What Is Stream Sniping? Everything You Need To Know

What Is Stream Sniping? Everything You Need To Know

/ 10:43 PM February 10, 2022

Stream Sniping has become a major issue for any streamer with a large audience.

This has become more frequent as many people stream themselves playing games on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. So, what does it entail, and how can the act of stream sniping be in the conversation?

What Is Stream Sniping?


Using a person’s live feed against them is popular as stream sniping. For instance, as gamers, knowing where an opponent is in a competitive multiplayer game can allow you to steal upon or wing them simply by watching their stream to figure out where they are.


Why is Stream Sniping Bad for Streamers?

Why is Stream Sniping Bad for Streamers?

While stream sniping can be used to gain an advantage in a game, it can also be used to annoy, pester and cause grief to individuals. The problem only impacts multiplayer games, but it is not exclusive to competitive games.

A stream sniper would hunt down information they need and track streamers down. Streamers may not conceal on-screen information like the server they are to, which always contributes to them being vulnerable to stream sniping.

When a Streamer has a large audience, they become targets and are usually the target. However, stream sniping is just like a modern-day derivative of glancing at your friend’s screen during a LAN party or “screen cheating” in a split-screen mode in games like Halo or Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64.

How To Prevent Stream Sniping?

How To Prevent Stream Sniping?

With the advent of fast, responsive internet connections that can broadcast action with minimal delay, stream sniping has become very common.


Streamers have become very popular among gamers, which has resulted in a competitive spirit among other players who want to play against them and with them. Unfortunately, knocking down a streamer as they play is a distorted source of pride for some of the gaming community. Below are some steps to prevent stream sniping:

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Avoid Stream Sniping

You can set a delay interval in streaming software and on streaming services like Twitch as a countermeasure to prevent stream striping.

  • Navigate to your Settings > Advanced > Stream Delay in OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS.
  • Adjust Low latency (less delay) in Stream Manager > Preferences > Channel by Twitch partners.
  • Click ‘Done.’

However, if you, unfortunately, find yourself in the same game session as a stream sniper, there is not much you can do to prevent becoming a target.

Even if your stream is slow and you are doing something in a specific area of the map (such as using a vehicle or fixing a weapon) or (protecting a flag or base), or playing predictable moves, you are going to be at a disadvantage and prey to stream snipers.

Certain games, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, have made it possible and have added the privilege to obscure server names and other recognizable information to frustrate stream snipers and make it difficult for them to discover their targets.

A community update for Sea of Thieves focused on stream sniping and what members in that community can do to combat it.
Stream snipers, unfortunately, do not have a viable alternative. Making the process as tough and frustrating as possible is your best option for deterring them and hopefully driving them to choose a less difficult goal.

Can Stream Sniping Get You Banned?

Can Stream Sniping Get You Banned?

Stream sniping is a type of cheating in online games in which a player observes a live broadcast of the game they’re playing to get the information they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Twitch’s terms of service plainly state that any form of cheating is of prohibitation, including stream sniping.

Because stream sniping entails gaining an unfair advantage over another player, it’s generally frowned upon, and if you’re detected, you’ll be banned from servers and services. However, catching someone in the act is easier said than done.

After stream-sniping SypherPK twice, a random Fortnite player went live to gloat. In less than 10 minutes, SypherPK’s report resulted in a suspension. Stream-sniping reveals the streamer’s location and the complete strategy that the streamer may have been planning.

Epic Games will censure any content provider that develops bespoke rooms by deleting the creator codes, according to SypherPK. Professional gamers who organize or participate in special pay-gate subscription lobbies in Fortnite may be of restriction.

Many snipers have been banned from other games like Valorant—S2Aval, a Twitch streamer, and aspiring Valorant pro has been banned from the platform for obvious stream sniping.

Rust, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Final Fantasy XIV also ban or suspend defaulting stream snipers, toxic players, and hackers because their behavior violates the terms and conditions.

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Stream sniping is a deplorable habit that detracts from the enjoyment of Fortnite, League of Legends, and other games for the most skilled streamers who wish to commentate throughout their games. It is unjust, disgusting, and impacts both viewers and streamers. Many sites, including Twitch, have attempted to adopt restrictions against broadcast sniping; however, it seems pointless if the stream sniper in question can have individuals removed for their poor behavior.

Streaming is an imperfect setup that may never be ideal, but, ideally, viewers should know the exact moments to speak out and hold people accountable for their acts.

The audience’s voice is important since they are the ones who make networks like Twitch successful. It is not so much about the streamers themselves as it is about their ability to keep their fans interested and satisfied with the stuff they produce.

Keeping this in mind is critical for putting stream snipers in their place, as well as supporting and demonstrating our commitment and dedication to our favorite broadcasters through it all, even when they become upset. Understanding is essential for offering the greatest experience possible on any platform, despite the few bad apples who may try to spoil everything.

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