendous advancements in brand safety protections.

Our usage is at an all-time high, and we’ll continue to delight our entire community with new experiences in audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking — creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.

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Please don’t take this moment for granted. You’re writing history, and there’s no limit to our transformation. And everyone is invited to build X with us.

Elon and I will be working across every team and partner to bring X to the world. That includes keeping our entire community up to date, ensuring that we all have the information we need to move forward.

Now, let’s go make that next big impression on the world together.


What are X’s other challenges?

Image showcasing Twitter (now X) CEO Linda Yaccarino discussing the challenges for the platform.

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Search engine optimization is one of the biggest challenges for the new X social media app. Search the letter “x” on Google, and an X movie and song occupies the first search results page at the time of writing.

Online searchability affects how many people can use your app. Nevertheless, X overcame that hurdle if the platform gained all-time high usage. However, Yaccarino must solve other problems:

  1. Yaccarino must rebuild the company’s reputation to attract advertisers again. However, she must handle Elon Musk’s unpredictable actions.
  2. The former NBC exec must balance content moderation with free speech. It must offer users freedom while ensuring they will not post content that will repel advertisers.
  3. Also, she must find ways for the company to profit. In March 2023, Elon Musk said the company is less than half of what he paid to acquire it.
  4. Moreover, she must revitalize employee morale after Elon Musk’s actions. In October 2022, he told BBC he downsized from 8,000 workers to 1,500. Also, he ceased remote work and required employees to accept “long hours at high intensity.”
  5. Yaccarino is also racing against the clock as competitors see Twitter’s decline as an opportunity to grow.

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Linda Yacarrino claims the rebranded Twitter had an all-time high usage. Her employee memo says the company has been committed to change.

It has been providing more power to its users by offering more monetization methods. Soon, Elon Musk plans to turn it into his “everything app.”

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If he succeeds, users can benefit further from X by using it as a super app like Singapore’s Grab or China’s Weibo. Learn more about the latest digital trends at Inquirer Tech.

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