STÄRKEN Philippines introduces AAC Wall System 

STÄRKEN Philippines introduces earthquake-resilient AAC Wall System 

/ 09:55 AM April 30, 2024

STÄRKEN Philippines, a leading provider of construction solutions, recently conducted a destructive earthquake test that showcased the strength and resilience of its AAC Wall System against powerful seismic forces.  

The test subjected a structure made of the STÄRKEN AAC Wall System to intense shaking, simulating conditions akin to a major earthquake. 

“STÄRKEN is proud to pioneer the first Earthquake Test of its kind in the Philippines. By initiating this seismic resilience testing, we are not only pushing the boundaries of innovation but also laying the foundation for a new era in the construction industry. This groundbreaking event sets the stage for elevated safety standards in Philippine construction practices,” says STÄRKEN Philippines President and CEO, Joey Carlos. 

By integrating the STÄRKEN AAC Wall System into building designs, architects and engineers can significantly enhance the seismic performance of structures to unprecedented levels. The lightweight yet robust nature of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated  Concrete) not only enhances structural strength but also mitigates the risk of structural failure during earthquakes. This proactive approach to seismic resilience is in line with  STÄRKEN’s commitment to safeguarding lives and property in earthquake-prone regions. 

Starting as a small building materials trader in Malaysia in 1974, STÄRKEN AAC Sdn.  Bhd. has grown to be the leading manufacturer of AAC building materials in Southeast  Asia. STÄRKEN AAC offers a lighter and more affordable alternative to traditional masonry products. 

 Since its establishment in 2011, the company STÄRKEN AAC Sdn. Bh has grown to be an integrated building conglomerate that provides building materials and services to construction and building industries, expanding its operations to other countries such as  Australia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

In 2017, STÄRKEN Philippines, Inc. (SPI) was appointed as the exclusive national distributor of STÄRKEN ACC products. With SPI forging partnerships with leading property developers, contractors, and architects, STÄRKEN AAC blocks have started changing the way the Philippines’ construction industry builds. 

Today, STÄRKEN Philippines leads the way in earthquake resilience, offering comprehensive solutions to address the seismic challenges faced by the country.  Through innovative technologies like the AAC Wall System, communities can build a more resilient future, characterized by safer infrastructure and enhanced disaster preparedness. 


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