How to waterproof smartphones during the rainy season

How to waterproof smartphones during the rainy season

/ 02:28 PM June 26, 2024

It’s been raining in Manila and other parts of the world.

This means, it’s time to avoid getting wet.

Also, that means owners of smartphones must know how to waterproof their devices. 

You have many ways to keep your phone dry, such as putting it in a waterproof case or pouch.

However, each one has its pros and cons. 


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This article will discuss how you can waterproof your smartphone to help you decide the best option.

Note that there is no 100% foolproof method for protecting your unit from water damage. 

1. Waterproof phone case

This shows a way to waterproof smartphones.
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IT management solutions provider Computer Care says waterproof cases can protect your device from accidental submersion. Also, it keeps your mobile phone safe from dirt, sand, food and other damaging debris.


The biggest advantage of the waterproof case over other methods is it lets you use your phone normally.

You can keep using the gadget and press its buttons.


One problem with waterproof cases is they could make your phone bulkier and heavier. You might find that an issue if you prefer a compact, lightweight phone. 

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Sometimes, the case may affect your phone’s responsiveness.

For example, the case’s protective film may keep the screen from registering your finger inputs. 

The plastic coat may keep you from pressing buttons, and it may cover the microphone during calls.

That is why you should invest in high-quality phone cases and test them on your phone before purchasing. 

2. Waterproof pouches

This shows a way to waterproof smartphones.
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You can also waterproof smartphones by putting them in pouches and dry bags. They keep your device and other stuff dry, making them more practical on trips. 

Most pouches are also more affordable than cases.

Moreover, the better ones offer protection in greater depths, making them ideal for diving and other watersports. 

However, you should check your pouch or bag carefully if they let you use your phone inside. Some may not offer the same shock and drop protection as phone cases.

3. Nano coating

This shows a way to waterproof smartphones.
Free stock photo from Pexels

Tech guide website HelloTech recommends applying a nano coating on your phone. It is a thin layer that keeps water from entering your device.

It’s like a more convenient version of a phone case.

Nano coatings let you use your phone normally, protecting it without adding weight or bulk.

You may purchase these items on Shopee, Amazon or other online platforms.

This method covers the microphone and ports to offer higher waterproofing than most cases.

However, the downside is you will eventually have to remove the film to recharge your phone or take phone calls. 

Nano coatings also have an expiration date, meaning you’ll have to replace the coating after some time.

Alternatively, you may purchase waterproof smartphones.

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Those might be steep investments, but they could be more worthwhile in the long run.

Instead of replacing your device’s waterproofing accessory, your mobile device may have the feature built-in. 

Check your options online, and then verify them at the store to see if they’re right for you.

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If you prefer the accessories, see if your phone brand provides waterproofing options.

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