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Globe launches new life-enabling offers for everyday experiences of the new Filipino

01:17 PM March 29, 2021

The past year has been most difficult, looking back at how 2020 has greatly impacted our lives and the country’s economy. The pandemic crisis has left us with circumstances so unprecedented that we did what we could do, not just to stay afloat and survive but to thrive and face these challenges with grit and determination. The new Filipino—who has become stronger than ever—is aware that uncertainties remain even now and yet faces this new year with renewed hope and resilience.  


Cognizant of the challenges that 2021 may bring, Globe supports the new Filipino by launching various first-to-market innovations—a smorgasbord of offers, platforms, services, bundles, and plans—that will redefine telecommunication experiences and reinvent how everyone lives, empowering customers to win each day, as we all continue to adapt to the present-day circumstances.   


“Today, Filipinos have better connectivity with truly proactive service here and abroad, powered by the largest mobile network and the fastest-growing 4G network in the country. More advanced technologies are also in place such as 5G and fiber plus pervasive network improvements,” shared Globe’s Deputy Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabreira during the first-ever Globe Innovation Fest.

According to Cabreira, Globe’s 5G Roaming will not only provide service to travelers outside of the Philippines, but also provide the 5G service for subscribers of select foreign telcos when they travel to the Philippines. More importantly, with these life-enabling offers, Globe takes good care not only of their customers’ connectivity but also of their holistic needs. “Customers can now watch videos, play games, shop online, avail of 24/7 tele-consultations, and buy insurance without having to spend and in the safety of their homes,” Cabreira added.

Globe’s responsibility to its customers, Cabreira reiterated, goes beyond the usual services that many have come to know. Globe provides customers with relevant products, such as GInsure that has Covid Insurance, telehealth via KonsultaMD, and HealthNow.

Globe develops data as currency 

The internet has become the new essential and data, an indispensable part of our daily lives, given the circumstances. And because it is during these trying times when every peso count, Globe leaps in digital space this 2021 by extending the value of data by introducing data as currency in the Philippines. If you are subscribed to any Globe product (your mobile, Home Prepaid WiFi, or Reward for loyalty), you can turn your unused Gigs to a rewards.  Globe’s latest innovation billed as “GBs to Points” allows customers to convert their unused GBs to Globe Rewards points via the Globe One App. 

For those on Prepaid, the conversion is 1GB = 1 Rewards Point, while if you are on Postpaid, 1GB unused = 10 Rewards points. For Home Prepaid WiFi, 3GBs = 3 Rewards. Gigabytes or GBs may be converted into points at any time within the promo validity or before the plan’s cutoff date. Customers may redeem these collected points to pay, buy or using a promo. 


Globe Postpaid: More value for evolving everyday needs

Globe Postpaid recognizes the different personal and evolving needs of every individual customer and the importance of flexibility and dependable connectivity. Thus, Globe launched the new GPlan with GCash—another first of its kind in the market—offering unlimited all-net text and calls. It also offers maximum flexibility for customers by giving them GCash credits which they can spend for subscriptions, shopping vouchers, or even home essentials like robot vacuums.  

With almost everyone working from home, Globe balances their life essentials through any GPlan type—whether it is GPlan with Device, GPlan Sim-only, or GPlan with Gcash—because apart from data provisions, it also provides free GoWiFi when the customer is on the move, unlimited teleconsultation via KonsultaMD, and up to three months insurance coverage via GInsure from Singlife.

Soon, entertainment can be enjoyed by every member of the family while staying at home because Globe Postpaid will also have special offers using the iQiyi app, one of the world’s leading online movie and video streaming websites for your favorite Korean and Chinese TV dramas, movies, variety shows, and Japanese anime. These Asian entertainment contents will be available using FREE and VIP versions accessible via iQiyi app or VIP subscription allows customers to get additional features like advanced episodes and without the seemingly annoying ads. iQiyi VIP offers will be available in GlobeOne and GCash apps next month.  

“We know that our customers need mobile plans that fit right into their lifestyles and evolving needs. The GPlan gives them access to life’s many other opportunities and perks, giving them more power to reinvent experiences on their own and of those around them,” said KD Dizon, Head of Globe’s Mobile Business. 

Globe At Home: Enhanced for all power-homes

Winning starts at home and for all discerning digital warriors who are currently stuck at home, Globe At Home is boosting its plans’ speeds so customers may enjoy a faster and robust connectivity experience at home. Likewise, it has ramped up its entertainment and health freebies through its Unli Fiber Up plan with speeds of up to 100Mbps for only P2,899. With fast speeds and bolstered up freebies, customers have what they need to do more at home.

Because of the limitation brought about by the pandemic, there has become a sudden shift of the new Filipino’s digital behavior. More and more individuals are starting to take charge of their lives; thus, home internet now is being used for studying (whether it’s for the academe or for taking on new skills and hobbies), shopping, entertainment, livelihood, and connecting with loved ones who are far away. Globe At Home supports every member of the family’s desire to win every day. 

“This is why Globe at Home is launching its new Unli Fiber Up plans! We leveled up care with a reliable after-sales service that aims to equip and nurture families in their growth and drive to win against all odds at home,” Darius Delgado, Head of Broadband, said. 

On top of reliable connectivity, Globe At Home offers ready health services as customers are covered with three months’ worth of free GInsure medical coverage for COVID 19 and dengue of up to Php140,500. Globe At Home customers will also have access to free three months medical consultation through the KonsultaMD Family Plan. So, expect to get unlimited 24/7 access to licensed Filipino doctors through voice or video consultations, and will be able to receive e-prescriptions or e-lab requests via SMS or email as needed. 

For pure family entertainment, customers may also choose their favorite entertainment via three months FREE access to Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and Viu Premium. Active gamers will take their gaming skills to the next level in Amazon Prime Gaming, which comes with the three-month Amazon Prime Video access and offers in-game content for top games plus a selection of free games every month.

Furthermore, HBO GO, customers have unlimited access to thousands of hours of critically acclaimed and award-winning content from HBO, the latest and biggest Hollywood Blockbusters and HBO Asian Originals, movies and series available (love story, drama, thriller, rom-com, and other genres) including Warner Bros and DCLastly, Viu is the one-stop service for viewers to access the largest volume and widest selection of Korean content titles. Viu also brings Japanese dramas and animation, Filipino-dubbed shows, Asian dramas as well as Viu Originals to the home. 

To guarantee support as it empowers every Filipino family, customers are assured of reliable after-sales service. Globe At Home complements its products with a digital after-sales service through the Globe At Home app where customers can effortlessly avail of services like bills payment, plan upgrades, and volume boost to get more data. Concerns may be resolved without calling a hotline or visiting a Globe Store. All they have to do is to simply message the Globe At Home Facebook chatbot directly. To reach customers faster, installation is guaranteed to happen within 48 hours upon plan approval, exclusively for online application only.  Requests for repair may also be done via the app. 

“We offer proactive care, which means that we have leveled-up customer experience through the customer care they deserve such as service guarantees, 48-hour installation, digital after-sales service, and most importantly, honest servicing,” Darius Delgado, Globe’s Head of Broadband Business, said.

Globe At Home provides #ExtraCareAtHome for customers so they can get the most enriching experiences given the current situation. That is why Globe takes the extra step in providing as much connectivity, health, entertainment, and other essentials they need, while giving them peace of mind at home. Simply put, it’s being protected while staying connected. 

“Globe at Home brings fast and reliable internet at home as more Filipino families aspire to achieve so much more in life at home—an inspirational powerhouse, empowering them to see and experience their homes as a place for growth, opportunities, and more winning moments. Now, they can reinvent their home because winning starts at home,” Delgado confirmed. 

Globe myBusiness: Supporting SMEs in their digital business shift

According to Maridol Ylanan, Head of Strategy & Marketing, Globe myBusiness, many business owners have been facing additional challenges since the start of the pandemic. Globe myBusiness has become their partner in recovery and it steadily ensures their own customers’ safety as they resume operations.

“Globe myBusiness leads the journey of the Filipino MSMEs in their technology adoption. More than just telco products, we have digital solutions that will help them in their business operations,” Ylanan said.

Being a digital solutions provider and in partnership with the national government, Globe myBusiness, through the Safe Recovery Campaign, has been assisting the hotel and restaurant industry in their individual digital shifts so that—accompanied by proper safety protocols—these hospitality businesses can slowly get back on its feet. Globe myBusiness offers them solutions and services such as Amber, Rush, and KonsultaMD. 

Amber helps businesses reach out to their client base. Rush enables businesses with reward programs so they can retain their loyal customers and attract more new ones. And to ensure the health and safety of staff and guests, GmB offers KonsultaMD, which keeps even their mental health in check. Moreover, Globe myBusiness has partnered with SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company, to offer the Hygiene Monitored Program.  This program is a global initiative that aims to ensure the highest hygiene practices within hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other places of business. An SGS HM mark is an assurance to the customer that the establishment practices the best food safety methods. 

Globe Business likewise continue to work with client and partners of corporate customers to safeguard that enterprise businesses will continue to run seamlessly and securely, as they boost their digital transformation. Globe Business helps in future-proofing businesses through connectivity, Cloud, cybersecurity, and a host of digital solutions, meant to reinvent the concept of ‘anytime, anywhere’, providing for businesses’ power for everyday progress.

With Cloud businesses can uplift their procedures from on-ground activities to online. Companies that used to be restricted to maintaining servers on-premisecan shift their workloads (applications, services, and capabilities) to the Cloud. To help these enterprises advance towards digitalization, Globe fully acquired cloud professional and managed services company, Cascadeo. This investment will help attain the highest level of professional and managed service capabilities for multi-cloud operations, guaranteeing extensive experience and knowledge in designing, architecting, building, migrating, and managing workloads and applications on the cloud. 

“Collaborating with leading tech companies like Cascadeo and Third Pillar can help our clients achieve their goals which in turn will make an impact on their customers. In everything we do, our aim is to support enterprises across the country as they reinvent their success and contribute to the nation’s recovery, ” said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President, Globe Business.

Globe also procured business applications and consulting company, Third Pillar, the country’s largest Gold Partner of Salesforce, the world leader in CRM solutions. Through Salesforce, businesses can easily benefit in cloud-based applications that allow them to automate B2B sales processes, leverage on AI to support customers, and more. With its expertise in CRM and notable list of successful testimonies, Third Pillar will serve as a guiding hand for implementing best-in-class technologies that will help Globe customers achieve innovation, sharpen their competitive edge, and generate growth in a digital landscape.  

“We at Globe Business have been talking about helping our customers in their digital transformation journey, way before this pandemic started. As a trusted business advisor, this is what Globe Business does for its enterprise clients; we future-proof their businesses with an array of connectivity, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions—the full digital stack, as we call it,” Maquera enlightened.

Unlimited possibilities for a #GlobeOfGood

One of the greatest and most impactful risks we face as a community is the threat of climate change, the long-term shift in global or regional climate patterns, is real and has already had observable effects on the environment. Worldwide, glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted, sea level has risen, and more intense heat waves occur.

Globe continues to forge partnerships with government organizations and has committed to adopt frameworks like the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to help address climate-related risks through science-based research, financial information, and disclosures. To prove that the company’s advocacy includes the welfare of the environment, Globe has been proactively investing in initiatives that create real and lasting social impact is a testament to the company’s commitment in creating a #GlobeOfGood. 

Through innovations like Globe Rewards, Globe One, and GCash, customers are given the power to aggressively act as a digital citizen, able to participate in various initiatives including proper e-waste disposal, recycling, rain forestation, energy conservation, marine biodiversity, and minimizing single-use plastics. 

“Climate change will impact all of us so we need to be persistent in educating Filipinos on environmental threats and what every person can do to help. Actively participating in causes and increasing awareness on what is happening around us will go a long way in prevention and mitigation,” explained Cabreira. 

The “E-waste Zero”, specifically, is Globe‘s environmental program focused on responsible disposal and recycling of electronic wastes. The program was formerly called “Project 1 Phone” which was launched in 2014. As part of its environmental protection advocacy, Globe has set up over 100 collection points nationwide for electronic waste (e-waste) to encourage everyone to practice proper disposal of electronic or battery-operated devices and IT accessories and peripherals which are no longer working or wanted. 

Accepted e-wastes are computer sets (LCDs, monitors, CPUs, keyboards), IT accessories (mouse, earphones, speakers, etc), printers and fax machines, old TV monitors, mobile phones, home appliances (washing machine, iron, oven, refrigerator, etc), cable wires (except fiber optic), car electronics, circuit boards, CDs and DVDs, and batteries (except for Lead-acid car batteries).  Individuals and organizations who want to join the cause may check out these E-waste Zero bins strategically located around Metro Manila: E-Waste Zero Bin Locations – Globe.

“Globe has strengthened its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in line with our commitment to #RaceToZero.  #RaceToZero is a global campaign where we encourage various businesses, cities, and regions, to work together towards reducing waste and enable a sustainable future,” Cabreira said.

For years, Globe has been recognized for its sustainability initiatives. The company supports 10 UN Global Compact principles and contributes to 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals such as UN SDG No. 9 which recognizes the importance of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development, and UN SDG No. 12-Sustainable Consumption and Production, which is about achieving economic growth and sustainable development by urgently reducing ecological footprint. It is also about decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, increasing resource efficiency, and promoting sustainable lifestyles by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources. 

Standing side-by-side with the new Filipino

Globe stands as the industry pioneer and leader in 5G technology in the Philippines. The recent launch of Globe’s 5G roaming services in the UAE and Thailand are set to continue with upcoming launches across Asia, Middle East, North America, and several countries in Europe. The 5G roaming service is available to Filipinos traveling internationally, as well as subscribers of select foreign telcos visiting the Philippines.  From Globe’s first network modernization program in 2011, the company has not stopped investing in technology. Globe has the awards to prove it, having been named as Global Rising Star for Video Experience as well as for Voice App Experience in Opensignal’s 2021 Global Awards.

For more information about life-enabling offers, visit

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