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Elon Musk got warning AI could destroy Mars colony

10:30 AM December 07, 2023

A recent Business Insider report says Elon Musk was warned AI could endanger Mars colonies. In 2012, Google DeepMind co-founder Demis Hassabis told the billionaire his plan to colonize the Red Planet wouldn’t work because of it. However, both have invested heavily in artificial intelligence development.

Imagine a technology so ubiquitous that it might follow us into outer space. Yet, that is not a fantasy anymore, as more companies try to bring humans to other planets. We must prepare for that reality if humanity will become an interplanetary species. As a result, we could also anticipate artificial intelligence’s effects on Earth.

This article will elaborate on the AI Mars warning Elon Musk received. Later, I will discuss the SpaceX CEO’s recent AI projects and others.


What was in the AI Mars warning?

Exploring the specifics of the AI warning for Mars explorationDelving into the details of the AI warning for Mars, this image illustrates the key information and insights that are crucial for understanding the potential risks and challenges associated with artificial intelligence on the Red Planet.
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Business Insider says Hassabis was worried AI assisting humans would lead to a future Martian colony’s destruction. In response, Musk reportedly “lost the powers of speech.”


As a result, the Tesla CEO became a loud AI critic. He once admitted to BI he was “a little worried about AI stuff.” Moreover, he stated, “I think it’s something we should be concerned about. We should need some kind of regulatory authority or something, overseeing AI development and making sure it’s operating within the public interest.”

Yet, Musk has been investing heavily in artificial intelligence. He recently opened an AI firm called xAI, which released the Grok chatbot.  

Other experts voiced their opinions regarding this potential conflict of interest. “Musk has been profoundly critical of other people’s AI systems for a long time but very bullish on projects he is involved with,” Samuel Mangold-Lenett, a staff editor at The Federalist, told Fox News.

Some told the news outlet AI hasn’t advanced enough to become that much of a threat. “The first thing to understand is that the current generation of AI is not what Musk or Hassabis are concerned about,” Christopher Alexander, chief analytics officer of Pioneer Development Group, said.

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“Musk is heavily invested in next-generation AI that is moving towards human-like sentience. Today’s AI cannot look at a blank slate and create something,” he added. Nowadays, modern AI relies on databases containing human-made media to generate results. 


On the other hand, a Chinese study published in Nature suggests AI robot chemists could provide oxygen for Martian colonies. Our study provides a demonstration that an advanced AI chemist can, without human intervention, synthesize OER catalysts on Mars from local ores,” it said.

“The established protocol and system, which are generic and adaptive, are expected to advance automated material discovery and synthesis of chemicals for the occupation and exploration of extraterrestrial planets.”

What are Elon Musk’s latest projects?

The SpaceX CEO launched his first AI chatbot on November 4, 2023. As mentioned, he calls it “Grok,” which is a verb coined by American sci-fi writer Robert A. Heinlein. 

The Guardian says it means to “understand thoroughly and intuitively.” In simple terms, Grok is ChatGPT but sassier. After all, xAI says it “is designed to answer questions with a bit of wit and has a rebellious streak.”

Take the post above as an example. Grok gave a joke response when a user asked how to make cocaine. It listed vague steps before warning the user not to produce this illegal substance. 

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The Grok website warns people not to use it if they “hate humor.” Also, xAI admits it is a “very early best product” that the company created with only two months of training.

That is why Grok is far from competing with ChatGPT and other bots at the time of writing. Nonetheless, Elon Musk wants to continue AI research because he thinks it will become the “most disruptive force in history.”

“We will have something that is, for the first time, smarter than the smartest human,” he added. “It’s hard to say exactly what that moment is, but there will come a point where no job is needed. You can have a job if you want to have a job for personal satisfaction. But the AI would be able to do everything.” 


Elon Musk received a warning that artificial intelligence could destroy future Mars colonies. In response, the billionaire reportedly became speechless.

Musk seems committed to his interplanetary goals. After all, he said, It’s about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than the past.”

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