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Spanish AI Influencer earns more than $12,000 monthly

02:06 PM November 27, 2023

A 25-year-old influencer has captured the world’s attention, captivating fans with her pink hair and perfect washboard abs. Yet, Aitana does not exist; she’s an artificial intelligence created by the Spain-based designer agency The Clueless. Founder Rubén Cruz said he chose AI over human models because he didn’t want to rely on people with “egos or manias.”

Who knew artificial intelligence could expand into the modeling industry? Yet, we’re seeing more companies like The Clueless employ AI models instead of humans. In response, we should understand how such applications work so that we can adapt to them as soon as possible.

This article will discuss how a modeling agency created an AI influencer to earn thousands of dollars monthly. Then, I will show you how prevalent such applications are nowadays by covering examples.


How do you create an AI influencer?

Creating an AI influencer - step-by-step guide
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Yahoo Finance covered Aitana’s design process. Rubén Cruz said he got the idea to use AI models last summer when his agency was struggling to attract clients.


“We started analyzing how we were working and realized that many projects were being put on hold or canceled due to problems beyond our control. Often, it was the fault of the influencer or model and not due to design issues,” he said.

That is why The Clueless created its proprietary model with artificial intelligence, Aitana. They designed the AI influencer to have the persona of a 25-year-old pink-haired woman from Barcelona.

“In the first month, we realized that people follow lives, not images. Since she is not alive, we had to give her a bit of reality so that people could relate to her in some way. We had to tell a story.” 

Unlike traditional models, the agency does not need to conceal their personalities. Instead, the company creates one that fits its image and marketing goals.

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That is why The Clueless created Aitana as an outgoing and caring fitness enthusiast. “A lot of thought has gone into Aitana. We created her based on what society likes most. We thought about the tastes, hobbies, and niches that have been trending in recent years,’ Cruz explained.


The agency’s founder claimed the virtual model earns an average of €3,000 to €10,000 monthly. Moreover, the AI influencer makes €1,000 for each advertisement, becoming the brand ambassador of the sports supplement company Big.

Some critics called out The Clueless, saying its AI model’s perfect physique sets unrealistic body standards for women. In response, it said it was only following the trend already set by human influencers. 

Latest trends in AI modeling
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South Korea has also integrated artificial intelligence into its entertainment industry. Tech company Pulse9 is one of the first to create an AI Kpop group.

CEO Park Ji-eun and his team created the Kpop group Eternity by generating 101 unique faces with artificial intelligence. Then, they divided the pictures into four groups: “sexy,” “intelligent,” “Innocent,” and “cute.”

The company narrowed the selection to 11 based on an online survey. Next,  they used deepfake and motion capture technology to produce Eternity’s first music video in 2021. 

Ironically, it accompanied the song “I’m Real.” As a result, people shared mixed feelings about the video. Many social media users said the members’ facial expressions looked unnatural.

The bodies also seemed separate from their bodies. Some reported the “uncanny valley” effect, the feeling of discomfort when seeing human-like objects.

Conversely, others realized the group was almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The most liked YouTube comment read, “I’m surprised how realistic they sound, and the visuals look more realistic than the debut song.”

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Virtual YouTubers or Vtubers have also dominated YouTube’s streaming charts. These are content creators who appear to viewers as mocap digital personas. Here are the August 2023 rankings: 

  1. Usagi Pekora (usadapekora)
  2. Hakui Koyori (hakuikoyori)
  3. Oozora Subaru (oozorasubaru)
  4. Shiina Yuika (yuika_siina)
  5. Koseki Bijou (kosekibijou)
  6. Valkyrae (Valkyrae)
  7. Inugami Korone (inugamikorone)
  8. Lui Takane (takenelui)
  9. Luna Himemori (himemoriluna)
  10. Sakura Miko (sakuramiko35)

In response, US-based YouTube streamer Rachell “Valkyrae” said she was surprised to discover she was the only American on the list. “I should have honestly, if I had a brain eight years ago, I think that [being a vtuber] would have been a fun route to go,” she said. 


A Spanish modeling agency deployed an AI influencer as a more affordable and manageable alternative to human models. Founder Rubén Cruz claimed The Clueless’ Aitana earns roughly €10,000 monthly.

More agencies worldwide would likely try AI influencers as the technology advances. After all, artificial intelligence is progressing faster than ever due to OpenAI and numerous tech firms. 

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