4 vintage consoles for fans of old-school gaming

Here’s a pick of four retro video game consoles for gamers nostalgic for the days of 8-bit consoles and other star devices of the 1980s and 1990s.

Image: Atari via AFP Relaxnews

Atari Flashback 8 Gold HD
The Atari 2600, one of the first consoles to bring video games into homes in the United States and Europe, celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. For early-day fans who no longer have the console in their collection or gamers who want to relive the experience in high resolution, this version comes with 120 games built in, including the legendary “Asteroids”, “Pong”, “Kaboom!” and “Space Invaders”. Although supplied with wireless joysticks, the console is also compatible with old-school controllers. It also comes in a Classic version with 105 onboard games and wired controllers. Price: From $69.99 (over P3,500)

Image: Sega via AFP Relaxnews

Sega Genesis Flashback HD
The cult Sega console of the 1990s (known as the Megadrive outside North America) returns to homes with a rebooted model featuring 81 old-school games, including the “Sonic” franchise (the blue hedgehog and brand mascot devised to rival Nintendo’s “Super Mario”) and “Mortal Kombat.” The console can also be used with original Genesis games cartridges. Price: $79.99 (about P4,000)

Image: Nintendo of Europe via AFP Relaxnews

Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
After the huge success of last year’s Mini NES, Nintendo has released a compact version of its Super Nintendo, another legendary console in the brand’s history. The console comes with 21 games built in, including “Super Mario Kart”, “Donkey Kong Country” and “Super Metroid”. However, this console is proving very popular and has sold out at many retailers due to high demand, especially ahead of the holiday season. Price: $79.99 (about P4,000)

Image: Hyperkin via AFP Relaxnews

Retron HD
For anyone who missed out on the Mini NES, the Retron HD is an 8-bit console with a design that’s similar to the original. It can be used to play original NES games cartridges in HD for a retro gaming experience. The console is available in black or white. Price: $39.99 (about P2,000). JB


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