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Pokemon Sleep: How to improve sleep with your fave Poke-pals

12:01 AM July 11, 2023

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Nintendo will release a new sleep-tracking mobile game called Pokemon Sleep in July. It gamifies your circadian rhythm by encouraging you to hit the hay to accumulate Drowsy Power to grow the rotund dozy Snorlax.

Eventually, meeting the recommended amount of sleep every night lets you see rare Pokemon. Sleeping for eight hours nightly is difficult for many people worldwide. Some people take sleeping pills, but Pokemon Sleep could be a safer alternative. You don’t have to worry about unintended side effects, and you raise a digital pet too.

This mobile sleepy app is also a great choice for Pokemon fans. This article will discuss how to ensure you have quality rest every night with Pokemon Sleep. Then, I will discuss the importance of sleep and other ways to doze off conveniently.


How to play Pokemon Sleep

It seems weird to see a game that encourages players to sleep, but Nintendo released one anyway. Here’s how you can improve your nightly slumber with Snorlax:

  1. Download and install Pokemon Sleep from the Google Play Store. At the time of writing, the game is not available on iOS. According to USA Today, the app will launch sometime in late July.
  2. Next, open the program and tap its button to indicate you will sleep.
  3. Put your phone near your pillow, face down. The Pokemon Sleep trailer reminds users the app doesn’t function on hard surfaces.
  4. Also, plug your phone into an outlet or portable charger to ensure it doesn’t lose power overnight.

Pokemon Sleep uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect and record sleep patterns. Also, it detects your sleep vocalizations and rocking movements.

Wake up and reopen the app to reveal your accumulated Drowsy Power. Adults must sleep 8.5 hours to earn a maximum of 100 points. Meanwhile, children must sleep 11 hours to hit that top score. Also, the app will gauge your Sleep Style, depending on how deep your sleep was:

  • Dozing Style: light sleep
  • Snoozing Style: medium sleep
  • Slumbering Style: heavy sleep

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According to IGN, Pokemon Sleep shows a graph of how long you slept in each style and how much you moved during the night. Moreover, less movement means heavier sleep.

Your Sleep Style determines the Pokemon that appear near Snorlax. Also, the game transfers to new islands with new Snorlaxes with different appetites.

You feed your plump Poke-buddy and the others you attract during the day. Offer enough food to the latter, and they will join your team to help raise Snorlax. You’re more likely to see rare Pokemon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Why is sleep important?

This is someone sleeping.

Online productivity advice often encourages a hustle culture by staying late to perform more work than others. However, we should not consider sleep as a human body flaw.

Most living creatures require sleep to maintain normal daily functions. Otherwise, you may encounter the following negative effects on your life, according to Cleveland Clinic:

  • You may become more aloof and unaware of your surroundings.
  • Also, you might experience daytime sleepiness, reducing work and school performance.
  • You might struggle to remember important information and socialize.
  • Cleveland Clinic says drowsy driving causes thousands of road accidents annually.
  • Worse, you may develop serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Other ways to improve sleep

This is someone sleeping.

Pokemon Sleep can help you sleep better, but it won’t come out until the end of July. If you’re struggling to sleep, try these methods to improve nighttime rest immediately:

  • Take slow, controlled breaths before bed to signal your brain for rest.
  • Try meditation by sitting still, breathing deeply, closing your eyes, and focusing on surrounding sensations.
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes daily to fall asleep faster. Physical activity expends energy, prompting your body to recuperate by dozing off.
  • Stop using your phone while lying in bed. PC and mobile screens emit blue light commonly found in sunlight. It signals the body to wake, making sleeping difficult at night.

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Nintendo will release a new mobile game that encourages players to meet a healthy amount of nightly sleep. At the time of writing, the video game firm hasn’t specified a launch date.

IGN says “accredited, well-known sleep researchers” helped develop Pokemon Sleep’s features. However, it is not a medical device. If you’ve been struggling to rest for an extended period, seek medical help.

You may also try other methods like the ones suggested above. You can also learn tips and trends for the latest games, gadgets, apps, and more at Inquirer Tech.

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Frequently asked questions about Pokemon Sleep

How can I download the Pokemon Sleep app?

You may pre-register for the Pokemon Sleep app on the Google Play Store to download and install it once the launch date comes. It is not available on the Apple App Store at the time of writing. The official Pokemon Sleep page has an App Store link but hasn’t yet led to the download page.

Does Pokemon Sleep connect with Pokemon Go+?

The official app webpage says you may link your Pokemon Go+ smartwatch to Pokemon Sleep for additional features. Hold the device’s central button, put it by your pillow, then sleep. It is a great way to avoid rolling over your smartphone while the app is active. Moreover, it emits Pikachu’s familiar cute voice when it’s time to wake up or sleep.

How does the app handle user data?

IGN says the app collects specific data but will maintain user anonymity. Also, it might use your information for statistical purposes, such as measuring the average sleep time in the US. The website also says Pokemon Sleep deletes data automatically after 24 hours.

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