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Best Apple Watch Apps to Get

/ 10:45 PM October 25, 2021

What are some of the best Apple Watch apps right now? The Apple Watch is a device that most are familiar with. Recently though, it seemed as though the apple watch series had lost its sparkle. However, with the arrival of the watch OS6, things seemed to have changed drastically in Apple watches. It brought with it an app store to the Apple Watch, a feature that has been replicated in all Apple watches afterward.

Here are some of the best Apple Watch apps of 2021; a diverse list includes fitness, entertainment, and tasks apps. The Apple watch comes with certain Free apps that make it easier to set it up. Tiny Armies may not appear very interesting at first glance, but it is a light and engaging turn-based strategy game for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The Best Apple Watch Apps to Buy in 2021

The Best Apple Watch Apps to Buy in 2021

Here are some of the best Apple Watch apps of 2021; a diverse list includes fitness, entertainment, and tasks apps.

  1. Audible
  2. Lumen: Metabolism Tracker
  3. Arm Speed Analyzer
  4. Watch To 5K
  5. Apple Fitness Plus
  6. Moodistory
  7. Heart Analyse
  8. Peloton
  9. Strava: Run and Ride Training
  10. Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scoring
  11. Seven- 7 Minute Workout
  12. Swing Tennis Tracker
  13. Start With Yoga
  14. Nike Run Club
  15. Nike Training Club
  16. Headspace
  17. WebMD
  18. Workoutdoors
  19. Streaks
  20. MyFitnessPal
  21. Walkmeter
  22. Carrot Fit
  23. Lose It!
  24. Mount Burnmore
  25. Happier



Photo Credit: amazon.com

Audible is an Amazon-owned app for audiobooks and podcasts. The inclusion of this app on the Apple watch store provides a new and easier way to listen to your favorite books and catch up with your favorite podcasts even when you’re away from your phone and laptops. A subscription even gives you access to Audible originals, which feature the likes of Idris Elba, Stephen Fry, and Alan Davies.

Lumen: Metabolism Tracker

This app is connected to Metaflow’s health tracker called Lumen. This health app helps you monitor your dietary intake by allowing you to log your daily carbohydrate intake and help you set a ‘carbs budget,’ which depends on the dietary program. It also provides you with information from the Lumen tracker as well.

Arm Speed Analyzer

Ideal for individuals who compete or train for sports that involve a lot of upper body and arm speed and strength, such as golfing, tennis, baseball, or hockey. It monitors the speed of your arm using the Apple watch’s accelerometer and records this data. It gives you a comprehensive history to enable users to track their progress.

Watch To 5K

Watch To 5K

Photo Credit: watchto5k.com

This is a fitness app that helps beginners train and prepare for 5K races. Unlike most 5K training apps, this app doesn’t require you to tag along with your iPhone for the training sessions. It includes a training plan that lasts for nine weeks and includes a three-run per week plan. It tracks key metrics such as distance traveled, heart rate, and calories burned and log them in the Apple Health app.


Time To Walk

Time to walk provides a unique approach to fitness and walks. Long walks can be boring. This app provides users with the stories of notable figures such as Dolly Parton, Shawn Mendes, Draymond Green, and Uzo Aduba to listen to as they walk. The episodes are shaped by the guest’s personal experiences to inspire thoughtfulness, and this narrative comes to life with pictures displayed on the screen of the apple watch.

Apple Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness Plus

Photo Credit: apple.com

With subscriptions that can be shared with up to six family members, the Apple fitness app aims to provide you with efficiency for a lesser cost. Using the watch sensors, it tracks your workouts and responds to the things happening on the screen of your iPhone. Users would need a watch OS 7.2 to utilize this feature, and it can even help you keep track of your nightly sleep.



We’re familiar with fitness apps that track calories and diet. Moodistory is a health app that helps you monitor your mental health by providing users the option of recording their moods for the day. Compilation of this data helps you track patterns of your moods and might help provide useful information to healthcare providers about your mental health when shared.

Heart Analyzer

While limited in features compared to the app on the iPhone, this app still provides users with a lot of information. Using metrics such as average heart rates, medical history data, and resting heart rate provides you with a heart rate chart, and it gives you the most data without being overwhelming.



Photo Credit: play.google.com

Peloton, named after the bike race term, is a fitness app for more than cycling, and it is useful for high-intensity training and Yoga and meditation sessions. While the iPhone app has more features such as video classes, music playbacks, and progress tracking, the watch app does the most it could with the available space. Providing pace and distance metrics, heart rates, and other fitness statistics links them to the Apple Health app.

Strava: Run And Ride Training

Strava, as most fitness gurus would know, is one of the world’s top fitness apps utilized by athletes from different sports such as swimming, running, and cyclists. In addition to all its amazing tracking features, this app helps to utilize people’s competitive streak to improve their dedication and performance with a workout with its special GPS social feature.

This provides users with geographical leader boards that help users compare their performances with other users, and you could compete to become king or queen of a particular location.

Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scoring

Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scoring

Photo Credit: hole19golf.com

With over 10 million golf rounds registered and the ability to recognize over forty-two thousand courses in about 201 countries, this is one of the most used golf GPS range finder apps. While the bulk of the features are on the iPhone app, the Apple Watch provides you with an input screen where users can track performances and provides you with information like distance to the front, back, and center of the green. Simple to use without being distracting

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

For extremely busy people but still want to take control of their fitness, a 7-minute workout promises to help change your life if you can dedicate at least seven minutes every day. The iPhone workout app provides users with videos on how to perform the exercises or stretches given properly. The Watch app helps you time your exercises, record your activity and your breaks. You can see the app on the watch face of your apple watch.

Swing Tennis Tracker

Built under the guidance of Andy Roddick and James Blake, this app is designed for serious tennis players to aid them in tracking and analyzing their swings and stats. The phone app provides many features, including the option of providing action advice after every hit. The watch app provides users with feedback and helps record data, and it integrates with other activity and health apps as well.

Start With Yoga

Start With Yoga

Photo Credit: apps.apple.com

Designed for beginners, this app helps you begin your yoga journey, but unlike other yoga apps, you don’t need the app every time you work out. It provides users with five routines, to begin with, and eases them into their journey.

Nike Run Club

There is an ongoing partnership between Apple and Nike, and this is the latest result. This app provides you with audio guides as you run and integrates with Siri to suggest good times for running and an infographic that shows you your distance run for each month in addition to other exclusive features.

Nike Training Club

With over 180 workouts covering strength, endurance, mobility, and yoga, this app is another Nike X Apple Lovefest product. It provides users with flexible training plans, and the app provides you with the information needed at the moment. The best? It’s free.



Photo Credit: play.google.com

Life could get too stressful at times, but this app focused on mindfulness helps you take time off and calm yourself. The watch app acts as a reminder and a coach helping you pick an activity or exercise and focus on it. It even has an SOS mode which provides instant help when things get too much.


While most of us are familiar with WebMD, most of the features in the app are most often not spoken about. Users can input medication schedules, and dosages and the app provides reminders at the appropriate time. It also reminds you of the prerequisites involved in taking your medication.


This app is ideal for users who like to work out away from the crowds. It uses the watch’s GPS to map out routes, directions while providing you with a customization-friendly stats display option.



Photo Credit: streaksapp.com

Streaks help to track positive and negative habits, such as changes in diet or lifestyle. It provides the option to track up to twelve different tasks at once.

Streaks also use data collected to provide you with a progress report. It also integrates with the Apple Watch health app, and it also has the option for workouts, a feature called Streaks workout.


Need a free accountability partner? Meet myfitnesspal. It helps provide information such as daily calorie allowance dependent on weight. It also helps integrate your daily steps and dietary breakdown of your food.


This app tracks walking steps and includes training plans and announcements for every distance and target hit. It provides you with perambulations on a map and detailed graphs as well.

Lose It!

Lose It!

Photo credit: loseit.com

This app helps users on their weight loss journey “without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.” This app focuses more on nutrition and provides an online peer group, so you’re not on your journey alone.

Mount Burnmore

Mount burnmore provides an interesting and engaging way to work out. It turns working out into a game, and active energy gained during a workout is needed to play the game. The more calories gained, the more energy gained for playing the game.



Photo Credit: play.google.com

This app helps users be more mindful and aware without being annoying and disturbing. It also helps you with a journal which could dictate your feelings too. You can always tell the app how you’re feeling, and it’d provide you with motivational and uplifting quotes. It’s also free.

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There are many other amazing Apps available on the Apple watch, like weather apps, and these are just a few that we feel you would enjoy. They are beautifully designed, functional, and easy to use. You can earn with sites and get affiliate commissions from when you refer people with these sites.

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