Cutting edge Quattro: ideal partner of homemakers

Cutting edge Quattro: ideal partner of homemakers

10:00 AM September 20, 2018

Whirlpool’s 4-door refrigerator is built with performance and energy efficiency in mind. 

Of all the home appliances, a refrigerator is the most hardworking of all. Plugged in 24/7, it runs all day and night to ensure meats and veggies stay fresh, drinks remain cold, ice cubes are ready on demand, and dairy products don’t melt or spoil. It also bears the brunt of endless opening and closing of its doors and loading of its trays and shelves.

For a kitchen essential as important  as this, it pays to invest in one that not only does the job today but in the years to come, a fridge that takes care of business so we can focus on other things that matter—like preparing healthy meals, keeping the house in order, and looking after family.

Whirlpool’s new Quattro 4-door refrigerator was created with its consumers’ unique style in mind.

Combining cutting-edge product design and advanced performance inside and out, the brand’s latest model boasts a slim fit, seamlessly integrating itself into today’s modern kitchens and homes.

Efficiency also comes by way of its state-of-the-art 6th Sense Technology, a set of smart sensors and intuitive functionalities that create the optimal environment for food preservation and a well-maintained home. Its Zen Technology is powered by the Silent Inverter Compressor motor that keeps noise down to a mere 37.5db, ensuring a soothing ambiance in your home. Meanwhile, Gradual Lighting turns its interior lights on gently, allowing your eyes to adjust once you open its doors.  

Of course, Whirlpool doesn’t call it 6th Sense Technology for nothing. With so many futuristic features, the Quattro 4-door refrigerator has a built-in inverter that makes it the ultimate energy-saving appliance. That’s major plus points for homemakers looking to cut costs any way they can.

With its sleek design and dimensions, ultra-smart and user-sensitive technology, Whirlpool’s Quattro 4-door refrigerator makes a worthy addition to homes that value sophisticated beauty and premium performance.   


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