Angry netizens: Getting worse by the minute


05:25 AM August 17th, 2013


Commission on Audit (COA) Chair Grace Pulido-Tan. MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

MANILA, Philippines—“This is getting worse by the minute!”

So tweeted netizen (@RaqZR), minutes after @inquirerdotnet posted the story quoting Commission on Audit (COA) Chair Grace Pulido-Tan, as saying that there was “one Luis Abalos who was not a member of Congress (who) received P20M.”

Tan’s revelation left netizens angry and bewildered.

‘Poor Pinoys!’

Reader sacrebleau commented, “This is proof na pag pinabayaan mo ang COA, BIR, DOJ na gawin ang kanilang trabaho, walang makakalusot. Pag walang makakalusot, gaganda ang buhay sa Pinas  (This proves that if you let the COA, the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Justice do their jobs, nobody would go scot-free and life would get better in the Philippines).”

“Pork barrel republic! Tapos sasabihan lang ni Jinggoy it’s not their job to check? (And to think that Senator Jinggoy Estrada simply dismissed the issue by saying it’s not their job to check the NGOs?) Poor Pinoys!,” Twitter user (@agdizon) said  in response to the quote.

“Para palang (it’s like an) unlimited piggy barrel,” said netizen Bobby Tanchoco.

“Nakakakulo ng dugo magbasa ng COA report. Kayo na lang muna,” (It’s making my blood boil, just reading the COA report. I think I’ll let you do it instead) tweeted an apparently frustrated JayR|??? (@prinsipeJeh).


The COA report indicated that 74 lawmakers got more than their share of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) during the previous administration from 2007 to 2009.

Reader (@genmiguelmalvar) shared the same sentiments, tweeting: “The damage caused by these morons far exceed what they stole! #ibitay #porkbarrelscam #rootofevil #burninhell”

Netizen berong expressed exasperation when he posted his comments on, “Lintek talaga. Baka isa ako sa mga NGO beneficiaries dyan ha. board passer din ako. wala akong natatanggap. Ngayon pa lang, sinasabi ko na  (What the heck. I might be listed as one of the NGO beneficiaries since I’m also a board passer.  I didn’t receive anything, let me just say that now.)”

He was reacting to the COA revelation that the names of some incorporators of the fake NGOs were plucked from the list of passers of the board and bar exams.

“Hindi lang pala BUWAYA ang narito sa GATASANG PAMBANSA pati pala MULTO ay kumokobra din!!! Dios ko naman!!! Tamaan na sana kayo ng BULALAKAW dyan!   (So it’s not just crocodiles infesting Congress—the Milking Capital.  Even ghosts get their cut.  My God! May lightning strike you down!)” Teri Juban Li commented in’s Facebook page.

Conspiracy theories

Some readers posted their conspiracy theories about the COA report.

“Dominoes will start to fall, no doubt about it. The House (of Representatives) is a house of cards. Time for change. COA, belated or not, should publish the results of their audit. It is a spider’s web and all the strings should lead to the den of thieves who are still perpetrating this kind of plunder of the government coffers. Tama si Ms Napoles, hangga’t may gobyerno, may pera  (Ms Napoles was right: As long as there’s government, there’s money to be had),” commented reader farmerpo an hour after the report was released online.

Netizen joe__bloggs had another theory in mind.  He wrote:  “It took all these years for COA to produce this report on PDAF for 2007-2009. At this rate, all the horses would have bolted, so to speak, we cannot wait that long! Why wait more years for the 2010-present report? Obviously COA could not give this investigation its priority. So give the job of auditing the PDAF for 2010-present to KPMG, SGV, et al. if we want to see the report in our lifetime.”

Commented  netizen speedstream2: “Isn’t this in the league of a big-time conspiracy to hoodwink hardworking taxpayers, resulting in the leakage of millions of public funds?”

Social revolution

Twitter user (@GreenMinds) connected the anomaly to the need to pass the Freedom of Information bill, “you see the potential of #FOI? Ordinary citizens willing to go over a very long document. Just imagine if this is possible for all govt records.”

Similarly, netizen huey_4ph believes that in light of the pork barrel scandal, the country needs a “social revolution” posting. He posted: “I am calling  those people who love this country to mobilize and petition the Senate for a probe. It is high time to investigate this multibillion scam and it involves lawmakers. We cannot sit here and watch. There must be something to be done to punish these people regardless of who they are. Where are the militant Bayan members? I expect them to hold their banner in front of the Senate and protest and demand investigation.”

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  • Ganymede

    As long as we have those same politicians from political dynasties, we can’t expect a big change in our political landscape. Investigate here, investigate there, but at the end of the day, we’ll be back to where we belong. Imagine, after 1986 EDSA revolution, where are we now? PH lot hasn’t changed much, still one of the SEA country with low FDI, weak armed forces, still have rebellions on-going, etc. Just compare us with our SEA neighbors… The culprit, IMO, are the same bunch of politicians governing us from the time of Marcos.

  • ynigooctaviano

    Habang abala ang mga pinoy sa pagnood ng gilas basketball team vs south korea at iran. busy naman ang mga Napoles sa pag plano sa kanilang pagtakas. Naisahan na naman si Juan de la Cruz nila Bong at Jinggoy, Johnny at at kanyang loyal sidekick na si Gringo.
    Lagi nalang naoonse si Juan de la Cruz.

  • mabyrik

    “We are not obliged to check where our PDAF goes, Bahala na si Batman kung saan mang lupalop mapunta ang pera ng Bayan”… Said Jinggoy and Revilla.

    That, Revilla and Jinggoy, will be your slogan in 2016 election. Jinggoy and Revilla’s we will not forget you said those words, because those words meant only thing- “We stole it”.

    Both of you are dead now politically because we will not forget. That slogan of yours will be our guide so that both of you will go down begging. And you Jinggoy remember, not all voters are stupid as Manila residents who voted for your corrupt Erap as mayor.

  • Nic Legaspi

    Sa dinami-dami ng mga bombang sumasabog sa Pilipinas, bakit hindi sa Kongreso at sa Senado?

    Ang mga website ng gobyerno, naha-hack. Bakit hindi na lang ang mga bank accounts ni Napoles at mga corrupt na politiko?

    Sa dami ng mga taong binabaha tuwing tag-ulan, bakit hindi na lang Malacañang ang bahain?

  • txtman SUPOTiful Bading


    • ynigooctaviano

      Potsung bading.

      • txtman SUPOTiful Bading


  • FahKimYang

    Abolish COA…linchak, ayaw makisama! from the honorable senatongs & tongresmen

  • CyberPinoy

    Scrap the Pork Barrel now !

    if they wont do it, then scrap the politicians who would not do it !

    This is the voice of the Filipino People !

  • Manila Ewoks

    seek and destroy!!!!,!.. enough of pork barrel..

  • OFW Franklin

    Let join together to form a social revolution so that the government will hear our voices. On Aug 26 every country loving Pilipino who want to change our lives and the way the government run the affair of our beloved nation should stand up and shout in one voice Noooooo Toooooo Poooooork Baaaaaareeeel until our voices will be heard by those people in Malacanang, Senate and Congress. We want a honest Pilipino loving government who will serve the interest of all and not the few. Let that day will be written in our history that we the Pilipino people has risen our voice again, to say enough of politics and the let government start serving the people. We have to shout to the world that we want changes now by scrapping the pork barrel, remove the bad politicians in the government, and corrupt government official. We will stand up and demand changes, we will press hard until those in authority will laydown and hear our demands, because we deserve a better government. I love the Philippines because this our country……

  • disqus_ZrxaGjUzMQ


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