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iOS 16.4 Emojis: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird. Our Top Picks

11:34 AM March 31, 2023

The iOS 16.4 update brings the usual security and performance upgrades. Of course, they have the fun additions: new emojis!

The new Apple phone update offers 31 new symbols for your DMs. They offer new ways to express yourself and open access to more types of people.

We will discuss the new iOS 16.4 emojis and how to use them in daily conversations. Then, we will explore their impact on digital communication.


New emojis in iOS 16.4

As mentioned earlier, iPhone users will get 31 emojis, and we can divide them into different categories.


First, we have emojis related to food, animals, aquatic creatures, and nature. The Hyacinth, Peapod, and Ginger emojis fit the nature and food categories.

The new animal emojis include the Goose, Jellyfish, Donkey, Moose, and Blackbird. Second, we have the objects and symbols category.


It offers Light Blue, Gray, and Pink hearts. Also, the iOS 16.4 emojis include the folding hand fan, hair pick, flute, wing, and maracas.

Try the new Wireless emoji if you need to refer to Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity without spelling it out. On the other hand, followers of Sikhism or Sikhs may appreciate the new Khanda emoji.

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The Khanda is a symbol of infinity for this Indian religion. Third, the new emojis include new gestures and expressions.

These include the Shaking Head emoji. Instead of saying SMH (shaking my head), you can enter the Shaking Head emoji.

Consequently, you can express various emotions, such as awe, anticipation, excitement, confusion, and shock.

It can also indicate you are physically shaking. Maybe you were shivering from the flu, or you’re dizzy after a fun roller coaster ride.

The 16.4 emojis include the left and right hands positioned in a pushing motion. It is a highly versatile symbol conveying various concepts with other emojis.

This shows the iOS 16.4 emojis.

Photo Credit:

For example, you could put the pushing hand emoji next to the car emoji to say you are pushing your broken car.

You could also place them together to show a high-five. Even better, you could put the shaking head between the shaking hands to show amazement.

You may also select six skin tones for the Pushing Hand emoji, making a total of 16.4 emojis.

Inclusivity and Diversity in iOS 16.4 Emojis

This shows the iOS 16.4 emojis.

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The world uses emojis nowadays, so Apple ensured that iOS 16.4 is inclusive. For example, adding a pair of maracas may appeal to Latinos.

The fan and flute may resonate with people who have them as part of their culture, such as the Philippines. Also, Apple welcomes Sikhs with the Khanda emoji.

The Shaking Hand emoji lets you choose skin tones. You could select the brown Shaking Hand emoji for a more personal touch if you have a brown skin tone.

Impact on Digital Communication

The IOS 16.4 emojis expand our online communication, letting us refer to more objects and concepts. Back then, the most popular emoji was the smiley face.

Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita created the first emojis in 1999 when people mostly used them for positive emotions.

Nowadays, emojis let us express more emotions like rage and sadness. Instead of saying you’re upset, you could flash the Angry Face emoji.

Using words usually implies more seriousness, but the emoji lets us be more casual. Moreover, emojis may improve our creativity.

You may combine them to express more complicated ideas, such as pushing a broken vehicle. Overall, emojis make digital communication more dynamic, letting us transcend text.


The iOS 16.4 emojis offer more objects and ideas you can refer to during online chats. Also, it allows more types of people to represent themselves in direct messages.

Emojis allow us to express concepts once limited to face-to-face communication. As a result, instant messaging apps have become more useful in daily life.

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