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Ophir Crypto Raises Funds For Philippine Churches

06:56 AM April 18, 2023

The world seemed to have lost interest in cryptocurrencies long before everyone turned their attention to artificial intelligence. Yet, it continues to be a force for good, especially for churches in the Philippines. A former pastor named Jon Blaylock launched the blockchain donation drive “Project Ophir Crypto,” aimed at maintaining churches and helping the poor.

Donors can send donations in USDT, USDC, ETH, SLP, HEX, or TEXAN to receive OPHIR crypto tokens. They have no monetary value, but they may become valuable once it becomes available for trading. Blaylock believed “opportunities for positive transformation are limitless” if churches and other organizations learned to adopt blockchain technology.

His statement read, “By creating a platform that is easy to use and available to all, we hope to empower people to take control of their finances and unlock their true potential. And by accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies, including ETH, USDC, USDT, SLP HEX, and TXN, we can reach a wider audience and make it easier for you to support our project.”


What is Project Ophir Crypto?

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Ophir Crypto stems from the mind of Jon Blaylock, the former Head of Marketing and Strategic Planning at Diamond Motor Corporation. In late 2021, he founded the blockchain firm 3lock.


Yet, he did not forget his roots as a worship pastor for a church plant at Imperial College, London. That is why he launched the blockchain donation drive.

He named it based on a place cited in the Bible’s Old Testament. Ophir was where King Solomon sourced the finest gold to construct God’s temple.


Nowadays, he wants Project Ophir Crypto to offer prosperity to Philippine Churches. He explained his goal in the following statement:

“Through the power of blockchain technology, galvanized communities can transcend barriers to financial inclusion, enabling access to the abundant resources that exist in our world. Ophir is unwavering in its commitment to unlocking this abundance and channeling it towards those who are most in need,” Blaylock said.

How does Ophir Crypto work?

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Using blockchain technology, Project Ophir Crypto sets itself apart from other religious donation drives. It involves donating other cryptocurrencies to obtain OPHIR tokens.

OPHIR uses the ERC-20 protocol, the same one used by Ethereum. The latter is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

You may send donations in ETH, USDC, USDT, SLP HEX, or TXN tokens. If this is your first time using crypto transactions, here’s how you can donate to Project Ophir Crypto:

  1. Begin by signing up for a cryptocurrency exchange, where you will buy your first tokens. Ensure your platform offers the cryptos listed above. The most popular platforms are Binance and Coinbase.
  2. Provide the required information and register a payment option. Nowadays, you may choose digital wallets and credit and debit cards.
  3. Then, follow your platform’s instructions to buy your first tokens. Check the price before purchasing. Also, note that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so their prices change almost every hour.
  4. Confirm your purchase and wait until your first tokens appear in your account.
  5. Next, get a crypto wallet. It can be a web wallet like MetaMask or a physical one like Ledger Nano X.
  6. Head to your crypto exchange’s page to send funds. It should show options to include payment amounts and the recipient’s public key.
  7. Enter your wallet’s public key, the 16-character alphanumeric code.
  8. Then, put how much crypto you want to send.
  9. Confirm the details and then click the Confirm button.

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The Ophir Crypto project uses a smart contract to send Ophir tokens. It is an agreement that automatically executes once specific conditions are met.

Follow the instructions above, and the smart contract will recognize your donation. As a result, it will send you OPHIR tokens.

What are the other benefits of Ophir Crypto?

This represents Ophir Crypto.

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The Project Ophir Crypto website says it sends donations to the General Mariano Alvarez Fellowship of Christian Churches. In turn, GMAFEC will use the funds to support these community service projects:

  1. Feeding programs
  2. Church building programs
  3. Death and burial programs
  4. Livelihood programs
  5. Medical aid and dental programs

Churches may also stake OPHIR tokens to raise funds. Think of it as a bond. You leave your money in a lock-up period to earn more.

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The website says it provides rewards based on the programmed yield curve. Moreover, allegedly no external party can influence or alter it.

The base rate is 5% annually but can grow to 85.5% if staked for 22 years. Also, OPHIR crypto holders and stakeholders gain access to blockchain educational resources.

As a result, it opens Philippine churches to the benefits of cryptocurrency. Jon Blaylock said, “There are many crypto communities around the world that are extremely passionate about helping those in need. We live in an abundant world. I firmly believe that the problem we have is not a resource problem, but a gatekeeping problem. By accepting crypto, these churches can have access to that abundance while connecting with the next generation of donors.”


Project Ophir Crypto aims to raise Philippine church funds via cryptocurrency. People could donate ERC-20 tokens to help and receive OPHIR tokens.

Founder and former pastor Jon Blaylock believe it will also help local communities. Nevertheless, you should be careful before investing in anything.

Note that this article does not provide investment advice. Follow Inquirer Tech to learn more about the latest trends in cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and more.

Frequently asked questions about Ophir Crypto

What is Ophir Crypto?

Former pastor Jon Blaylock launched Project Ophir Crypto to help Philippine churches. Its website says, “The OPHIR Cryptocurrency is a decentralized endowment token designed for unlocking abundance to fuel generosity; empowering & resourcing grassroots churches and those advocating for the poor and vulnerable across the Philippines and the world.”

Does Ophir Crypto have monetary value?

The Ophir Crypto whitepaper says OPHIR crypto tokens do not have a monetary value yet. It will allegedly become more valuable once it becomes available for trading. Still, it proves that Ophir donors shared funds with this church donation drive. Also, they gain access to various blockchain educational resources.

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Should I invest in cryptocurrency?

Note that investing in any asset means accepting you could lose your money. Also, cryptocurrency is famous for its highly volatile value. Study your chosen asset carefully before pouring any amount of money into it. Moreover, you should speak to a financial advisor to determine how to build your portfolio properly.

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