MagicBot folds clothes and dances

MagicBot folds clothes and dances

/ 05:01 PM February 20, 2024

Most envision a future where robots do chores like cleaning houses. Some probably thought that such a scenario would only happen beyond one’s lifetime, but guess what? It’s been happening. Modern robots show they can do many things humans can, and people might just see them in communities this year or the next.

MagicLab is among the industry innovators bringing this robot-enhanced future closer. It released a YouTube video of its robot performing various tasks, such as folding clothes and dancing. MagicBot might be too slow and clunky, but having a humanoid machine perform these tasks is already an amazing technological feat.

How does the MagicBot work?

The video above shows the robot’s dexterous albeit slow hands. Interesting Engineering said it’s all thanks to “a blend of miniature high-torque servo actuators and sensitive multi-dimensional pressure sensors.”


Its developers said MagicBot’s servo actuators enable various object manipulations. Consequently, they provide an intuitive handling experience for the robot’s user. 

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The hands have a sub-millimeter positioning accuracy and can carry several kilograms. That is why they can handle objects of various shapes, sizes, weights, and textures.

MagicLab claimed that the robot’s hands can mimic around 70% of all human hand gestures. As a result, it could assist in handling dangerous materials, public service, domestic work, and other applications.

MagicBot demonstrated its prowess in the YouTube video by toasting marshmallows, watering plants, folding clothes, and dancing. Nowadays, other robots would have trouble handling these tasks.

For example, they might apply too much pressure and crush small objects like marshmallows. Also, they might not be flexible enough to fold shirts.


MagicBot also has powerful legs that enable it to perform somersaults in this other video. Its creators want it to maneuver through rough terrain, making it suitable for search and rescue missions.

The robot’s lower limbs also expand its applications. For example, MagicLab said it may assist in sports, entertainment, industrial automation, logistics, and transportation.

Will we have humanoid robots soon?

MagicBot folds clothes and dances
Free stock photo from Pexels

A previous Inquirer Tech article reported that China wants to mass-produce robots by next year. Consequently, it may accelerate our robotic future.

On November 3, 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Innovation and Development of Humanoid Robots.” It started with President Xi Jinping’s vision for Chinese robot innovation.

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He said it is necessary to “promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation, actively cultivate strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials…”

“…advanced manufacturing and electronic information actively cultivate future industries, accelerate the formation of new productive forces, and enhance new momentum for development.”

China expects humanoid robots to be as disruptive as computers, smartphones, and artificial intelligence. It may have shortcomings, but the nation wants to improve and lead robotics innovation soon.

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