LOOK: Pope Francis’ glum photos with Trudeau, Trump amuse netizens

Ettore Ferrari / AP

For the second time this month, Pope Francis met with another international political figure in the person of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wearing the same glum look.

Judging from the gloomy look in his face, the head of the Catholic Church didn’t seem to be amused at all.

Just weeks after he met with US President Donald Trump, the beloved pontiff once again showcased the same level of enthusiasm—or lack of it—during a photo-op with Trudeau.

Evan Vucci / AP

His seemingly uninspired expression on both photos, meanwhile, might just be purely coincidental, but the internet wasn’t buying it.

Soon enough, Twitter was flooded with Pope Francis’ “resting Pope face” memes.

One Twitter user, however, suggested that the Pope might just dislike politicians in general.

A separate photo, meanwhile, featured the Pope who was all smiles during a conversation with Trudeau.  Khristian Ibarrola /ra

Ettore Ferrari / AP


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