CIDG seizes P2.7-M smuggled games software


05:03 PM November 7th, 2012

By: Jamie Marie Elona, November 7th, 2012

Director Samuel Pagdilao, Chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Roughly P2.7-million worth of allegedly smuggled games software were confiscated while several people were arrested following simultaneous raids in 12 shops in Metro Manila earlier this week, a Criminal Investigation and Detection Group official said Wednesday.

CIDG Director Samuel Pagdilao Jr. said operatives from the Anti-Transnational and Cyber Crime Division (ATCCD) confiscated 1,060 pieces of personal computer and play station games software in a raid on SM Megamall, Robinsons Magnolia, Elife @ Eton on Edsa, Park Square in Ayala Center, Makati City, Rockwell Information Center, Greenbelt Expo Exchange, Market Market in Taguig City, Robinsons Ermita, Trinoma Edsa, SM Annex at SM City North Edsa and the Datablitz warehouse in Pasay City last Monday.

Police Senior Superintendent Gilbert Sosa said that among the 32 suspects arrested, 11 were charged with Section 168, or unfair competition in relation to Section 179 of RA 8293, or the Intellectual Property Rights law punishable by two to five years imprisonment, or fines ranging from P50,000 to P200,000.

Charged were Glen Tena, Arvin Lamanilao, Christopher Decierdo, Frederick Japsay, Billie Jay Cuadra, Christian Dadula, Nico Villegas, Elvis Martin, Clint Fructuoso, John Badeo and Shannon Rosales.

Sosa said the operation stemmed from the complaint of Jose Enrico Demetrio Dingle, Head of Security of IPVG, owner of X-Play Online Games Inc.

The company is a video game publisher in the country and the exclusive distributor of all Blizzard Entertainment games and NBA 2K13 products.

“Datablitz Incorporated is not authorized to distribute and sell these products,” Sosa said, adding that the software games products were allegedly smuggled from Hong Kong and Singapore.

Pagdilao warned other computer software distributors against engaging in illegal distribution of such products, which can be considered as “economic sabotage.”

On the other hand, Pagdilao also reminded the public to be cautious when buying computer games and other software products by checking their seals of authenticity, and to buy only from authorized distributor shops.

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  • Klepto

    Me buy a licensed software? FU!!! Su$& My Fuk!ng C0ck

  • indiosbravos2002

    Xplay should tell 2k Sports to endorse them so that they ccan establish their credibility with the gaming community. As of now, I am siding with Datablitz just because they have been carrying the 2k brand for over a decade now. Likewise, XpLay can claim all it wants that it is the exclusive distributor but could not release any document to support the claim citing “legal sitution in the states”. Either they have that n the contract or somebody is just pulling our legs. The CIDG action did not help either, it just worsen the situation.

  • Geo

    Sticking to the cliche – “business as usual.” They both need to serve the consumers as well as to earn for the betterment of their companies. No one is to be blamed. However, as I have understood after reading both of their official statements, X-Play is firm on their stand as the official distributor of NBA 2K13 while Datablitz wanted to fight for their credibility as a reseller of legit game items. People were misled with the info the first time the issue was taken into public. Piracy wasn’t really the issue, it was the fairness of the competition. Legal matters were taken into action which is the right way per se. This is a sad news for the gaming community especially that we only have a small industry wherein, in one way or another, we’ll have to deal with the same people.

    • IamMe

       Cheers to that…. I think we just need to …..expand our minds…^_^

  • IamMe

    well my opinion here: they are just both fighting for their rights. si Xplay their rights as an official distributor and for fair competition and for Datablitz, their rights to  sell or to earn. Both has their own point of view. I think this is more of  a “business partnership or relationship” issues that I wish to be resolved properly and legally. I think Xplay’s move is not a “basta-basta”. As indicated in their official statement: ” This is not a knee-jerk reaction from Xplay”, so i think may mga nangyaring usapan, negotation or whatever. It’s just maybe it has to be in a “legal” way para maayos. So sad for this but hoping na maayos para tuloy ang business. Siguro naman both has the same objective in their business, to make their consumers happy ^_^

  • indiosbravos2002

    Below is an article from back2gaming@com. Note how XPLAY put the blame on the CIDG on the Datablitz raid and detaining fiasco.

    X-Play Calls for Clarity Amidst PR Storm

    [Editor’s Note: (11-08-12: 11:25 PM) Certain names were removed on the post due to the request of X-Play representatives. Also, we were informed that the X-play higher echelon will be presenting their official spokesperson on this whole event.]

    In  a round-table discussion with media people, bloggers and X-Play Online. The company tried to clarify it’s position in regards to the whole Datablitz raid incident that happened last monday. X-Play entertained questions from the assembled people to add more light to the already muddled issue that has spurned the local gaming community.

    During the “discussion” we were able to ask questions that have been plaguing the whole issue and here are some of the answers that we got.

    Question #1: Up to what extent was X-Play’s hand was in the whole fiasco

    X-play: When we found out that Datablitz was selling unauthorized copies of NBA 2k13. We reported to the authorities (CIDG) of the incident. We did not have influence on what actions CIDG took. We were just as surprised with what they did to the staff of the Datablitz branches.

    Question #2: So you’re saying that you did not order the detaining of the Datablitz employees?

    X-Play: Yes, and in regards to the human violations  that were purposely happening during the arrest, we did not know that. We were clearly left in the dark as to what CIDG did. We just wanted to report what happened to the proper authorities because we wanted things fixed legally.

    The actions were left in the hands of the CIDG and we weren’t kept abreast on what happened.

    Question #3: So how about the news reports regarding the apparent, smuggling or piracy which was released by local news stations? Also is there a connection between GMA  and you guys since people have been thinking that the news report was poorly done?  And propaganda against Datablitz (since they’re supposed to be partnered with X-play?)

    X-Play:  In regards to that, we don’t have authority on what they (GMA) did. A reputable news organization like GMA wouldn’t let something like this affect their news reporting so we can’t really influence them. We were just as surprised with the reports that came out. As for the GMA connection, our joint partnership had ended recently. They’re just share holders now.

    Question #4: The other question that has been plaguing the community is your claim for exclusivity of the distribution of NBA 2k13. How does that work?

    X-Play: Take 2 Interactive recognizes X-Play as the exclusive distributor of the NBA 2k13 games in all platforms in the Philippines.

    Question #5: So, if that’s the case, why didn’t Take 2 Interactive say something about it? And what is your proof of the agreement?

    X-Play: You guys have to understand that the legal situation in the states is different here in the Philippines. Whenever a company releases a “statement” in the states they would need to go through a lot of legal counsels. We have informed Take 2 Interactive about this and they have been investigating as well.

    We would love to release to the public the contract, but we were advised by our lawyers that we can’t do so for the meantime.

    One of the X-play representative present on the event that he has the respect for Datablitz with their stance against piracy. However, Datablitz really did a number on them business wise specially since Datablitz was with them since day 1. They just wanted to bring the whole NBA experience to the local Filipino NBA fans and things went out of hand when the news reports came out and they were just as taken aback as the people who heard it first with what happened.

    So basically that’s what happened during the discussion. X-play will eventually release the complaint forms that they filed to CIDG so if ever we’ll keep you guys informed with further developments.

    As for their involvement in the actual raids itself, X-play is adamant that they have no hand in it at all.

    “We’ll just have to  take this as a learning experience,” the X-Play representative muses

  • indiosbravos2002

    Nakakahighblood balita na to. Xplay/GMA = ganid. CIDG=Bobo/kutong.

  • indiosbravos2002

    SP01 Pagdilao is obviously speaking from his arse. He was reminding the public to check the seals of authenticity daw of the games to ensure its true. Ambobo! Wahahaha. Of course the games being sold by Datablitz are authentic. The issue is the distribution system. Pano naman machecheck kung galing XPLAY(?) yan, wala namang nakakaalam na XPLAY yan galing at kung ano XPLAY before this bruhaha.

    Hay naku parak talk na naman si bossing. Bigyan na nga yan ng PHP 50 pang-isnak para tumahimik na.

    • Paul Lee

      Ikaw ang bobo, ang legitimate na NBA2K13 na galing X-PLAY may sticker nila! Dapat sa DataBlitz mo imbestigahan ng customs and BIR kung pano sila nakakapagpasok ng products na pambenta nila na hindi naman sila ang license to sell  ng ganung product! BOBO MO

      • indiosbravos2002

        Wahaha. Maglagay lang ng sticker legitimate na. Hehehe. Most stupid post today. Thanks Bopaul. Mag-isip ka muna bago magpost.

      • indiosbravos2002

        TAGA-CIDG ka ba? KASI naiwan mo utak mo…. BOOM!

      • lapokslapoks

        Boom bobo XD

      • lapokslapoks

        Sir, you just went full retard

  • indiosbravos2002

    XPLAY = GMA Inc. The company is owned by GMA Inc, same owners of GMA 7. Now I understand why they did this. Di na kasi nagrerate shows ni Marianne at Dingdong. Bad business model. They had to diversify their business and result to opportunistic profiteering, predatory marketing and plain greed. Nakita kasi nila yong pila sa Datablitz sa launch date ng 2K13. Sa haba naglaway sila. Being a new player, XPLAY has shown its skin early in the game. I really would like to know kung ano pa games nila para maboiycott na. I will buy my 2k14 game sa PSN station rather than sa optical disc. Ayokong patabain tyan ng masibang kumpanyang yan. We should also write 2K interactive how bad XPLAYs reputation has become. Maybe just maybe, they’ll consider their agreement with this company.

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