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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Refurbished iPhone 13

10:34 AM August 21, 2023

Many wish to have the latest iPhone but lack a budget for it. Fortunately, you can still purchase an Apple iPhone at an arguably affordable price by getting a refurbished one. The Cupertino tech giant assures customers it replaces dysfunctional parts to ensure quality. The latest model available is the iPhone 13 Pro Max!

Getting a restored gadget is a great money-saving feature, especially if you need a replacement phone. It offers the chance to enter the Apple iPhone family after your Android breaks. Moreover, refurbished gadgets are a win for the environment because they recycle devices destined for the landfill into your new Apple gadget.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about purchasing a refurbished Apple iPhone. I will explain what to expect with restored gadgets and how to purchase genuine, functional ones.


What does ‘Refurbished’ mean?

This is an iPhone.

A “refurbished” gadget is a secondhand device that received Apple replacement parts. You may recall the US-based tech firm encouraging people to submit their old gadgets for Apple iPhone discounts.

The company looks for gadgets requiring minimal repairs by identifying issues and defects. For example, they verify if a returned Apple iPhone’s video playback still works with ample battery life.

Next, the company cleans existing parts and replaces broken ones to make the devices functional again. Rest assured that you won’t receive a wet iPhone as the tech giant thoroughly checks refurbished devices before selling them.

Replacing outer parts means you probably won’t see light scratches and other signs of normal wear. As a result, a refurbished Apple iPhone is as good as new!

What are the pros of buying a refurbished Apple iPhone?

This is an iPhone.

When I say a restored Apple gadget is as good as new, I mean it. According to MakeUseOf’s tech tips website, an Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone has no scratches or dents.


Other companies like Back Market sell refurbished machines, but they often grade them based on defects and issues. Conversely, Apple doesn’t grade its refurbished devices because they’re indistinguishable from new ones.

Restored secondhand devices are also a great money-saver. Apple says you can save up to 15% on refurbished gadgets. However, MakeUseOf says you could get higher discounts on other gadgets.

For example, a new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max costs $1,099. On the other hand, a refurbished one will only set you back $839, so you save roughly $260.

In September 2021, the iPhone 13 debuted a $1,099 for its 256GB model. Conversely, a refurbished one functions like a brand-new one and offers various accessories for $530.

Some avoid purchasing refurbished phones because they assume they don’t have a warranty. They believe secondhand products have hidden defects you can’t refund due to the lack of this condition.

In other words, they believe restored gadgets are a scam. Contrary to popular belief, every refurbished Apple iPhone has a warranty. The tech firm includes it because the device passed their standards for brand-new ones.

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More importantly, buying a refurbished Apple iPhone enables you to help the environment. Creating a new phone consumes enormous amounts of water.

Smartphone manufacturing involves mining rare earth minerals like cobalt. Consequently, it usually destroys plant and animal habitats. Conversely, buying a restored device reduces electronic waste from discarded machines.

On the other hand, refurbishing a secondhand Apple iPhone requires significantly fewer resources. As a result, purchasing a restored gadget is budget and environment-friendly!

What are the risks of purchasing a refurbished Apple iPhone?

This is an iPhone.

The biggest setback of buying refurbished gadgets is the limited options. At the time of writing, you can only purchase a refurbished iPhone 12 and 13 from Apple.

You can also buy the previous models of other products, like the Apple Watch 7 and 8. We might only see a refurbished Apple iPhone 14 when the iPhone 15 launches.

However, stocks often run out quickly for the latest refurbished models. Also, you may need to wait weeks or months more if you prefer a specific color.

For example, you might struggle to buy a black iPhone because most people prefer dark-colored products. A refurbished Apple iPhone is as good as new, but it would likely have a lower resale value.

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After all, most people prefer buying brand-new gadgets instead of restored ones. Lastly, a refurbished Apple iPhone will likely malfunction sooner than another fresh off-the-box.

Apple replaces external and internal components, but MakeUseOf says it would likely have a used logic board. That may cause the device to have issues sooner.

Fortunately, a refurbished gadget usually has a battery life similar to a new one, but charge cycles vary. Moreover, the battery may have limited recharge cycles, especially if you use MagSafe wireless charging frequently.

What to consider when buying a refurbished Apple product

This is an iPhone.

Ensure your refurbished gadget is worth the purchase by verifying various factors. Check these characteristics before buying your new gadget:

Scan for visible scratches and dents to ensure your restored iPhone follows the Apple quality standard. Minor nicks may seem insignificant, but they affect your iPhone’s advanced dual camera system, dust resistance, and durable design.

Ask the Apple Store attendant to switch on the device to confirm battery health. Run apps to check how quickly they consume energy, but remember that battery claims depend on various factors.
Check your refurbished iPhone 13’s screen for display issues like dead pixels and color inconsistencies.

You should get refurbished products from their manufacturers, but you can also buy them from third parties. However, you must choose yours carefully.

Read their online reviews to confirm the company meets expectations. Also, compare platforms to find the best deals and perks. Contact the company if you have questions.

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Check the warranty and return policy. Look elsewhere if a secondhand market doesn’t provide one. If your refurbished Apple iPhone has a warranty, read its terms and conditions. As a result, you can get your money back if your iPhone breaks.

When buying refurbished mobile phones, you should be able to make use of them straight out of the box and not have to buy accessories that should ordinarily come with them. That’s the difference between used iPhones and refurbished ones.

Finally, ensure your iPhone has a SIM ejector tool. It seems useless, but that will enable you to swap out SIM cards conveniently. You could eject the SIM tray by poking it with a thin object, but an ejector tool prevents harming your new device.

Where to buy refurbished devices

This is an iPhone.

You can buy a refurbished iPhone outside of Apple, such as in physical marketplaces and online platforms. For example, you can get a refurbished gadget from eBay, Amazon, and Swappa.

They usually show refurbished gadget listings from third parties, so you must check online reviews. Look at the number of stars and comments.

If it only has a few comments with five stars, those could be a manufacturer’s employees leaving fake reviews. You want product listings with at least four stars but thousands of comments.

See if the reviews come from a few accounts or post similar messages. Identical profiles and reviews could mean automated bots are manipulating the product rating.

Check the lowest-rated reviews for complaints related to your preferences. For example, you may avoid an iPhone listing if several people complain about faulty video playback.

You can also get a refurbished phone from physical locations like Walmart and Best Buy. Some prefer brick-and-mortar stores because they can speak to a representative in person.

The downside is most physical stores have limited supplies. Also, they typically charge more for refurbished items compared to online platforms. Of course, official Apple refurbished stores are the best options.

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They follow the standards we’ve discussed, but they often charge higher prices than third-party stores. That is why some prefer the latter, but they are unlikely to give you a quality restored gadget.

They can also be a hassle because they have proprietary certification or rating systems to ensure quality. As mentioned, the tech giant doesn’t grade its restored products because they follow the standards for brand-new ones.

In contrast, other companies rank restored gadgets with letters. Nevertheless, you need to learn how they work to make sure your refurbished gadget is worth your money.


In conclusion, opting for a refurbished iPhone 13 presents a wise choice that combines value and quality. This comprehensive guide has shed light on crucial considerations for your refurbished gadget venture, including the true meaning of “Refurbished,” the refurbishing process itself, and valuable tips for maximizing your investment.

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By purchasing a refurbished device, you contribute to both value optimization and environmental consciousness. However, approaching the process with caution, patience, and extensive research is paramount.

With these measures in place, you can confidently navigate the refurbished market and find the perfect restored phone to meet your needs. Wishing you a successful and satisfying journey in your quest for a refurbished mobile phone! Happy shopping!

Frequently asked questions about refurbished Apple iPhone

Is it risky to buy a refurbished Apple iPhone?

Purchasing a restored gadget can be risky if you get one from a third-party reseller. They often offer previous models at lower prices than manufacturers, but they may not follow Apple’s quality standards. Consequently, it is ideal to get your restored Apple iPhone from Apple. You may spend more, but the company guarantees quality comparable to brand-new devices.

Why should I purchase a refurbished Phone?

Buying a refurbished phone is a budget-friendly way of becoming an iPhone user. It lets you spend less money on an iPhone to replace your broken device. More importantly, restored gadgets enable you to help the environment by recycling products instead of turning them into electronic waste. You also get a warranty if you receive it from Apple.

Should I buy an iPhone 13 now?

Now might be the best time to purchase an iPhone 13 because you can get a refurbished one. It meets the same standards for new devices, but you spend less money. Also, you may want to buy one as soon as possible because many people are buying refurbished products. You might not be able to buy your preferred model if you wait too long.

How do I take care of my iPhone?

Check the settings if you think your iPhone is broken and only use it within its resistance. For example, check the network configuration if you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. Some iPhones have water resistance, but it only works within a specific maximum depth. Your phone may be dust resistant, but you may want to put a screen protector.

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