Screenshot alert being tested for Instagram Stories stock photo

A new screenshot alert feature for Instagram has entered the testing phase and some users have taken notice.

The feature in development aims to provide users alerts whenever someone takes a screenshot of their Instagram Stories or records them.

Users randomly included in the test phase received warnings whenever they took a screenshot of someone’s Instagram Stories, reported TechCrunch.

Some of these users shared about their discoveries via Twitter.

Image: Twitter/@__cajb

At the same time, those included in the test phase could see who took screenshots of their Instagram Stories.

Image: Twitter/@readbyher

Regarding the development, Instagram released this statement: “We are always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.”

The company may be trying to see if notifying Instagram Stories’ owners about the screenshots and recordings being made would affect engagement among users. Some users may cut back on watching Instagram Stories because of the screenshot alerts.

At present, Instagram already does provide users notifications on screenshots, but only within the direct messaging feature. During a DM exchange between two people, whenever one party takes a screenshot of a photo sent by the other party within that private exchange, the user whose sent image was taken a screenshot of by the receiver gets notified. First, the image sent would be marked as “sent” and “delivered”, then will be labeled “screenshot” as soon as the receiver takes a screenshot of it. JB


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