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Dyson Zone Headphones vs. NYC Wildfire Smoke

09:25 AM June 08, 2023

The Dyson Zone headphones captured people’s attention due to their strange air-filtration mask. Yet, it seemingly showcased its practicality as Canadian wildfire smoke spread to New York City. Some folks wore the Dyson mask while touring the Big Apple, and they said the gadget surprisingly impressed them.

Innovation means trying new things by creating products and services that often disturb or perplex onlookers. Eventually, they realize their usefulness once the opportunity arises. The recent smoke build-up in NYC might show that the Dyson Zone is worthwhile.

This article will discuss people’s experiences wearing the Dyson Zone headphones during the New York smoke. Then, I will explain why The City That Never Sleeps is smokier nowadays. Also, I will add tips on how to protect against wildfire smoke for New York readers.


Do Dyson Zone headphones work against wildfire smoke?


The famous vacuum cleaner brand Dyson released a unique product called the Dyson Zone. Unlike other earphones, they have an attachable air-filtration mask.

Dyson said it designed this audio device for people living in polluted areas. They could turn on the filter while commuting to breathe fresh air despite the thick smog.


Many people thought it looked silly, especially because it made you look like the Batman villain Bane. Consequently, many people have been joking about the product on social media.

Yet, when some tech reviewers tested it in New York, the Dyson Zone seemed to receive its breakout moment. They tested how the headphones would fare against the Canadian wildfire smoke drifting to the Big Apple.

Tom’s Guide writer Kate Kozuch said the Dyson Zone headphones let her breathe “better-quality air than I would have otherwise.” Also, The Verge writer Victoria Song did the same thing, saying, “The air filtering feature worked.”

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Dyson does not confirm its audio accessory can protect against wildfire smoke. However, it promises to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns, such as pollen and dust.”

In contrast, smoke particles are roughly 2.5 microns thick, larger than 0.1 microns. That means the Dyson Zone headphones should theoretically block such particles.

Kozuch reminds the public that the sound gadget cannot match KN95 masks, which offer some protection against wildfire smoke. Nevertheless, she claims the Dyson Zone earphones helped her through the smog.

Why does New York City have more smoke?

Many people recognize New York as a dazzling concrete jungle “where dreams are made of.” However, its city lights got murkier as Canadian wildfire smoke spread throughout the US West Coast.

Canada is in the middle of its wildfire season, which lasts from May to October. Also, it experienced its hottest day on record when Lytton, British Columbia, reached 49.6°C or 121°F.

Consequently, it matched the heat of California’s Death Valley. Experts point to climate change as the reason for the unprecedented heat in Maple Leaf country. “These Canadian wildfires are truly unprecedented and we cannot ignore that climate change continues to make these disasters worse,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said.

“Warmer temperatures and severe droughts mean forests burn faster, burn hotter, and burn bigger, and the warming is happening at a faster pace in countries with higher latitudes. None of this — none of this is coincidence,” the senator added.

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Extremely high temperatures caused the Canadian prairies of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Also, the Canada Drought Monitor says 10 provinces are experiencing abnormal dryness.

Dry, hot weather increases the likelihood of lightning strikes, igniting wildfires with no warning. As a result, Canada has been struggling to mitigate the growing blaze.

That is also why New York City is smokier nowadays. The area also received an air quality alert as the Manhattan skyline dimmed with Canadian haze.


The Dyson Zone headphones supposedly purify air quality for those commuting in polluted areas. Some tech reviewers tested the device during New York’s smokiest period and claimed it worked.

The CDC recommends staying indoors as much as possible as wildfire smoke engulfs The City That Never Sleeps. Also, wear a respirator if you must go outdoors.

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