Be the vivo student and teacher this school year

Be the vivo student and teacher this school year

/ 03:30 PM June 14, 2023

Just a few more months and it will once again be a new school year. Teachers, parents, and students will open their wallets to buy new school supplies, uniforms, and gadgets that they can use to kick off the school year 2023-2024 better. 

Given that some schools nowadays are in a hybrid set-up, it is important to note that having good devices like laptops and smartphones is significant to creating a conducive classroom environment where learning is exciting, fun, and more engaging.


Teachers can use smartphones like vivo Y Series as a teaching aid to access websites, mobile apps, and videos to engage their students in new ways and improve learning outcomes. Also, they can use it as a tool that effectively and efficiently enhances teacher-student feedback loops. 

To prove this, numerous studies have found that students view teachers’ use of cell phones in the classroom as a joint effort. Therefore, utilizing a mobile device can improve access, communication, and information exchange, enhancing engagement in the classroom (Stockton University, 2019).  

Students, on the other hand, can benefit greatly from a smartphone because they can use it to do homework and projects like presentations, videos, and research. Smartphone devices have access to the internet and can install applications like Google and Grammarly that are useful in students’ learning. 

With this, having a trusted smartphone device that is not too much of a burden on the budget is indeed needed and is a critical factor for students’ online and offline classes. 

vivo Y Series’ specifications and features are particularly perfect for any students and teachers searching for a reliable and stylish device.

Good cameras for visual aids and easy note-taking

vivo Y series has a good camera system that is capable of bringing high-quality and professional-looking images to develop visuals for presentations. Phones, nowadays, are also best for scanning key files and modules. vivo Y35 and Y16 can be your go-to phones to do these tasks.

vivo Y35 has a 50MP camera with a large sensor, a 2MP bokeh camera, a rear camera video with electronic image stabilization (EIS), and a 2MP macro camera. Meanwhile, vivo Y16 has a 5MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera with 2MP macro lens.

Long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted teaching and studying

Online and face-to-face classes are mostly done the whole day. Thus, it is ideal for students to have smartphone devices that are long-lasting for all-day use without dying. 

vivo Y Series like Y35, Y33s, Y22s, Y16, and Y15s all have 5000mAh battery and fast-charging capability. These are must-buy phones for students who are studying all night and going through whole-day online classes and sessions. 

Reliable and lag-free performance

vivo Y Series guarantees a lag-free and flawless experience even if students and teachers have a lot of things stored on their devices such as lecture modules, photographs for various tasks, or even films for class presentations. 

The usual Extended RAM of up to 8GB for vivo Y Series enables users to switch from one application to another easily when multitasking.Get a vivo Y Series phone now at the official website, Shopee, Lazada and TikTok shops, or vivo kiosks and concept stores nationwide.


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