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Move Over, Steam Deck! ROG Ally May Take Over Handheld Gaming

02:35 PM April 04, 2023

Gaming gadget maker Asus shared an interesting April Fool’s joke with its ROG Ally teaser video. Fortunately, it is a real device! Is it worth waiting for, or should you get the Steam Deck or other consoles instead?

The YouTube video did not provide numerous details, save for its advanced cooling feature. Even better, it might be able to play games from other video game stores, such as Epic Games.

The company did not disclose an exact release date for the device. However, you could register at the retail electronics brand Best Buy to get notified when preorders will start.


What do we know about the ROG Ally?

The teaser video showed the ROG Ally playing games like High On Life and Ghostrunner. However, it does not share enough information about the specifications.


Asus says its upcoming gaming console will have a customized Ryzen APU and run Windows. It is similar to the Steam Deck’s Aerith SOC, making it one of the fastest processors from AMD.

Also, two prominent YouTubers have tested the device and posted videos about them. Content creator Dave2D was the first to try the handheld gaming machine.


Dave2D said the ROG Ally is smaller, lighter, and flatter than the Steam Deck. The former measures 280mm x 113mm x 39mm and weighs 608g.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Gamers handheld measures 298mm x 117mm x 50.5mm and weighs 669g. The Ally also has a more powerful display than the Deck.

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The Asus portable gaming device has a seven-inch 16:9 display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 120Hz. In contrast, Valve’s has a 16:10 display with 1280 x 800 resolution and 60Hz.

The slightly smaller display is an acceptable compromise for significantly boosting graphics and framerate. Also, Linus from Linus Tech Tips shared more tantalizing details about the ROG Ally.

He says he is the second person to touch the upcoming Asus gaming device. Moreover, Linus commented the prototype was quieter than the noisy Steam Deck.

The Ally hummed at a hushed 20 dB while the Deck whirred at 37 dB. Also, the tech reviewer noted users could easily replace the joysticks and SSD.

That could mean it is easier to repair and customize than the Steam Deck. However, Linus worried that the increased performance might lead to poor battery life.

Should you get a handheld gaming device?

This is the ROG Ally.

Photo Credit:

The ROG Ally is great news for portable gaming fans. However, are these devices ideal for PC or console gamers? That depends on your preferences.

Portability is one of the most appealing features of the Steam Deck and similar devices. You can bring them anywhere so that you can play games whenever.

Can’t you do that with a mobile device? Nowadays, smartphones are powerful enough to run visually-appealing titles like Genshin Impact.

However, they lack the processing power to operate more advanced titles like the Witcher 3 or Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. More importantly, they lack haptic feedback from physical buttons and joysticks, which provide greater control than tapping the screen.

Handheld consoles like the Steam Deck let you play PC games on the go. It lets you connect to your Steam game library and play online with friends.

Other portable gaming machines like the Nintendo Switch let you play exclusive titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Also, its JoyCons enable you to play local multiplayer.

For example, you want to play Smash Bros. while hanging out with your friends. You may slip out its two JoyCons so you and a buddy can play.

You may have four-player co-op (cooperative) sessions by bringing an extra pair of JoyCons. However, the main drawback of these devices is the lack of a mouse and keyboard.

You could connect these peripherals to the Steam Deck. However, playing PC games on a minuscule screen may feel awkward.

The mouse and keyboard are essential for games that require quick precision aiming, like Fortnite and Counter-Strike 2. You might not enjoy handheld gaming if you prefer first-person shooters.


Asus may revolutionize handheld gaming with the release of the ROG Ally. It is a more powerful Steam Deck, which delivers better graphics and smoother gameplay.

The company has not released more details regarding its gaming device at the time of writing. Fortunately, tech reviewer Linus says it seems ready for release.

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Soon, we may see the new gaming console in action. Meanwhile, follow Inquirer Tech to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest digital trends.

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