Here are 5 essential software for every freelancing creative

Here are 5 essential software for every freelancing creative

/ 12:36 PM July 21, 2021

Freelancing comes with its own set of challenges. Much like remote work, being productive and accomplishing tasks on time are the basic requirements. To make work easier every day, these five unique essential software are necessities of every creative freelancer.

1. Time management apps

Simplify freelancing work and get more tasks done efficiently with the help of a time management app. A time-tracking software allows one to make daily plans to organize their work and schedule tasks more proficiently. One example would be Time Doctor, which provides reports with detailed insights of one’s accomplishments, weekly.

2. Software for notes

Note-taking is vital when identifying the valuable parts and notable highlights during meetings. Jot down thoughts and ideas, down to the most important revision, with a note software like Evernote. With this app, be able to record the discussions from meetings and be able to backtrack the most important agreements, which might otherwise be missed.

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3. File-sharing software

Sharing files between freelancers is a non-negotiable aspect when doing freelancing work. In most cases, one has to deal with large files, and transfer them from one device to another, all for the sake of collaborative work. Most, if not all, file-sharing software, need an internet connection, but there are apps now such as SuperBeam, which allows sharing files via Wi-Fi direct technology or even with a QR code.

4. Project management tools

Setting milestones for a particular project is one of the most tedious tasks for freelancers. To sort out tasks and optimize collaboration, a project management software is a must-have. Download apps like Freedcamp and be able to manage your calendar, schedule the project, form to-do lists, and create various tasks’

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5. Accounting software

Apart from successfully achieving proper time management, freelancing also requires managing finances, precisely. If writing invoices or anything that has to do with accounting is a dreadful thought, use a tool that offers these benefits and more. One good example of a software that can easily get this done is Due, which is a secure way to manage invoicing systems, including payments from employers.

These various software options will make every freelancer a productive and efficient worker. But downloading these apps also requires a powerful device that is capable of delivering consistent high performance while dealing with volumes of tasks. With the help of the HP Envy x360, easily bring creations to life without limits. This laptop can work up to 10 hours and 45 minutes without any disruptions, thanks to its AMD Ryzen™ processor. The laptop also comes with high-grade security features and as an added bonus, the screen is likewise equipped with a 360-degree hinge allowing it to either be used as a tent or a tablet. It also comes with a highly adept pen and touch screen feature, making working a much more enjoyable experience.

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