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Katamari Google game lets you roll search results into a ball!

04:25 PM June 14, 2023

Are you getting bored with searching on Google? Kotaku recently reported about the new Katamari Damacy easter egg on the Google search engine. It lets you play a game where you roll a ball on the search engine results page!

The Google search engine hides numerous secrets or “easter eggs” that trigger interesting animations and open hidden games. It is a fun way to make the website interesting and satisfy fans. More importantly, these let you pass the time by uniquely playing with the website.

This article will explain how to trigger the Katamari Google game and how to play it. Also, I will briefly discuss the original game that inspired this easter egg. Later, I will show other Google easter eggs you can try on the search engine.


How does the Katamari Google game work?


I never expected to see a hidden video game based on an obscure title in the Google search engine. Fortunately, Kotaku surprised me with its latest report. Follow these steps to play the easter egg:

  1. Head to the Google search page.
  2. Then, type “Katamari” in the search box.
  3. Wait until a colorful ball bounces on the screen.
  4. Click or tap on the ball.
  5. Afterward, use the arrow keys to move the ball. Alternatively, drag it across the screen with your finger.

You can play the game on a web browser and smartphone. Interestingly, words and other parts of the website will stick to the ball as it rolls over them!

The Katamari game has no time limit and doesn’t record points as you roll over more objects. It only wants users to have a unique and entertaining experience with Google search.

What is the Katamari game?

This is a screenshot from Katamari Damacy.

Photo Credit: gonintendo.com

Kotaku spoke with Lucas Bullen, the lead software engineer of the Katamari Google game. He emailed, “Katamari is a nostalgic game for many of us and has a large fan following.”

“The recognizable game mechanic of items getting attached to the rolling Katamari is so fun and unique that we wanted to see it interact with the Search page and give fans an opportunity to play with the Katamari outside of just the games.”

Bullen says it sparks nostalgia, but the game isn’t as popular as other classics like Super Mario. Yet, that obscurity makes sense once you read its plot.


The devs based the minigame on the PlayStation 2 game, “Katamari Damacy,” from 2004. It features a character named the King of All Cosmos who accidentally destroyed all the stars in the sky.

You play as his son, the Prince of All cosmos, who must replace the stars by collecting items from Earth. He must roll them into a ball with a specific size within a time limit.

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The first levels start with small items like nails and erasers. Later, Katamari Damacy makes you roll over larger objects like furniture and buildings!

Each level ends with the King of The Cosmos measuring your ball. Satisfy his requirements, and he will lift your ball into the sky and burn them into a new star.

The game can be challenging because obstacles may shake off parts of your ball. However, the Google minigame is a more chill experience by letting you play endlessly.

Are there other Google easter eggs?

This represents the dino Google minigame.

Photo Credit: nakedideas.com

The Katamari Damacy minigame isn’t the only fun Google easter egg. Try these tips and tricks to pass the time or surprise your friends and family:

  1. Flip a Coin: Enter “flip a coin” on Google search, and it will show either heads or tails.
  2. Star Fox: Enter “do a barrel roll,” and the Google search page will spin once. It is a nod to the classic space flight game, “Star Fox 64.”
  3. The Last of Us: Type “The Last of Us” to reveal a mushroom button. Then, tap or click on it to cover your search page with mushrooms. It refers to the Cordyceps zombies from the famous video game and HBO Max series.
  4. Super Mario Bros: Put “Super Mario Bros” on the search box to reveal a question mark box. Click or tap on it, and it will shoot out a coin and “200 points” each time.
  5. Friends: Are you a fan of the sitcom “Friends?” Type “Ross Geller” on the search bar to reveal a white couch. Tap or click it to skew the page, referring to the scene where he struggled to move a sofa.
  6. 90’s Google: Search “Google in 1998” to show the website’s past appearance.
  7. Dinosaur game: Remove your internet access and search anything on Google to reveal a dinosaur beside a cactus. Press the spacebar or tap on the dino to make it move. Make it jump over obstacles by pressing the spacebar or tapping the character.

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Search “Katamari” on Google to play with a ball on the search engine. You may also try the other easter eggs to enjoy the online search platform.

It’s little things like minigames that keep the Google search platform interesting. Of course, you can do more with the site for work and daily life.

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