Windows 10 USB driver bug fixed in most recent update

Image: stock photo

A new Windows 10 Fall Creators update has gone online to address a USB bug that came with an earier update that had gone wrong.

The update, released on Feb. 13, made USB devices and some on-board laptop cameras useless because their drivers were uninstalled without getting replaced by a new one from the update.

During the update, the Windows 10 patch was supposed to clear out old drivers and then install updated ones. However, in some instances the driver installation process got skipped, leaving USB peripherals and on-board cameras unresponsive.

Update KB4090913 fixes this issue and another bug, which displays the error “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” preventing computers from rebooting after the update installation.

According to the Microsoft support page, update KB4090913 is different from the regular operating system updates. It was released ahead of time to address the two aforementioned bugs introduced in the previous software update.

Users are also asked to take note of a bug that tells them the update process failed even though all elements were installed. This can be temporarily remedied by simply checking for updates again. The system will now indicate that the operating system is up-to-date.  /ra


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