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05:43 PM September 18th, 2013

By: Frances Mangosing, September 18th, 2013

MANILA, Philippines – Even the conflict between government forces and members of the Moro National Liberation Front in Zamboanga City has gone online. But it seemed the other was pursuing the wrong target.

On Tuesday night, the official Twitter account of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (@TeamAFP) started the exchange by tagging an account purportedly set up by the MNLF (@mnlfnet) in one of its tweets, calling for their surrender.

“@mnlfnet we reiterate our call for (Habier) Malik’s group to surrender and take responsibility for their actions,” the AFP posted on its Twitter account at 9:23p.m.

“There is still honor in surrender especially if it will result in the safety of their hostages and the lives of his men,” it added.

Malik is a known follower of MNLF founding chairman Nur Misuari, and is believed to be leading the attacks in Zamboanga city since Sept. 9.

In response, the MNLF account posted a few minutes later: “Ustaj Khabier Malik is now immortalized as “puddang sin kamaaldikaan”. He treasures martyrdom than anything else in this world.”

But the AFP shot back: “Surrender must be unconditional & every fighter in Malik’s group should be ready & willing to face consequences of their actions.”

The MNLF reacted: “When did MNLF run from a good battle? When did they surrender to the oppressors if not only for the calling of peaceful solution?”

The Twitter account of the AFP has about 17,000 followers, and had intensified in posting tweets since the start of the Zamboanga crisis. It had also been active in engaging users and defending the organization, especially when the news on frayed combat boots and soldiers begging food in Mindanao broke out.

“You know things are bad when the normally quiet AFP is tweeting its head off. Please pray for our troops in Zamboanga,” a certain @reinaregina on Twitter posted.

But another showed his support to the troops in his tweet: @TeamAFP To our fallen heroes, Zamboanga will never forget your ultimate sacrifice. We are forever indebted to you. MABUHAY PILIPINAS!,” tweeted @judegarcines.

“Don’t pay attention they are trying to destroy the image of the AFP. bat kaya ndi na lang sila ang sumabak sa giyera,” a @Dennybie tweeted.

The MNLF account, meanwhile, has about 300 followers. It had also been actively engaging with other Twitter users, especially journalists and news organizations.

Reached for comment, MNLF spokesperson Atty. Emmanuel Fontanilla denied that they have a Twitter account or any social media account.

“We only grant interviews, we don’t have Facebook or Twitter,” he told in a phone interview.

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  • indiosbravos2002

    Saan ba pwedeng magpadala ng suport sa MNLF fighters. Papafed ex ako ng lechon de leche, porkchop, pork barbeque. Wahaha. Magsawa sila sa baboy!

  • Anak Dalita

    Dapat unahin nang kasuhan itong attorney Fortanilla na ito. Lalo lamang nakadagdag sa pagkalito ng mga MNLF at mamamayang Filipino ang mga pahayag nitong taong ito,

  • echelon_guy

    a bunch of MORONS called “MOROS, wants to establish their own state called — “BANGSAMORONS”; as the name of their so-called lands befits the type characters involved.

    • mark_john21

      Yes, to counter the idiosyncrasy of the Failippines and Flip-pinoys!

  • CyberPinoy

    “Reached for comment, MNLF spokesperson Atty.
    Emmanuel Fontanilla denied that they have a Twitter account or any
    social media account.

    – Waahaha! kung ganun e sino kaya yung kausap ng AFP sa twitter. Bat kasi sa tweeter ang daming fake sa internet..

  • Mark

    “He (Malik) treasures martyrdom than anything else in this world.” Un nman pala eh bakit nagtatago kayo sa likod ng mga sibilyan. Wag nyo idamay ang mga sibilyan, sumugod kayo at pag kayo ay naging martir, may 72 virgins na nag hihintay sa inyo. Hindi lang alam kung lalaki o babaeng ano.

    • Batala

      “Malik treasures martydom”

      Please ask for clarification if it is for himself or for the hostages and infidels.

    • indiosbravos2002

      72 virgins pero bading. Virgin yong pwet.

  • LessGrease

    MNLF is the cancer that is killing the Philippines along with the corrupt government officials and other muslim rebel groups

  • diwaenergy

    “When did MNLF run from a good battle?” Taking hostages and using civilians as human shields is not a good battle. And it is more cowardly than running.

    This MNLF faction knew the consequences of their action. They want to die and we do not have any choice but to kill them or they will kill us.

    They were fooled into beleiving that their cause is worth killing and dying for but did not consider that their leaders are blinded by the quest for power and money.

    • walangsinasanto

      They(mnlf) have the good battle? no retreat no surrender, just WITHDRAW behind the back of the hostages…where is the so called “GOOD BATTLE”..

  • Cerise David

    #mnlfZamboanga @haddjiboykapon, may nakakatutok sa likod mo! Wag ka tatayo! Pls retweet!

    • Angry Nanay

      RT @Cerise David: #mnlfZamboanga @haddjiboykapon, may nakakatutok sa likod mo! Wag ka tatayo! Pls retweet

      • marienkind


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