Harnyss introduces tech to harness hydrogen to produce electricity 

Harnyss from the U.S. introduces tech to harness the power of hydrogen to produce electricity 

/ 09:45 AM March 18, 2024

The future in energy generation is coming to the Philippines. A new technology developed by Harnyss, a company from the United States, has recently been introduced to local media through a briefing held in Manila. 

To simplify, Harnyss offers a system that could ‘harness’ hydrogen in the surroundings and use it to effectively and efficiently store energy generated through renewable sources (be it solar, wind, or hydrothermal). Through ‘supercapacitors,’ low-pressure hydrogen stores energy that is then converted into electricity for consumption. 

“Our new technology consists of a hydrogen power system that could utilize water available from the atmosphere and use that to extract hydrogen, which would then be stored until the fuel cells convert it into useable electricity,” said Kirby Smith, Harnyss CEO who flew in from the U.S. for the media conference. 

Another Harnyss executive, Phillip Martin, the COO, described the system as a complete setup, taking the size of a common container van that can be installed or connected with solar panels, wind turbines, or other renewable energy installations. The setup is able to bring power to up to 90 local households.

Thus, the Harnyss technology is ideal for use in small neighborhoods in barangays within rural or urban settings. It is also recommended for small commercial establishments, hospitals, military facilities, hotels, and even businesses. Harnyss hopes the technology could attract potential users from the private and public sectors. 

Renewable and cleaner energy 

The breakthrough Harnyss technology is a promising solution for governments and businesses that support the use of cleaner or environment-friendly energy. It could be a perfect solution for harnessing renewable energy sources across the country, in line with the Renewable Energy Act that promotes renewable energy generation. 

Aside from using hydrogen in the air, the system generates a simple and clean by-product—water. It does not produce harmful emissions or compounds, unlike other energy technologies introduced by other parties in the past. 

Worthy investment

However, it is able to store and generate more energy, in fast and safer processes. According to the Harnyss executives, excess electricity the system can produce can even be sold back to the grid, opening the possibility for owners/ users to generate complementary income from it. This makes Harnyss technology an even more viable investment. 

But what is most striking about this hydrogen energy storage solution is its ability to bring about an effective return on investment. In the long run, users can significantly reduce electricity cost, plus, they can be more confident about continuous energy availability. 

Say goodbye to unlikely and abrupt power interruptions. The system could continuously supply power to users even during rainy days and at nighttime (for solar power users). 

When asked about maintenance, Harnyss assured that its local partners would take care of the aftersales. That means users of the system can rest assured that they will get the necessary and timely technical and expert support for possible maintenance requirements. 

Harnyss said this technology will be available to the country this year. 


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