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Viral YouTuber folds Motorola and Samsung phones until they break

02:05 PM August 10, 2023

YouTuber Mrkeybrd became popular online after repeatedly bending foldable Motorola and Samsung phones until they broke. Also known as Kuba Klawiter, he named his experiment “The Great Folding Test Vol. II.” The content creator stated on his website that he puts manufacturer claims to human tests.

Most would dismiss these folding tests as one of the countless, mindless stunts on YouTube and social media. Contrary to popular belief, Klawiter’s content aims to help people who use Motorola and Samsung products. It verifies their durability so that people see whether their purchases meet their expectations.

In other words, these videos show whether you get what you paid for. This article will elaborate on Mrkeybrd’s Samsung and Motorola stress tests. Also, I will discuss why Kuba Klawiter and his team perform these experiments.


Motorola vs. Samsung phones: Which was more durable?

Motorola vs. Samsung phones durability comparison

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Kuba Klawiter started his experiment on August 2, 2023, ending it on August 8. He tested the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.


The Verge said the winner was Samsung because it withstood 401,146 folds. On the other hand, Motorola threw in the towel after 126,266 cycles.

I tried watching the stream, but it is unavailable at the time of writing. Still, Mashable says the live stream had an average of 600 to 800 people watching it.


The limited viewership is likely due to the mundane content. It is important to stress test smartphones, but seeing someone fold one repeatedly for hours is not engaging.

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On August 8, Mashable writer Tim Marcin noticed the Mrkybrd team swap the flipper with another person. Also, he saw someone post, “Bro is closing it harder. It gives me anxiety.”

Klawiter told Insider his stream accumulated roughly half a million views in total. I saw it had 960,521 views on the video page at the time of writing.

Mrkybrd has been stress testing Samsung phones before this latest experiment. Previously, he tested a Galaxy Z Flip 3, which withstood 418,500 folds.

What did Klawiter discover about Motorola and Samsung phones?

Klawiter's discovery about Motorola and Samsung phone durability

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Kuba Klawiter, or Mrkybrd, is a tech reviewer on YouTube who discusses the latest digital products and services. Nowadays, he has been testing how durable foldable phones are.

Contrary to popular belief, foldable smartphones are different from flip phones. The former function like smartphones, but you can fold their screens.

Flip phones have separate parts for a screen and keypad. Foldables became popular as Motorola and Samsung released them as flagship projects.

We expect companies to test their products because they usually label the limits of their devices. For example, foldable phones specify how often they can fold before breaking.

However, Klawiter insists some brands test their products in ideal conditions, making their claims invalid in real life. Mrkybrd explained his stance with the following statement from his website:

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“Smartphone producers seem to think consumers will be impressed by their ratings of 400,000+ folds, performed in a more controlled setting and most likely by a machine designed to fold the smartphone only in the way it was intended.”

“But machines aren’t human. Humans have been known to break things just by “looking” at them. Of course, we all seem to think we look with our hands and often forget our hands are strong enough to break what we “‘look at.’”

“It’s almost instinctual for us to bend something until it breaks. Foldable smartphones are no exception, and our team of volunteers with Mrkebrd (a.k.a. Kuba Klawiter) are ready to embrace that great human tradition for a second summer in a row.”


Viral YouTuber Mrkybrd repeatedly folded Motorola and Samsung phones until they malfunctioned to test their durability. Consequently, the Samsung device emerged victorious as the more durable folding smartphone.

However, his findings may differ from your user experience due to various factors. Take care of your devices to ensure they function properly for a long time.

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