How to cite ChatGPT on your research paper

How to cite ChatGPT on your research paper

/ 01:04 PM June 26, 2024

You probably found your students using ChatGPT for homework if you’re a teacher. Instead of banning AI, you should teach them to cite ChatGPT properly.

Artificial intelligence tools are becoming more prevalent in creating text and other media. Soon, students will enter the workforce with AI in every task. 

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If they rely on this technology for knowledge, they must know how to properly cite it to promote intellectual honesty. This article will discuss how to cite ChatGPT in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style.


How to cite ChatGPT in APA Style

This represents how to cite ChatGPT in a research paper.
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The official American Psychological Association Style website says the APA Style expects writers to refer to the original author’s last name and the year of publication.

For example, if you cite the writer of this article, you might quote him and then put “(Arasa, 2024).” Similarly, you should put “(ChatGPT, [year of publication])” whenever you cite ChatGPT. 

APA Style source pages require the author’s name, date, and a source link. The APA Style website says you should also mention the developer and the language model:

OpenAI (2024). ChatGPT (June 14 version) [Large language model].


You can’t link back to an AI chatbot conversation, so the website recommends including your full exchange in the appendix. Consequently, readers can see your prompts that led to the ChatGPT information. 

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If you add that in the appendix, mention that in the citation. Here’s an example of how you should do it: 

(OpenAI, 2024; see Appendix A for the full transcript).

How to cite ChatGPT in MLA Style

This represents how to cite ChatGPT in a research paper.
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The Modern Language Association Style typically requires citing the author and the page number where you put a quote. However, ChatGPT does not have page numbers, so that rule doesn’t apply.

Lifewire says MLA Style doesn’t treat the AI like an author. Instead, you should provide these details when you cite ChatGPT:

  • Prompt’s title
  • AI bot’s name
  • The publisher
  • AI developer’s name
  • Date the text was generated
  • URL for the AI program

The citation should look like this: 

ChatGPT, June 14. GPT-4o version, OpenAI, June 14 2024,

The MLA Style requires this format for text prompts and AI-generated images. Also, your source and bibliography page must include these pieces of information:

  • Ai name
  • AI model name and version
  • Source link
  • Developer name
  • Date

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It should look like this: 

“Quotes for how to cite ChatGPT in MLA Style” prompt. ChatGPT, June 14 version, OpenAI, June 14 2024 

If your AI is quoting another source, it’s ideal to cite that instead of ChatGPT. You may ask ChatGPT for its sources.

How to cite ChatGPT in Chicago Style

This represents how to cite ChatGPT in a research paper.
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Chicago Style requires providing an in-text citation stating, “The following quotation was generated by ChatGPT.” Alternatively, you may provide a footnote that cites the following information: 

  • A reminder that ChatGPT generated this text
  • The AI developer
  • The date when the AI generated the quotes
  • URL reference for the AI tool

The citation should look like this:

Text generated by ChatGPT, OpenAI, June 14, 2024,

Chicago Style doesn’t recommend putting the AI bot in a bibliography unless you used a plugin that lets you link to the original conversation. 

Most users can’t do that, so the writing style argues further linking wouldn’t be effective for citation purposes. 

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Nowadays, there are more AI bots available like Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot. Nevertheless, you should apply these citation rules when using them for your school report or work presentation.

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