Microsoft AutoDev turns developers into AI supervisors

Microsoft AutoDev turns developers into AI supervisors

/ 03:05 PM April 17, 2024

Technology shifts how people behave, so we must understand how it progresses. Many examples of gadgets started as rudimentary instruments and evolved into advanced devices, like phones, cameras, and televisions.

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In a similar vein, software developers used to take longer when working on systems and programs due to limited tools and technology. But soon, these developers may use Microsoft AutoDev.


What is Microsoft AutoDev?

On March 13, 2024, Microsoft released a research paper regarding AutoDev, an automated AI-driven development framework. The official arXiv post says:


“The developer’s role within the AutoDev framework transforms from manual actions and validation of AI suggestions to a supervisor overseeing multi-agent collaboration on tasks, with the option to provide feedback.”

Microsoft AutoDev employs AI agents that plan and execute sophisticated software engineering tasks, such as:

  • Editing files
  • Building code
  • Executing programs
  • Running tests
  • Retrieving data
  • Managing GIT operations

The AI framework can retrieve the content it needs from your codebase, validate its code with comprehensive testing, and iterate until it reaches the ideal solution.

Paul Hankin, the senior designer of Thompson Coburn LLP, says it lets software developers “sit back and monitor the agents’ progress.” 

In other words, software developers only need to supervise the AI as it does all the work.

What is the impact of AI on the workforce?

This represents an office using Microsoft AutoDev.
Free stock photo from Pexels

Singapore-based knowledge hub VulcanPost shared interesting insights regarding Microsoft AutoDev and other AI automation programs.


Author Micheal Petreaus says AI might change the skills software developers need. Often, people assume IT professionals are introverted folks who prefer working alone. 

However, they may need to brush up on their social skills soon as AI firms train machines to speak like humans. More importantly, Petreaus pondered on its long-term implications. 

Microsoft AutoDev’s impact makes us face a question that we must answer as we rely more on artificial intelligence:

“If AI replaces most of us, will there be any humans left competent enough to modify the code if things go wrong in the future?”

“It’s a chicken or egg situation: what comes first? You need development skills to understand what AI is doing, but how do you learn if AI is doing everything?”

These will be questions that everyone worldwide must answer as time progresses. However, we can only answer them by understanding how these technologies work.

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